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Hello everyone and thanks for stopping by our site. Really big week here as we do podcast production tonight and then travel to Cancun, Mexico for CBS Sports Network boxing Saturday night. Please check our local listings and plan on joining us.

Big weekend here in Oklahoma as we join Imperial Wrestling Revolution to host wrestling action tonight in Shawnee, Oklahoma at the Fire Lake Arena and Sunday starting at 10 am for OklaCon followed by the Sunday at 6 pm wrestling event at the Cox Convention Center. Join us if you can as tickets start at only $20 for both shows. Looking forward to seeing many old friends who will be on these two, big cards and several fans who have supported our efforts for years.

Greetings from Norman, Oklahoma and thanks for paying us a visit here on our site. The Ross Report with Eric Bischoff part two is getting great reviews and feedback and I hope that you will listen and you can do so without leaving the site by simply returning to the home page and making one click. I thank all of you that have subscribed for free to The Ross Report podcast at iTunes. BTW, Eric gives everyone a timely update on his friend @HulkHogan among many other topics in this show. 

Thanks for stopping by our site. A new, The Ross Report podcast is available here on the homepage, at podcastone.com and iTunes featuring part two of my conversation with Eric Bischoff, my thoughts on attending UFC200 live, Brock Lesnar's future in UFC and in WWE, and much more. Subscribe for FREE at @iTunes and never miss a show. We appreciate your support.

Greetings to all and a happy Monday! Thanks for stopping by our site. Just had a great weekend in Las Vegas attending UFC 200 while getting ready for another The Ross Report Podcast week with part two of my conversation with Eric Bischoff. A new show drops every Tuesday night at 9 ET on Podcast One and ITunes plus you can access it here on the homepage of our site. Subscribe for FREE at iTunes and never miss a broadcast as they will be downloaded into the device of your choice automatically.

Our thoughts go out to all those affected with the senseless ambushing of Dallas police officers by the cowardly assassin who chose to anoint himself executioner and in the name of what? This violence must end and it also must become a priority and not a matter to be glorified by various media outlets and people with personal agendas.  This type of behavior cannot continue. What will you do to be a part of the solution? Whatever it is, please start now because our tomorrow's are not guaranteed.

Greetings everyone and thanks for stopping by our site. Thanks to those who have downloaded The Ross Report with this week's guest Jeff Hardy and Eric Bischoff. Both men brought their A game and this is one of our most informative and entertaining shows. You subscribing for FREE to our show on iTunes is greatly appreciated. We thank everyone for their support and will continue to strive to deliver a great show every week. Hard to believe that we have 125 shows in the can as our audience continues to grow thanks to man of your support.

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Hello everyone and thanks for dropping by our site. Bookmark us and please tell a friend that we exist. Excited about tonight's new, The Ross Report podcast that features a 'drive by' with Jeff Hardy and a long form convo with Eric Bischoff plus my thoughts on such topics as the WWE Draft, Mauro Ranallo in WWE, my rendition of Jim Cornette as OKC Thunder GM Sam Presti reacting to Kevin Durant's departure, UFC 200 and much more. Subscribe for FREE at iTunes and bookmark podcastone.com. Thanks.