Lesnar vs.Couture on for November 25.

After coming to terms and reconciling with Randy Couture earlier today, the UFC announced Tuesday afternoon, as we reported here last week, that the Couture-Brock Lesnar fight would take place on Saturday November 15. The fight will not be held in Portland as previously thought but in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. This provocative fight will be five, 5 minute rounds and reportedly for the UFC heavyweight title that Couture never lost before he and UFC management had issues and Couture left the organization.   Informed sources have told me that Couture wants to have three more fights in the UFC and then retire. Couture will give up approximately 50 pounds to Lesnar come fight time which makes the 5 rounder especially intriguing. Couture is a master at capitalizing on a fighter's mistakes and is a supreme strategist. However, if Lesnar continues to improve as he did between the Mir and Herring fights it will be extremely difficult for anyone who is giving up that much weight and is over a decade older to defeat the former WWE and NCAA wrestling champion. I applaud the UFC for getting this alleged, internally personal matter resolved as it relates to Randy Couture and UFC honchos.  The fans should always come first which should be a no brainer business wise but in personality driven businesses like MMA, etc it isn't always that simple.