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“J.R.’s Nuts” are Big!!!!

Bar-B-Qed feedback time:

Steve- Nebraska coach Bill Callahan certainly seems like a jerk. His disrespect of Dr. Tom Osborne was unprofessional and unnecessary. Now that Callahan is gone, the great tradition of Cornhusker football needs to be jump started. Perhaps they can hire Tazz as he seems to be a husker fan, most weeks. Seriously, the Nebraska job is a plum of a job and with the athletic director Peterson gone perhaps Bo Pelini who is at LSU will try once again to get the head job in Huskerland on a full time basis.

Kelvin-thanks for the props regarding the call of the Orton-HBK match at Survivor series. Most announcers only have experience doing today’s sports entertainment while I have had the opportunity to work in the territories where classic wrestling matches were always the goal. I am still a believer than there are a good many fans would prefer to see more wrestling and physicality over some types of humor especially when the humor isn’t properly executed and thus isn’t that funny. Back to HBK-Orton, the call would not have been worth talking about it the two talents had not put on such a strong performance.

Pam Wogan-I am very sorry to hear of the loss of your husband. I am so happy that we were able to provide him with a few smiles along the way. I am sure your Ron will still be watching just like my mom and dad but from the best seats in the house.

Matt- I have no idea if or when eliminated diva Jessica Hatch will be signed by the WWE but I do hear she has the desire to be a WWE diva. I would suggest that she head to Louisville and learn to wrestle and to work on her verbal skills and then watch the negotiation process begin.

Shadowbird- what is the benefit of commenting on a Beth Phoenix vs. Gail Kim match when we both know it is not on the horizon? Both bring different attributes to the table and both are excellent human beings which is too often overlooked.

Milan- I was extremely pleased to see the return of Chris Jericho to Monday Night Raw. The build up and the final presentation was nicely done. The live crowd in Ft. Lauderdale, albeit some what laid back throughout the night at times seemed to come to life when Chris made his appearance. The introduction of any talent is crucial but not as crucial as the plan going forward on a weekly or regular basis. It looks like we may be heading for Jericho vs Orton at Armageddon if I had to make a guess. Jericho is a great addition to the locker room. Of course, being an “old schooler” I don’t believe in bringing any talents, rookies or veterans, into a locker room who are going to be disruptive of which Jericho is definitely not. Chris is a credit to the business.

Kyle- I just got a copy of the new HBK DVD and I plan on watching as soon as time permits. I am anxious to see it especially since I was working in Shawn’s first territory back in the 80’s. From those insiders that have seen the DVD, I am told it is really well done.

Paul Francis- I am not up on ‘the weakest link’ but I did know the missing link. Seriously I don’t know enough about the TV show to comment on it, nor do I suspect that would be an opportunity to be afforded this announcer. The wrestlers are given the first dibs on outside exposure such as you mention of which I agree.

Chris-Matt Striker’s career, in my opinion, is as a manager and not as a wrestler even though Striker’s mat skills are just fine. It just seems to me that Striker can fill a much needed void as a wrestling manager and become a big time player with the chance to be around for a long time and to not leave the business with the physical ailments that often time plague some grapplers.

Razzlin’ Rick- I have zero interest in watching wrestling without the “Hollywood” elements attached ie character development, storyline evolution, and quality TV presentations. Even though I have said many times that I am a “steak man” but a great steak without some sizzle is not that tasty. The key is finding the proper balance which is a truly subjective thing.

Al-I feel that if the Four Horsemen are ever inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame that it should be as the complete and original group that started it all and including J.J. Dillon. I have not seen much of the 49ers LB Patrick Willis this season but he seemed like a big, athletic LB when he was at Ole Miss.

Julie- I am not and have not ever been an advocate of steroid use and specifically steroid abuse in any endeavor including wrestling or any main stream sport. In wrestling, specifically, I would be for a zero tolerance policy regarding steroids, among other drugs, and I do know that the WWE wellness program is and has been thoroughly addressed and is being taken very seriously. With that said, some critics/wrestling media types, etc will most likely roll their eyes and infer that I am pandering to the WWE by saying such, but I personally know how seriously this matter is being taken and the high price individuals who cheat will pay. It is impossible to rewrite history but past mistakes should be learned from and not repeated in the future. I cannot be dissuaded from the fact that if well conditioned, charismatic athletes thoroughly learn their craft that in today’s talent depleted marketplace that those individuals can’t be successful. I could personally give a damn how big someone’s “pythons” are. Looking great in an 8x10 doesn’t equate to an ass every 18 inches.

Charles- I don’t know if Bobby Lashley will be back for the royal rumble or not as he is still rehabbing his surgically repaired torn labrum. I don’t expect to see Lashley before the first of the year based on how his rehab is progressing. It is a slow process to say the least. Wrestling at the rumble would be great for Lashley and the fans but mother nature and Lashley’s own pain threshold will have a lot to say about when Bobby returns. Lashley’s surgery was a major deal.

Dave- I have always said that the sky is the limit as it relates to Shelton Benjamin’s potential. Shelton now being a part of ECW gives him a chance to get a fresh start and to hopefully realize his potential. Much of that is up to Shelton. We have all seen Shelton do enough in certain bouts to turn our heads and for us to say “wow”. For Shelton to get to the next level he also needs to be heard from on the mic and when that opportunity is presented to him Shelton must deliver.

Mike D- it would appear that the ship has sailed as it relates to the legendary Bruno Sammartino having a “positive relationship” with the WWE. I would love to be wrong but that’s my gut feeling. Nonetheless, Bruno will always be a hall of famer in the eyes of many long time WWE fans and he is a happy, blessed man enjoying life in his hometown of Pittsburgh which is also Mrs. J.R.’s hometown. Bruno is a good human being and I will not and have not questioned why he has issues with the WWE as it simply is none of my business. If Bruno is happy with his life, and he is, then why shouldn’t we all be happy for him??

Ace- we can all make valid arguments as to who should be in the WWE hall of fame that isn’t. As far as Jim Neidhart is concerned, my view is that Jim is at the hall of fame level as a member of the Hart Foundation more than as a singles wrestler. Others may question your endorsement of Beefcake and Luger, however.

John- I think the Michigan football job is Les Miles’ to turn down when the time comes. Miles is in a no lose situation as both the LSU and Michigan jobs are big time. Glad you are stilling enjoying our sauces, ketchup and jerky. Your business is much appreciated. Yes, the Texas Tech game was a heartbreaker but as the King says, “one can’t grieve forever”.

Jason- there are at least half a dozen theories on how many world titles Ric Flair has won. The official line seems to be 16, but I know that number is low. Nonetheless whether it is 16, 17 or 20, Flair is still the greatest in ring performer I have ever seen in person in my career. I hope the latter days of Ric’s career can be a personally and professionally fulfilling to him as many of his other career triumphs. “Naitch” deserves nothing less.

Mike- WWE.com provided me with the info on how many titles the King had won in his long, illustrious career. I suggest you do a Google search and perhaps you can dig up more data on Jerry’s HOF career. Honestly, 126 titles won might actually be “low”.

Jayswift-I too agree that William Regal as the WWE champion would surprise me as well. But I also agree that Regal’s talents go far beyond his verbal renderings as raw general manager. But what about that hair cut??

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