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Ryan- The WWE should have plenty of Brisco vs. Funk bouts in a variety of forms as the two sets of ultra talented brothers wrestled many, many times over the years in a multitude of settings. The Oklahoma born Briscos and the Texas born Funks had a natural rivalry simply based on their heritage, but all four also had the competitive fire to be the best in their field which escalated their in ring efforts. Plus, ironically enough, I think that all 4 were southpaws. At the end of the day, anyone who doesn’t acknowledge the Briscos and the Funks as two of the greatest brother combinations in the history of the business really doesn’t know a great deal about wrestling. Yes, there have been many great brother combos but none greater, in my opinion, than Jack and Jerry Brisco and Dory, Jr. and Terry Funk.

Cris- The Jericho return has been extremely well done, but I wish the crowd in Ft. Lauderdale had been more vocal. Comparing Jericho and The Rock isn’t comparing apples to apples as Jericho left to write a wrestling book and simply test the entertainment waters while Rock left to start a whole new career. If the Rock were to come back, no I do not think that will ever happen, but he would be welcomed back by the vast majority of the fans with open arms in my opinion.

Rapidfire- I expect Jericho to wrestle a full time schedule soon and to be around for a good while. Why would one think otherwise?

The Great Hibachi- nice name…yes Mickie James’ finishing maneuver is very similar to the one the late Dick Murdoch used many moons ago. Dickie is probably spinning in his grave to think that a “woman” is actually using one of his finishing maneuvers, but at least it isn’t the “Brain Buster,”

Michael8- HBK utilized three finishing maneuvers in the Survivor Series against Randy Orton that had been used on Shawn in title bouts, The Sharpshooter, The Crossface, and the Ankle Lock. However, seeing the Crossface took me a back for a moment I have to admit.

ACE- Vader in the HOF? Why not? Vader was the most athletic super heavyweight I personally ever saw and I am proud to say that I was fortunate enough to be able to help facilitate bringing both Vader and Stan Hansen to WCW back in the day.

First Name- I have no idea what happened to Ahmed Johnson. Can any one help us with this one? I thought Ahmed had a great “look” and marketable intensity, but his in ring skills were a little unrefined, which doesn’t make him a bad person for the record. Ahmed also had “it” which can’t be taught or gifted.

Big Daddy-Thanks for the update on the whereabouts of Tiger Ali Singh. However, I have serious doubts about the fact that “50,000 tickets were sold” for their recent India wrestling tour. From what I heard it was somewhat chaotic. Perhaps my info was wrong.

Sean- I too loved the masked wrestlers back in the day. I think it is a great idea for WWE 24/7 to feature some of the greatest masked wrestlers over the years. It is strange why more masked men are not utilized these days other than of course the great Rey Mysterio. As a kid, I was scared to death of the masked Assassins who were one of the greatest teams I ever saw which I write about in “J.R.’s Cookbook”, believe it or not. I also remember Danny Hodge having a feud with the masked “Great Bolo” who wore a built up wrestling boot which resulted in the boot being “loaded” and used as a weapon. Ah, the good, old days.

Jeff- It is my understanding that Bobby Lashley’s rehabilitation for shoulder surgery is progressing well and that he will be back in the ring by the end of the year or the first part of 2008.

Dave- No one will disagree with you that Bruno Sammartino doesn’t belong in the WWE Hall of Fame. One would be ignorant to do such. However, I have addressed this matter too many times. Bruno and the WWE are not on the best of terms. That is NOT my issue nor am I the man to “solve the problem” as has been suggested. Bruno is extremely happy living his life in Pittsburgh and I would suggest to you that he hasn’t lost any sleep over not being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. Personally, as a fan of his, I would love to see Bruno inducted but that is far, far from my call.

Brian- I would have to give it more thought as to my “favorite LOL moments from wrestling” but the Bossman dragging Big Show’s family members casket would most likely not make the list. That would be akin to Mae Young giving birth to a hand.

