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It’s not the “Game of the Century” but make no mistake about it the Oklahoma-Nebraska game in Norman Saturday night is extremely important because it’s the “next game” and, for the Sooners, winning the “next game” is imperative to be able to continue to travel the rocky roads to the Promised Land.

Can OU still contend for a National Title this season? Of course they can but it’s an obviously huge challenge and a long shot. But so were the Tampa Bay Rays making it to the World Series.
Bottom line is…..win the “next game.”

From the sideline in Manhattan last week, it was likely for me the same as I assume it was for many of you. It was like watching two different football games, a first half that overshadowed the second half. That game has been analyzed to death but the end result was a 23 point victory and a 55 point first half in a game that could be considered as “bowling shoe ugly.”

I will take a proverbial “ugly win” any day.

One would be foolish to squeal too loudly about the team’s performance when our Sooners earn a road win and move up in overall points in the BCS computer rankings.

This Saturday two of college football’s proudest and most respected programs meet for the 84th time with OU leading this amazing series by a narrow margin. In 83 games, the average score has been OU 19 NU 16.

Don’t expect that score Saturday night on the ESPN prime time game unless you’re considering, perhaps, the first quarter tally.

Random Thoughts:

  • The OU defense will play much better than it has recently. The team’s intensity is in place and their pride and manhood have been challenged. Playing smart, hard nosed football a series at a time is imperative. I think that happens Saturday night.
  • Special team play must improve and an increased emphasis has been put on those units this week and they have been challenged to execute their assignments and “will” themselves to the football specifically on kickoff coverage. Where are the players like Russell Dennison and Lewis Baker who passionately covered kicks and made big plays? Covering kicks starts with passion and I am a true believer of Sooner Football and I feel that a renewed passion will be in place against the Cornhuskers on kick off coverage.

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