Greetings to all and thanks for stopping by our site. Busy but fun week in the land of The Ross Report Podcast as I welcome @Ryback22 this Tuesday night at 9 pm ET on podcastone.com and iTunes plus here on our home page of this site. Plus, Monday night I'm chatting/recording  with both Teddy Long and Shawn Michaels for future shows. I sincerely appreciate everyone who supports our Slobber Knocker audio efforts every week.

Hello everyone and thanks for stopping by our site. After a productive trip to the U.K. it has been great to be back in Oklahoma and catching up on a variety of on going projects. Life is good as we've been blessed with another day above ground. We're burning daylight. 

Hello everyone and thanks for stopping by our site. It's been a hectic past week or so and there's much to cover. I think that you will enjoy our latest Ross Report podcast with special, first time guest Todd Grisham @GrishamMMA where Todd talks his WWE run, being produced by Vince McMahon, his ESPN tenure, Glory Kickboxing and his recent work with @UFC. Funny stuff especially Todd's impersonation of Vince McMahon. Join us on podcastone.com, iTunes and right here on the homepage.

Greetings one and all and thanks for the visit to our site. Crazy, busy week but one that I'm excited about because the next few days will see me all over the Globe broadcasting pro wrestling events.  What could be better? 

Greetings after an exciting weekend in Houston attending the Super Bowl with my wife Jan. Great game but we were pulling for my old NFL team the Atlanta Falcons especially considering that the Pats eliminated our Steelers from the NFL playoffs and knocked Pittsburgh out of the Super Bowl game. When a team can't make first downs, can't run the ball effecively and fatigue keeps them from efficiently rushing the passer, all in the second half, then it generally ends up bad and that's what happened to ATl Sunday night in Houston. Poor play calling in the second half killed the Falcons.

Thanks for the visit to our site. Ticket info for our weekend shows in Orlando at Wrestlemania are on the home page. We have some VIP tickets remaining for both shows at Plaza Live. Tickets are available at ticketfly.com.  Lets roll...

Greetings everyone and thanks for stopping by our site. Really getting nice feedback on our latest Ross Report podcast with old pal @RealMickFoley along with broadcaster Matt Striker. It's a free download at podcatone.com and iTunes plus it's on the homepage of this site. Let's not burn any more daylight...

Hello everybody and thanks for stopping by our site. We are embarking on a busy but fun weekend in a few days in San Antonio in conjunction with the Royal Rumble, RINGSIDE with Jim Ross Show, and an appearance Friday night for www.rivercitywresting.net.  As I've often said, it's a fun time to be a wrestling fan.

The Q&A's elsewhere on this site are updated and I invite you to check them out and to submit questions of your own if you have a question.

Thanks for stopping by our site and I invite you to bookmark us and visit often. A terrific Ross Report podcast drops tonight at 9 ET/6PT with WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley joining me along with a special 'drive by' appearance by Matt Striker with some big news to share. Join us here on the homepage of this site to hear the show or visit www.podcatone.com and iTunes. We sincerely appreciate your support.

Good to see you back visiting our site and I hope that you won't be a stranger. Loved talking to @TrishStratusCom on the current Ross Report Podcast that you can easily listen to here on the homepage, www.podcastone.com, and iTunes. My convo this week on a new show is with @WWE HOFER @RealMickFoley and as always a new show will drop on Tuesday night at 9 pm ET/6 PM PT and if you subscribe for free at iTunes they will automatically download a new show into the device of your choosing. I appreciate your support!

Upcoming Appearances

  • RINGSIDE: An Afternoon with Jim Ross & Friends

    Saturday, April 1, 2017 - 2:00pm
    Plaza LIVE Orlando
    425 North Bumby Ave, Orlando, FL
  • RINGSIDE: An Afternoon with Jim Ross & Friends

    Sunday, April 2, 2017 - 2:00pm
    Plaza LIVE Orlando
    425 North Bumby Ave, Orlando, FL