Thanks for stopping by our site. This has been a week that has changed my life forever. 

Monday night at approximately 9:30 pm while I was recording the Ross Report about 30 miles from our home, my wife Jan was riding her Vespa home from the gym when when was struck from behind by an automobile driven by a 17 year old young man. Jan suffered a catastrophic brain injury including multiple skull fractures. My little Angel was unfortunately not wearing a helmet which arguably would have prevented the extreme nature of her injuries.

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Fun weekend in Dallas despite my Sooners losing to a more motivated Texas team Saturday in the 108th meeting of the arch rivals in the Cotton Bowl. Please remember to order JR's Family of products from and in the UK and Europe from Sunday ramblings.....

Thanks for stopping by...let's get right to some random thoughts covering pro wrestling, football, and some encouraging words to buy some of our great products.

It's football time in Oklahoma! Kickoff is Saturday at 6 p.m. on PPV against visiting Utah State. Football weekends in Norman are always a blast. Our Webmaster got our new offers and some nice tweaks to the on line store made this week so check 'em out. I think that the new, 'Sampler' is a particularly excellent value. Let's kick this grillin' off....   

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Before I get out the soap box, we've updated a ton of Q&A's as of Tuesday night and I think many of them will make you smile plus they are succinct and won't take much of your time. A person always has time to smile. I used to smile all the time before Bells palsy #3 but I'm still a jovial guy at heart. Really.

Friday was an emotional day for all of us that knew, loved and respected our late friend Steve "Dr. Death" Williams. His Memorial Service in Lakewood, Colorado was special and well attended. It certainly was a day that created some lasting memories.   

Just a quick blog with more to come after Raw either Monday night or Tuesday morning.

Our on line business has started to really pick up. Thanks to those that are placing orders for the holidays. Order early and you'll likely have no shipping issues with Federal Express. Again, thanks for the business as we appreciate it!

Random thoughts..... 

The brisk weather has moved into Oklahoma and last night was the first night in a long while that we had to turn our heat on in our home. Nonetheless we're expecting another great day here in Norman, home of the Oklahoma Sooners who travel to Lubbock to take on Texas Tech, who are coached by the "Mad Professor"  Mike Leach who calls out his player's "fat girl friends," this Saturday morning at 11:30. I'm hoping to make the trip but as Dad used to say, "You can't get there from here."  Where there's a will there's a way.

Busy Wednesday for yours truly with doctor's appointments and more of them tomorrow. Just what I wanted but at least I have OU vs. Texas A&M here in Norman Saturday night.    

There's good news in that our on line business is starting to pick up! All the sales packages are here on the site as I invite you to take a stroll through our store where many of our offers come with FREE SHIPPING but some also have a deadline because of the upcoming holidays. Thanks for considering us for us for your holiday gift giving needs.

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    Sunday, April 2, 2017 - 2:00pm
    Plaza LIVE Orlando
    425 North Bumby Ave, Orlando, FL