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Thanks for dropping by and checking out our blog. Between processing orders for bottles of sauce and merchandise on our BBQ website and traveling for WWE, things have been hectic as we've been as busy, as my Grandpa would say, as a fruit merchant. That's not a complaint by the way.

Friday Night Smackdown on MyNetworkTV is a solid broadcast that I encourage you to check out if for nothing else but to enjoy the return bout between Rey Mysterio and Chris Jericho for the Intercontinental Title.

I defy any one to watch this match in its entirety and honestly proclaim that it wasn't one of the best bouts ever on SD.

If one likes old school wrestling that is void of wasted motion and head scratching maneuvers that make little or no sense, then this is the main event for you. Two future WWE Hall of Famers rock the house with Jericho looking to become the only 10 time Intercontinental Champion in WWE history.

ESPN, despite all their talking heads (sans Jonathan Coachman) who love to often times, with their witty banter, make the stories that they cover about themselves and not about sports, would make Friday night's Mysterio-Jericho title bout an "Instant Classic."

Friday Night Smackdown arguably has two of the top young talents in all WWE in John Morrison and Dolph Ziggler and they face each other on SD this week. At this early stage of their evolution, wins and loses always count but not nearly as much as as it will when these two men finally reach regular, main event status and are competing for titles.

C.M. Punk seems to be slowly losing favor with many of the fans who once supported him but who am I to say without proof that Punk doesn't have an eye injury? Punk vs. Jeff Hardy will take place for the World Title in Philly at the Night of Champions in a couple of weeks in a contest that feels as if it has enormous pressure on Jeff to win the title for his own sanity and well being.

Jeff Hardy can beat C.M. Punk, without question, but whether or not Jeff can do it with excessive self imposed pressue on himself is another question for which I don't have an answer.

Jeff faces Kane on Friday Night Smackdown which is never a fun task as Kane has returned from an extended leave and looks to be fresher and healthier than he has been in a while. I still get questions as to whether or not Kane will ever return to wearing his mask and to that one I say, "I don't know." We do have an authentic Kane mask, the last one he actually wore, on display at J.R.'s Family BBQ in Norman, Oklahoma just off I35 south of OKC at exit 109.

It looks as if Jerry Lawler has thrown his crown into the race for Mayor of Memphis, Tennessee in a specially called election that will be held this fall. The Mayor's job is a full time position which would mean that if Jerry were elected that he would have to suspend his WWE responsibilities while being his hometown's chief executive. This is no publicity stunt and Jerry is very serious about helping his community of which he should be applauded. I wish him the best of luck and hope that the citizens of Memphis recognize that Jerry is not a professional politician but merely a man devoted to making is hometown a better place to live for all the folks who reside there.

WWE Hall of Famer Jerry Brisco and I talked Thursday just a few hours after Jerry under went heart surgery to repair some birth defects in his ticker with which the Oklahoma native just recently discovered. The surgery was successful and hopefully Jerry will be at his lakeside home in Tampa beginning his recuperation by the time you read this. BTW you can see many of the greatest stars in wrestling history by checking out

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