Buck Robley, wearing a “Nobody Calls Me Yellow” T-shirt.

Buck Robley, wearing a “Nobody Calls Me Yellow” T-shirt.

Buck Robley was one of the brightest minds ever in wrestling. Buck had great natural instincts and was an integral part of one of the more successful periods in Cowboy Bill Watts’ Mid South Wrestling territory. If today’s generation of young wrestlers had Buck’s in-ring psychology many of these youngsters would find themselves making big money wrestling in main events at major events. The shirt was designed and supplied by J.R. himself, back in the day.

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i was able to watch Buck Robley wrestle in Abilene, TX on my 18th birthday. He was a showman.

I've seen Buck Robley back in Kansas City when he was known as Col. Buck Robley.  He used to wrestle in Kansas City, Kansas' Memorial Hall.  Bob Geigel was the promoter in the area.

Definitely remember him during the Mid South era. I still can hear Boyd Pierce say, "Buckley Christopher George Robley the third!". Only a true Mid South fan can know this and I'm not sure if it was his real name or a handle he was using. Great ring veteran and fun to watch, heel or face.

Funny T-shirt!  I can not imagine that it is designed by himself!


Great memories of JR at the announce table with Bill Watts and Boyd Pierce. Reeser Bowden as ring announcer. Buck Robley was definitely part of the fabric that made that Mid South Wrestling successful! I remember as a child going to Alexandria to watch a live event! Mid South to me is still best ever!

First time I saw Bruiser Brody he came from the crowd in lorranger, La. I was at my grandparents house, and went with my cousin. Brody came from the crowd and challenged Buck Robley. The next week when I was home in New Orleans, I went to the usual Monday night show, and Robley put Brody over...although he was not known as Brody then. Anyhow, great memories of when I was seven years old and watched Tri State/Mid South Wrestling.

Everybody needs to try the Main Event Mustard and the Hot BBQ sauce. They are phenomenal. 

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