Let’s talk a little Football with a hint of Wrestling.

OK so OU lost the advertised “Texas Death Match” last Saturday in the Cotton Bowl but contrary to what some pundits and a few OU “fans” are saying this season is not over and the Sooners still have a chance to have a great year with 7 Big 12 league games remaining on the schedule.

Wise guys like ESPN’s Chris “I Love Mirrors” Fowler who seemed to pride himself by constantly referring to Coach Bob Stoops as “Big Game Bob” last week after the Texas loss and the Tulsa World’s Dave “Thank goodness my last name doesn’t have an H in it” Sittler, who is a talented writer, used the term “Big Bust Bob” in a recent article. It is easy to pile on when someone is vulnerable and that’s what these two pundits have done in my opinion. They have the right to their opinion as do I in this space. After all, this is my website.

Bob Stoops is a class individual and arguably one of the top five coaches in all of college football. For my money he is #1 but I am a “blind loyalist”. That trait has been an issue with me plenty of times in my professional career in the crazy wrestling business the past 30 odd years. I am lucky enough to live in Norman and personally know and associate with the head football coach of the University of Oklahoma. I also feel I am a decent judge of people and Bob Stoops is as first class as they come. Bob’s personal character notwithstanding, Coach Stoops track record his entire coaching career has been one of successes. We have all seen and experienced the success that Coach Stoops has led the Sooners to at OU. I personally would not trade Bob Stoops for any coach, college or pro, in the game. Bob never asked for any nicknames. Scribes and the talking heads did that for the Coach. And to think these intellectual geniuses in the media are the same ones who make fun of pro wrestling nicknames but when they can use the some philosophy in their work it is OK

Bob Stoops, as the Head Coach, knows he is accountable for the success or failure of his football team. Bob makes no excuses when the team loses and is quick to compliment the winning opponent. The buck stops with Bob but the son of a coach knew that when he signed on at OU.

The Sooner Football program is in good shape as will be proven throughout the balance of this season. That is my believe but I am a “blind loyalist” who sees the glass half full rather than half empty. With only 7 seniors on the roster, I would be so bold as to predict that our best days are still to come.

Oh, but wait you say! What about the QB position next year? What if AD goes to the NFL? Well, guess what sports fans, OU is aggressively recruiting a plethora of blue chip high school and JUCO QBs. A competent signal caller will be behind center in 2007. Texas has 3 big time QB verbal commitments. How many will they retain with McCoy being a red shirt freshman and Snead being a pure freshman? Trust me, young QBs know that if they come to OU that the chance to start with a veteran and highly skilled team around them exists. It may feel a little dicey today but OU will have quality signal callers playing for them in 2007.

Regarding AD going to the NFL after this season, why wouldn’t he? I can give you millions of reasons why AD should. Bet the farm on it, #28 is NFL bound after this season.

For those of you “concerned” about the future of Sooner football, relax and exhale. Have a Sanka.

The Sooners win big this Saturday with the lousy kickoff time of 11:30 a.m. (Hey, I’m trying to sell BBQ Sandwiches before the kickoff).

Road Warrior Animal, Joe Laurinaitis, son James wears #33 for Ohio State and is on track to earn All American honors at Middle Linebacker. James is no doubt destined for the NFL but don’t be surprised to see James in the squared circle some day as well. James is a honor roll student and is only a sophomore for the #1 rated Buckeyes. Perhaps the highly paid college football gurus will learn the correct pronunciation for James last name by seasons’ end.

Just a thought but former Ohio State QB and current ESPN analyst for college football Kirk Herbstreit would have made a great Spirit Squad member on RAW. That’s the pretty boy group of male cheerleaders we see on Monday nights. Something about the highlighted tips of Herbie’s hair that makes me think Kirk might fit in with the Squad. The Ohio State alumnus will no doubt do all he subtly can to get Buckeyes QB Troy Smith, a great player, the Heisman Trophy.

Former Syracuse two sport star and pro wrestler Mike Rotundo, “Irwin R. Shyster”, has a 300 pound son, Wyndham Rotundo, who plays offensive guard for a JUCO in California and is being recruited by several big time division one schools. Mike played football and wrestled for the Orange some 20 odd years ago and was an excellent athlete. Wyhdham’s maternal grandfather, Blackjack Mulligan, was once recruited by Bum Phillips and played at UTEP and with the NY Jets when they were in the AFL.

Jesse White, the son of wrestler Big Van Vader, would have contended for a starting job at center this year for the Sooners until an injury cut short his football career. Jesse is still attending OU and helps out with the football team when he can. Jesse White is a great kid and got a terrible hand dealt to him with his injury but Jesse will be successful in life nonetheless.

I was shocked OSU lost to K-State. I would suggest that if those two teams played 10 times the Cowboys would win 8 of them. Mike Gundy’s Pokes have and are recruiting really well but need to shore up their defense (I’m sure that sounds familiar sounds familiar to OU fans) to compliment their potentially high powered offense. QB Bobby Reid has the physical tools to be a great one and time will tell if that comes to pass. The key thing is that OSU is playing a good amount of young kids and that attracts high school stars wanting to play immediately. I have had conversations with OSU alums who are not sold on Gundy but I think if the Pokes’ fans will be patient that Gundy will turn OSU into a contender in arguably the toughest division in college football, the Big 12 South. Nonetheless, OSU will be hard pressed to win at Kansas this week. I hope they do.

Tulsa Coach Steve Kragthorpe is one of the bright young coaches in the country and he will take his Golden Hurricane to East Carolina University coached by Lou “I love myself” Holtz’ son Skip. Yeah, you heard me correctly, Skip. TU after playing on Tuesday and now back on the road with a Saturday game may be day/date confused. This will be a tough one to win for TU but I like this team and am going against the experts on this one and sticking with Tulsa.

Missouri is 6-0, holy Dan Devine, and should beat the coach with the most perfect hair in the Big 12 in the Texas A&M Aggies’ Coach Fran. OU traveling to Columbia on October 28 is looking a little scary.

Nebraska is only favored by 12 over K-State. Did someone forget to tell the odds makers that Bill Snyder has retired? Huskers win big in this one for the personable “hillbilly hater” Billy Callahan.

Texas Tech at Colorado is a scary game. You know the Buffaloes will not go win less, will they?? The game is at Boulder so anything can happen. New Coach Dan Hawkins needs one heck of a pre game speech especially to his DBs but the spread is only 8 1/2 which sounds fishy to me. I like Coach Leach but this may be one of those “trap games”. Colorado and the points at home is my pick but it wouldn’t floor me if Tech won by 3 TDs.

Can you believe that both Miami and Florida State are BOTH in the top 25 for the first time since 1982?! Most assume Larry Coker, a great guy and Oklahoma native will be gone after this season at “The U” but there is no doubt the ageless Bobby Bowden will return for the Seminoles. All the while, Urban Meyer will pick up every recruit he wants in the state of Florida in the meantime.

It was great to see “The Old Ball Coach” Steve Spurrier Monday night in Columbia, S.C. I had a nice visit with South Carolina’s Coach Spurrier who assured all within ear shot that “Bobby”, as in Stoops, would have the Sooners back in the hunt much sooner than cynics predict. Spurrier pointed out that the bottom line is that 11 penalties and 6 fumbles, as we had against Texas, will implode any football team at any level.

We will have our BBQ Trailer set up EARLY Saturday morning just north of the old field house on the north end of the stadium so come by and say hello if you attend the OU-ISU game Saturday morning.

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