Sensational Sherri Martel Dead at 49.. and more.. in Today’s Blog.

I received the unfortunate news that WWE Hall of Famer Sensational Sherri Martel died Friday morning, of yet to be determined causes at the age of 49. Sherri was one of the most talented and colorful performers I ever worked with or knew in this business. She was not only an excellent wrestler but evolved into one of the best “manager/valets” ever in the business. Her physicality and toughness may never be matched especially for her gender. Seeing Sherri at the WWE Hall of Fame Ceremony last year was a real treat and she had a blast at the weekend’s activities especially visiting with old friends and fans. Sherri’s place in the WWE Hall of Fame is well earned and her exploits in the ring and at ringside will long be remembered. Sherri’s work helped make Shawn Michaels, among others, an even bigger superstar in the WWE.

Sherri could out drink, out cuss, and out party most men, and I would venture to say in a fist fight, she could whip more wrestlers than one could ever imagine.

The business has lost one of its most colorful characters who came up the hard way, paid her dues, and survived during the territory days to make it to the grandest stage of them all, Wrestlemania and the WWE Hall of Fame.

Rest in peace Sherri, and take it easy on the men folk in heaven.

Jim Ross

I will now have an abbreviated version of my blog today, and will have a lot longer blog next time, so let’s answer some questions..

Tony- I assume one could make an argument for Cyndi Lauper and Wendi Richter being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. I am glad I have NOTHING to do with the selection process even though I still get comments from some who apparently think I do by the way their word their comments. Did you know that Wendi and Hugo Savinovich, were once husband and wife? Yes, THAT Hugo Savinovich of the infamous “Spanish announcer table” fame and former manager of Abdullah the Butcher in Puerto Rico,

Jeffro- the WWE has played the Georgia Dome on numerous occasions, but if you are referring to a Wrestlemania in the Georgia Dome, who knows? I think it would be fantastic, as I have many friends in Atlanta from my days there with WCW. I actually helped broadcast the very first Falcons football game ever played in the Dome in 1992. Atlanta was a great city to experience in the 90’s. By the way, does Fat Matt’s Rib Shack still serve up those delicious ribs?

Card 1- I think it would be a bad idea to put OVW TV on a national platform because today’s audience is unforgiving and impatient, especially when they perceive things not going well, which would be the case with many of the young kids just getting started.

GitRDunn- When the three announce teams work a tri-branded PPV match together, we simply try and maintain some level of eye contact, respect each other and try not to verbally step on one another. It is challenging and it is awfully easy to get into personal debates, but that really doesn’t help the product or put the spotlight on the wrestlers. The story is about what goes on between the ropes, not at the announce table. Announcers that love to talk about themselves and their personal agendas usually don’t make it long term. The goal of any announcer is to tell a compelling story and to embellish the talent in the ring.

Andy- I don’t think Kevin Von Erich has any desire to ever wrestle again, nor do I think he will. He may make an occasional appearance some day and I hope that he does, especially in Dallas on July 2? Now that ought to get a few rumors started. I am happy the WWE has acquired the rights to the World Class Library and look forward to re-living the glory days of the promotion. The WWE is working on a DVD about World Class and have interviewed many who lived thru it including KVE, Michael Hayes, Buddy Roberts, Gary Hart, and Bill Irwin among others. This release is tentatively scheduled for later this year. The story of the Von Erich Family is one of tragedy and triumph and is actually hard to believe if one did not know it to be true. I still say that the story of the Von Erich Family would make for a great book, perhaps even researched and written by Mick Foley, maybe along with Dennis Brent, who was the WCCW ringside photographer all those years and wrote the programs along with Percy Pringle. WWE purchased the World Class photo library a few years ago, so the book would be well documented with many never-seen-before photos. The story would make an amazing HBO-like documentary as well.

Steve- I think King is Coca Cola man, but sometimes we are provided Pepsi products at WWE events and he takes what ever is free. Key word is free. Seriously, King has a large Coca Cola collection of memorabilia in his Memphis home, but for the record no longer keeps large sums of cash in his juke box.

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