Frank- I have no idea how Psycho Sid is doing as I have not seen him in years. I assume and hope that he is healthy. The rumblings of Sid wanting to return to the WWE are not issues I have to deal with, thank goodness. I don’t know how much fuel is left in Sid’s tank or his desire to work a full time, or close to full time, schedule. I could be more specific on how Sid is doing in the ring if I were to see a bout, but that is “highly unlikely” unless he has a match in Norman. :)

Gary- I have zero issues with Randy Orton’s “methodical” wrestling style. I feel that many of today’s wrestlers overuse high risk maneuvers and have departed from the fundamental basics of wrestling. High risk moves are super if they are properly placed in a match and the contest is not solely based on “flying.”

David Rae- I am not sure of the WWE’s touring plans of Australia, but I know that the land down under is a huge priority for the company. Check the WWE website for touring info. I think the possibility of an Edge vs. Undertaker match at Wrestlemania exists and would be a great attraction. Both are excellent hands to say the least as Taker has already done enough to be in the WWE Hall of Fame. Edge seems to be well on his way there also if he can stay healthy.

Jerry- I agree with you that WWE 24/7 is one of the most enjoyable wrestling oriented programs available on TV. The WWE owns hundreds of hours of great material, much of it that only aired the one time when it was originally produced. I do not select the content nor am I volunteering to do so but I have enjoyed virtually every thing that has aired on the video on demand service. The Legends Roundtable is a blast to be a part of but I never know from taping to taping who will be on the panel.

Davinder- I rarely speak to Khali, as between his and my abilities to speak English we would have a hard time understanding each other. :) I do know he is enjoying his tenure in the WWE, or so it seems. Khali’s career would have had more impact if he had the opportunity to start his wrestling career when he was younger and his wheels were healthier. With that said, Khali is still a unique attraction, who is a “head turner”.

Tom- I have never been to 12 Bones Smokehouse in Ashville, N.C. but I would love to try it! We love for our commentors to suggest or discuss BBQ joints around the country/globe. Thanks, Tom.

Michael- Wrestlers that don’t want to be with a specific company should, in my opinion, be assisted out the door. Disgruntled athletes can be a poison in the locker room and on tour. The business is hard enough as it is without having to hear bitching and moaning at every turn in the road or to observe a peer who is depressed because of their professional situation. My philosophy regarding people who report or reported to me was a simple one, if I could not solve one’s problem I would eliminate it. No talent roster will ever be completely happy and being content is another kiss of death, but some individuals who want out so desperately for whatever reason should be helped to their “greener pastures”.

Clay- LOVE the idea of The King hosting the “Price is Right”! Barker’s Beauties would never be the same. I also agree that this has been a strange year in college football but OU and your Texas Longhorns will both get bowl bids and gear up for another run at the national title next year. A&M seems to have quickly hired a solid, mature head coach in Mike Sherman, which will bode well for the Aggies. I look for Mike Leach to bolt Tech for a higher profile job as well. The coaching shake up in college football will be far reaching before all is said and done and in the immediate future due to recruiting issues.

Eric- Missouri QB Chase Daniel has played himself into the Heisman Trophy race that Florida’s Tim Tebow will likely win. I still think that the Heisman voting is done too early and should be conducted after all the bowl games have concluded. Nonetheless Daniel is a tough son of a gun who is the heartbeat of the Missouri Tiger Football team.

Noah- Nebraska deserves better than Bill Callahan provided and I am certain that the respected Dr. Tom Osborne will help select an excellent replacement for Billy Boy. The OU-Nebraska football rivalry will never be the same as it was in the Big 8 days due to the fact that the two teams only play for two years and then are off each other’s schedule for two years unless of course they both reach the Big 12 Title game which is a dream like scenario!

Stian- The HBK-Cena one hour match on Raw from London was exceptional in my view. The two men told a great story and I felt like it helped Cena’s wrestling image as opposed to many fans simply bracketing Cena as a one dimensional brawler. Plus, HBK solidified his greatness by taking Cena to the next level as it relates to wrestling for one hour on a televised, global stage. On a personal level I loved being a small part of the process and having the opportunity to help tell Cena and Michaels’ story.

Thanks for all your comments and I hope you keep them coming. The more the better! We enjoy interacting with you as best we can even when we don’t agree. We value everyone’s opinion even if every single comment isn’t posted. Some of the one’s that don’t make the cut are really “beauts.” Our webmaster has great judgment much more often than not.

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