HOG Hunting w/ HBK, Remembering Dr. Death, RAW & Extreme Rules Thoughts, Order JR's Online for Grilling Season

Rainy day in Norman, Oklahoma so a good day to pen a quick blog. Remember that you can order JR's products here during the grilling season from http://www.wweshop.com and from http://www.americansoda.co.uk which is headquartered in Manchester, England. Ordering online is quick, easy and provides home delivery. Let's grill...   I had an amazing time this week going on the first hog hunt of my life with the great Shawn Michaels, @ShawnMichaels, and his hunting partner Keith Mark, @KeithMarkmra, on HBK's Texas ranch. This hunt will be televised later this year on MacMillan River Adventures which airs on the Outdoor Network.  Arrived at Shawn's sprawling, Texas ranch after approximately a 6 hour drive on Monday mid afternoon and within a hour or so we were in a deer blind waiting for a pack of hogs to come near us. I was armed with a crossbow which was another first for me.  To show you how fortunate that I was, with my first shot at a live animal I scored the hit that we were looking for and the arrow hit the 300 pound hog right behind the shoulder which is actually where I was aiming. The arrow went through the animal and it and its cohorts ran for the brush and for cover. I did not think that I had hit the animal but we found the bloody arrow which traveled through the hog.  The search by foot began through cactus and mesquite trees until we finally found the animal who had expired. These hogs are of the Russian Boar species and are destructive and non productive on Texas, among other state's, ranches. The animals are given to the Texas Food Bank for processing and the meat is then provided to needy families. None of the meat goes to waste and if a land owner doesn't manage these herds of feral hogs the state will come in and do it for the landowners.  As always, HBK and Keith were amazing teachers and guides while Shawn's family showed me the utmost hospitality. Using Shawn's hunting lodge as our base camp created a memorable time and provided me with the total hunting experience that I will never forget. I even got some great, hunting gear from @RockyGear including some amazingly comfortable, "snake proof" boots to combat the threat of rattlesnakes which are at home in  the area. A grilling session, of which was also filmed, will be a fun aspect of this upcoming broadcast as well.   It was the most fun that I've had in Texas since the last Sooner win over the Steers in the Cotton Bowl.       It's a must win tonight for the @okcthunder versus the Memphis Grizzlies in OKC. Gut says OKC squeaks out a win tonight but the enviable seems likely as OKC couldn't find a way to win in Memphis. Kevin Durant isn't getting enough help from is teammates and the Grizzly "bigs" are dominating. It looks like @JerryLawler and his hometown team are about ready to raise their hands in victory.   Watched Raw on DVR upon arriving back home and thought the show had some compelling moments as it relates to the building of this Sunday's Extreme Rules in St. Louis on PPV.  Thought the elimination tag match was well done. Episodic TV is infectious when done well as are matches that tell a viable, easy to follow story. Elimination tags, where the person defeated leaves and only ends when one team has been completed eradicated, are about as easy to follow as it gets. (That's why I enjoy the occasional 2 out of 3 fall bout or a rare,  best of 5 or best of 7 series of bouts.)  WWE Champion John Cena is in a vulnerable position leading into Extreme Rules where many feel that the polarizing WWE Champion will fall to #1 Challenger Ryback. I can't make a valid argument against that theory.  If the Brock Lesnar vs. HHH Steel Cage match doesn't close the PPV, it's going to make whatever follows this Slobber Knocker have to really hunker down to top what I expect to be the most anticipated bout at Sunday's PPV. The physicality in this contest will be prominent and I expect a no frills, in your face, main event. Don't discount @HeymanHustle Paul Heyman's involvement in this Sunday's ferocious festivities as Lesnar's "representative" who one would assume will be stationed at ringside. Will Heyman play a role in a Lesnar win Sunday?   I'm thinking that WWE's Extreme Rules will be somewhat of a "sleeper" PPV and that it will exceed the expectations of many who seemingly have gotten more into the card the past couple of weeks after recovering from their WrestleMania 29 hangovers. One thing is for sure, Extreme Rules, if one objectively analyzes the card from top to bottom, has the potential for some younger talents or talents looking to regain  needed momentum to have memorable nights. "Maximizing one's minutes" was never more applicable than it will be for many inside the ring  in St. Louis this Sunday night. Extreme Rules is certainly not a one dimensional PPV and I'm anxious to watch it. It's hard to believe that May 14 passed quietly yesterday which would have been the 53rd birthday of my late, friend Dr. Death Steve Williams. I've never known a tougher more competitive athlete than Doc. He beat every thing in his path in his life except cancer. I thought of him like family. When we hired Doc to make his long awaited WWE 'run' the former four time All American wrestler from Oklahoma University was on the downward side of his illustrious career that was filled with physicality and, at times, controversy. However, we felt that Doc may have had another good run in him and that he could help some of the younger guys on the card.   