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It's been a challenging week for many of us for a variety of reasons but all reading this were blessed with another day above ground which is all any of us can ask. Tomorrow's aren't guaranteed so always make the most of today. With that said, I shall put away my soap box and continue with some random thoughts from hither and yon.... The new, @BretHart DVD collection just released this week is exceptional. When a talent sits down and emotionally invests themselves in a project such as a DVD, inevitably the product is that much better.  That was certainly the case with the last @steveaustinBSR DVD and same goes for the two DVD presentations that Bret has helped produce. Emotionally investing in one's life, totally, generally equates to positive results. Living in one's comfort zone isn't advisable.    Got an email from a NFL writer/friend where former Tough Enough winner Andy Leavine is preparing to try his hand at pro football again. I wish him the best on such a daunting challenge and getting a free agent deal. My theory is that, if one does the math, that it's harder to make a WWE primary roster than it is to make a NFL team. Certainly an arguable point but the number of 'spots' available for both entities favors football. Bill Moody aka Paul Bearer aka Percy Pringle will be laid to rest Saturday in Mobile, Alabama at St. Vincent Church at 10 a.m. Our wonderful friend Percy passed away unexpectedly this past Tuesday at the age of 58. He's now rejoined the love of his life, his late wife Diana, which gives many of us solace.  I've updated the Q&A's here on the site and wish my thanks to the many who enjoyed my blog this week re: Bill Moody and to those who wished us their condolences. Did a radio interview Thursday in Indianapolis promoting Monday's Raw broadcast there. I hope that Indy gets in the hunt for another WrestleMania some day if for no other reason that I can hit St. Elmo's and enjoy their shrimp cocktail. Yep, it's that good. Had a blast at the Coach Bob Stoops Foundation annual, Bowling Tournament Thursday night in Norman. Great cause and all the monies go to needy families especially those with kids. Of course, a little football was discussed regarding my #Sooners who will go into this fall with a new QB and three, new coaches. Another nice thing about the media.  Anxious to attend my first game ever at Notre Dame this fall when OU plays the Irish. Bucket list stuff. Amazed at how busy @JerryLawler stays virtually each and every weekend doing appearances and signings. However, there's no doubt that Jerry would rather be wrestling. I'd be surprised if things work out to where The King has had his last bout.  HLN's coverage of the Jodi Arias has me tapping. The network has worked hard, or so it seems, to convict the woman  of premeditated murder while Arias' never ending testimony and select memory are matters that I do not find compelling. I will admit I've 'rubber necked' at the cable network's version of a  'car crash' a few times until my wife 'suggests' that I change the channel. HLN is unabashedly happy to promote their online site, anchor's twitter handles and various other traffic builders during this televised event AKA the trial. As the effusive Nancy Grace would loudly declare, "BOMBSHELL"....I'm ready to send this one to the jury.  Remember when HLN and others had 'Tot Mom' all but convicted of murder and Casey Anthony walked? Could history repeat itself with the Arias trial? Crazier decisions have happened and I'm not just talking about MMA judges.  Crazy conference call involving George St. Pierre and Nick Diaz Thursday that I listened to, in part, earlier today. Parts of it were uncomfortable, in my view, but positive for building the rivalry and personal issues that exist between GSP and the volatile but talented Diaz. I expect this fight to be filled with emotion and the choice of the referee for this UFC main event is perhaps more important than usual. Will the fight get dirty? It might. Will both men want to 'finish' the other and not go the five rounds? Absolutely. However, based on what I've seen both men have the conditioning to last five rounds if that's how it goes. Personal issues matter the genre or arena. Always have and they always will as long as we humans have similar core values and retain our basic, human emotions.  Doing my annual, radio appearance this Sunday on WEEI and the Boston Celtics radio network with @SeanGrandePBP in OKC where the Celts play the Thunder. It's an early, day game Sunday and is one of the highlights of my year. The plan is for me to call the 2nd quarter with Sean. I think that you can hear it online by checking out the WEEI radio website. Doing my regular radio hit Saturday morning at 10:30 a.m. central time with @SeanCablinasian at Fastest 30 minutes on radio and we talk plenty of WWE as Sean's a great fan and always poses excellent questions. I'm making plans to attend the CAC function in Las Vegas April 15-17.  It's a great organization and is always a wonderful time that I would encourage all fans to attend. Nothing like it any where. For more info simply check out Room rates are $50 or less per night.  In July, I will assist Jerry Brisco at a tryout camp in Waterloo, Iowa in conjunction with the annual National Wrestling Hall of Fame function at the Dan Gable Museum. This is another superb event for fans to enjoy.  It's July 12-13 and Ric Flair, Bill Watts, Edge, Jim Brunzell and George Napolitano will all be honored. I love going to Waterloo and meeting the many fans, wrestlers and legends in a very relaxed atmosphere.   Anxious to see the follow up Monday night in Indy on RAW especially between @CMPunk and The Undertaker notwithstanding Brock Lesnar and @TripleH. Two hugely compelling WM 29 scenarios. Do I expect Lesnar to commit to fighting HHH at WM29? Do I want to sell you some JR's? Hell, yes! This is crunch time for everyone associated with WWE as the Road To WrestleMania separates the wannabe's from the players. Remember that @americansoda in Manchester, England distributes JR's products throughout England, UK and Europe. Check out their website as they ship within hours of you ordering. is preparing for several promotions involving JR's products as the grilling season AND WM29 rapidly approach. Be ready! And....thanks. Boomer Sooner! J.R.            
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HLN's constant bombardment of the Arias trial, and Nancy Grace's constant spin on it actually makes me not care as to what the verdict will be in it. Nancy tends to distort everything to fit her agenda. I don't really like anything that she's attached to. Changing the channel for me, is right in that instance.  I'm looking forward to WM 29. The Undertaker/CM Punk match is the most interesting one in my view. Can Taker beat Punk now? Things have changed some since the last time they faced off. Punk's a guy that has me a bit more nervous about the Streak going to 21-0. We'll see what happens when we get to Mania though.  I'd love to see Taker continue his Streak while adding another name to the list of guys who have failed. I'm also hoping I get to see you, and King call the match between Punk, and Taker. Maybe it happens, maybe not. It's just not the same watching a Wrestlemania without Jim Ross at the Commentary desk, even if it is for one match. That's just the old school fan in me wanting to see it again. Anyways, hope all is well with you. I'll be looking forward to more blogs with football talk in them as we draw closer to the NFL Draft. I'd be interested to see who you'd think the Steelers will take this year. 
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