NWA Champion Jack Brisco defending the coveted gold against Dick Slater.

NWA Champion Jack Brisco defending the coveted gold against Dick Slater.

Jack Brisco was one of the greatest champions EVER in the NWA and came out of Oklahoma State University early to get in to the pros after posting a undefeated, national championship season for the Cowboys. Not only was Jack silky smooth but no one screwed around with the tough as nails competitor at least if they had any brains. Jack and brother Jerry Brisco were also one of the greatest teams I ever saw…ever. At one time Dick Slater was as good as any one in the business before a serious car accident slowed down Dirty Dick. I assume this match was in Florida.

Photo provided by wrealano.

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God, what memory (or perhaps lack thereof) will do to you.  I saw this photo first without the caption.  I recognized Dick Slater right off the bat, but my first guess at who his opponent was turned out to be Tully Blanchard, even though I didn't feel quite right about that.

This match was for the Missouri State championship at the Kiel Auditorium in St Louis.


When it comes to WWE, the greatest ever was Hulk Hogan. When it comes to boxing, it is Mike Tyson. Same way when it comes to NWA, it is Jack Brisco. He was one of the greatest champions ever to walk inside the ring of NWA. He had an undefeated, championship! He was smooth, strong as well as ! No one pissed with him. Jerry Brisco had the best time when he was the tag team partner of jack. sportevents.com

I shot this photo at Kiel(believe it was 1977) when Jack dropped the prestigious MO State Title to Dick Slater in a great match underneath an hour Dory/Harley classic main event for the NWA strap. Any Brisco match was a total event back then. Still miss the territory days terribly-they were the best and most fun to cover as each circuit had their own unique style and flavor. St Louis and anywhere Eddie Graham promoted seemed to be the most athletic territories at least for the U.S.
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