The ill fated 'Brawl for it All' essentially sealed Doc's fate as he tore his quad off the bone before continuing to fight the impressive Bart Gunn, who would become the eventual winner, and who would then KO Doc. Some talents loved the outcome because of their allegiance to Bart who was  legit nice guy and a great complimentary tag team partner for Billy Gunn when they were the Smoking Gunns. The ill conceived "Brawl" has seemingly taken on a life of its own in the minds of many over the years but the event was NEVER created to be a vehicle to be used to establish Doc as a star. In hindsight, I wish the entire thing had never occurred because several talents were injured during the legit competition not to mention that it caused some mixed, and not always positive, reactions within the locker room which weren't healthy in my view.  Nonetheless the 'Brawl' was only a small detour on Doc's amazing athletic career that saw him play in four Bowl Games for Oklahoma as an offensive lineman while becoming one of the most dominating amateur wrestlers who ever competed 'part time' in Division 1. Winning All American honors four times is extraordinary for any grappler much less one that came straight from the gridiron to the wrestling mat. Some of Doc's bouts in the UWF vs. the One Man Gang, Big Bubba Rodgers aka the Big Bossman, and Terry Gordy were bona fide classics. Notwithstanding Doc's many bouts in Japan in both tags, with Gordy as is partner, among others, and in singles bouts against the best Japanese and American wrestlers of that era. You Tube has a plethora of these bouts plus you'll get a taste of the young Doc when the Mid South DVD comes out in September from WWE. Anyone remember the Doc/Gordy vs. the Steiner Brothers tag bouts in WCW? I sure do...some of the best I ever saw.    One can only imagine how proficient Steve Williams might have been in UFC if if had been around as it is today when Doc came out of OU looking to earn a living. @DanaWhite would have loved the good Doctor.  I miss my friend. I am happy that he is finally pain free and living a better life inside the Pearly Gates. RIP Doc.  Thanks for stopping by and please keep our family of products in mind here during the long, grilling season. http://www.wweshop.com or http://www.americansoda.co.uk await you and will be happy to help obtain the best BBQ Sauces, Ketchup, Mustard and Seasoning on the market delivered right to your front door. Plus, WWEShop.com also sells all 5 flavors of JR's 97% Fat Free Beef Jerky.  Boomer Sooner! J.R.    @JRsBBQ            
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 This was the 1st of any blog I have read of yours that I had to stop and move onto the next subject. Tho not offended hunting isn't a activity I personally would never do. To quote yourself Sir, the derails weren't for the fainted heart lol. I'm pleased you had a good time but it's fair to say I will not be watching when it airs. I'm hoping WWE starts investing more effort into its divas division after Extreme Rules.
animal  killer.
Great hearing from you.
 hey jr nice kill guy . a hog that large can feed alot of people. those of you think hunting is wrong please stop and ask yourself this question . if you was faced with pig that has the abilty to kill you or your kids that you wouldnt put that pig down? i hunt deer . taking of the animal is always a fast kill and the meat is all used .now you have the right to hate hunting but give us the same respect that we give you. jr i remenber the steiner vs dr.death gordy match i remenber few matches of dr.death . they all was good .god the memories i remember watching  georgia championship wrestling on tbs with gordon soley. from road worriors four horsemen to freebirds to sting,hot stuff eddie gilber and rick steiner .watching them on saturday afternoon with my grandpa was very special . maybe thats why i love watching wwe and tna today.talking wrestling befor my got ill and passed on she to said she use to watch it with him when she was a kid .when she was in the hospital and we be visiting her on monday nite she would turn raw on and watch it untill she fell asleep . i dont know if this makes any since .but when my watches raw now i can almost fill her in the room with a bag of popcorn a glass of soda.     so i want to say thankyou to you and to all the wreslers that have given my family cauntless hours of memories going on five genartions stronge watching wrestling  nephew and his girl fried is expecting anyday now.           p.s. macho man and dr.death in hall of fame next year.
One of my favorite memories of Dr. Death was his match against Humongous at the Myriad. I remember most his entrance. Most would simply come to the ring from the backroom. However, on this occasion, Boomer Sooner started playing and the garage door inside the myriad began to raise and out came DOC...man I got chills then and still do...some say I live in the past...I prefer to say I enjoy reflecting on greatness. Doc was one of the greats! I also enjoyed his days when his tag team partner was Ted Dibase.
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