Bruiser Brody and Stan Hansen.

Bruiser Brody and Stan Hansen.

Back in the 1970s when I got my start in the biz, so did these two physically intimidating athletes from West Texas State University. Brusier, real name Frank Goodish, and Stan “The Lariet” Hansen both played football at West Texas and came into the Mid South wrestling territory around 1973-74 and were made a tag team by booker Cowboy Bill Watts. Both Brody, who will have a book on his life published soon that I have written the forward for, and Stan went on to have great careers especially in Japan for many years. Hansen is also known for breaking WWF legend Bruno Sammartino’s neck which saw Hansen get legit death threats. Brody was murdered in a locker room shower at a wrestling event where the alleged murderer walked free in Puerto Rico. These two men were two of the toughest and most talented men I ever met and would challenge the character of many men who “think” they are wrestlers in today’s marketplace.

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Hi JR, regarding the BRUISER BRODY murder, do you think that w/ today's technology, the proper authorities could re-open BRODY's case & put his murderer behind bars where he rightfully belongs?

I'm going to answer Caper's question.. It happened in Puerto Rico. Puerta Ricans do not care, US law does not apply there, and I'm sure the man who did it would not care if he couldn't enter the United States.

Brusier Brody was a darn good wrestler,and you never knew what he was going to do and neither did the promoters.The man that killed Bruiser was the promoter of  Puerto Rican Wrestling.He had the Police and everyone else in his back pocket.I got to see the Undertaker first match with Bruiser Brody.Bruiser showed him what the bussiness was all about.Bruiser is a Hall Of Famer.

It is a shame that people don't understand wrestlers are human like us, but some come with a bigger then life ego. But this is natural if you are from the human race. ,

Mr. Ross, I am a man of 57 years old, and friends mean everything to me. I have always admired you and wish I could have been your friend. I believe I stand for everything you do, friends are forever and hard work pays off. Thank you, Chuck Zimmer

Both Bruiser Brody and Stan Hansen were exceptional athletes and were excellent in their days. These physically intimidating men came into wrestling in the middle of 1973 -1974. They were football players in West Texas before. They were made tag team partners by booker Cowboy Bill Watts. Both of them had a wonderful career during that time as well as later on !However both of them had a bad future as Hansen was always under legit death threats for breaking WWF legend Bruno’s neck. Bruiser was murdered in a locker room. After reading all this one thing comes into my mind. “Those who live by the sword shall die by the sword"

Stan Hansen was known to be very sitff worker and in japan they like wrestling to look as real as possible. I have alot of respect for that. Another thing they may have hurt Hansen in the US was in his first big feud was against Bruno Sammartino and Hansen done a move wrong and broke Bruno's neck.
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I am without a doubt a Stan Hansen fan.  One of the craziest matches I ever saw, especially up to that point, was Stan Hansen vs. Big Van Vader in WCW.  Those two bohemaths made that match look as if they were trying to seriously hurt each other.  I had read later that they had a match over in Japan where Stan Hansen literally knocked Vader's eye out of socket.  Now that is selling a punch!!!!   I have to say that I also loved it when Hansen came in and basically dominated Lex Luger at a time when Luger was made to seem virtually unbeatable.  These references are made from the late 80's and early 90's of course. 

Regarding the person who said in reference to Brody's death, 'Those who live by the sword die by the sword': I don't recall Frank Goodish going from locker room to locker room threatening people with butcher knives.

Please think before you post a comment.

What a great team-only the shortsightedness of American promoters (and yes, the somewhat demanding presence of Brody, who truly cared about the product's presentation) kept them from being as lauded as The Road Warriors from that same era.

Thankfully, Japanese athletes and promoters knew how to deal with both men.

BTW, while it's true neither were exactly big 'sellers', the situation depended upon the program and opponents. I have a World Class 'Star Wars' show from 6/83 where Brody had no problem selling for Terry Gordy and Michael Hayes. Why? I'd guess because it was believable, both were great wrestlers (especially Gordy) and the booking was logical. Brody wasn't the type to go put somebody over that hadn't earned their spot.

Just ask Lex Lugar how much Bruiser Brody helped those that had no respect for the business.

Didn't know Hansen and Brody teamed in the 70's. And either one of those guys would truly teach some of the guys in WWE these days a lesson or two in respect. If Brody had not been murdered i think we might have eventually seen him vs Hogan which would've been a huge money match. And Hansen must've made a nice dollar to job to Hogan in Japan in 1990.

 The Hansen vs Kobashi and Misawa matches were absolutely awesome.  Too bad his U.S. appearances were breif during the 1990's.  Great AWA matches with Slaughter, too.  

Couldn't imagine ever loving wrestling if it weren't for Brody. He scared the Hell out me and friends as kids. And we ate it up !

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