Holiday Greetings, some points about different things from J.R. and LOTS MORE Bar-B-Q'ed Holiday Feedback for YOU!

I hope everyone is having a great holiday season and making wise decisions, as in not drinking and driving, and making sure that your seat belts are used for everyone in any vehicle you may be riding. Common sense is a good thing, even though I have been guilty MANY times of not using the aforementioned trait, including having one too many beverages to be driving a vehicle, for which I paid a price, and for rolling a pickup while not wearing a seat belt and being fortunate enough to live to tell about it.

Just a few random thoughts before we get to your comments:

  • I would like to see a few two out of three fall matches on TV this next year, as they seem to be TV friendly, as at the end of a fall the commercial break could naturally come along and upon the return to the action the next fall could commence.
  • Is it really necessary for some fans to yell “boring!” when wrestlers apply a pressure hold and actually attempt to focus on a specific body part of their opponents?
  • How many tables does it take these days to get the beloved and much adored adulation of a “Holy S*#@!” moment?
  • No... wrestling announcers are not utilizing the old school “play by play” these days to any large degree because that is not what they are instructed to do. The irony of this is that many of the announcers themselves are damned for such heinous actions, even though they are doing as instructed by their employers. As announcers, we have a job to do and are damned happy to be there doing it. So would many others, I assure you.
  • From where I sit, wrestlers do not have to be 6’2”/250 pounds to be stars in today’s marketplace, but what do I know?
  • College football bowl games are similar to wrestling championships... there are too many of them.
  • Why am I supposed to dislike a wrestling antagonist, the bad guy, if said individual makes me laugh more often than not?
  • At the end of the day, who do short matches on TV REALLY help? The winner? The loser? Or no one??
  • Why do some fans who obviously read a fair amount of the wrestling internet, feel compelled to create personally insulting signs to be displayed on TV? I can remember one such sign right after I came back from one of my bouts with Bells palsy that said, “J.R. Has Lost His Smile!” Nice...
  • I would rather see a wrestler, even if it were one of my favorites, lose by pinfall or submission ANY DAY, than by a lame disqualification or count out.
  • As a viewer, is it really necessary for wrestling announcers to yell at me for the duration of their broadcasts? I know I have been guilty of this and it is akin to crying wolf.
  • Does it seem that hot, personal issues are oftentimes more interesting than title bouts?
  • Why does it seem that so many longtime fans love WWE 24/7, even if they don’t watch the current product on a religious basis?
  • Do you think that if more fans would focus on the really important aspects of their lives, and not live and die by what they see on a wrestling show, that they would be better off? Just curious...
  • Why don’t more people know the difference between Bar-B-Q’ing and Grilling? It is huge! For those that want to know the difference, I explain it all in my book, “J.R.’s Cookbook.”
  • Did you know that our autographed copies of “J.R.’s Cookbook” are a wrestling story book essentially for men (there are TONS of my own personal wrestling business stories in it), plus some really great recipes too.
  • Are you as tired of hearing about the Mitchell Report regarding steroids in MLB as I am, and do you wish that there could be steps taken immediately to bring closure to the matter?
  • How about zero tolerance for everyone? I mean e v e r y o n e.
  • Why does the FDA even allow HGH to be sold for any reason other than what it was created to do, and that was to treat dwarfism?
  • With no blood tests normally allowed in the NFL for their players, thanks to their union, how many NFL players do you suspect might be gaining a competitive edge by using HGH?
  • Why do so many former NFL players who are now broadcasters look so much smaller than they did when they were playing? Did they all become vegans?
  • If I were to suspect that Barry Bonds is guilty of alleged improprieties and that Roger Clemens isn’t, does that make me sound like a racist?
  • Should I put away my wrestling territory soapbox considering the territory days will likely never return as they once were, even though the death of the territories has changed the business forever and arguably not for the better?
  • If New England doesn’t win the Super Bowl, will this magnificent 16-0 season that the Pats have had be for nothing?
  • Why am I supposed to emotionally invest in the NBA or the NHL this time of the year when they seemingly play the “never ending season”?
  • Who started this run away tattoo trend in sports and entertainment and why? I have no body art, but I have close family members who do, and I haven’t got a clue as to why. Does that make me an old fart?
  • Did you ever think of what some older ladies were going to look like when their tattoos are like 50 years old? That could be scary, much like J.R. modeling Speedo swimwear.
  • Is there any logical reason why some wrestlers of past generations that worked regularly should be in such financial peril as many seem to be?
  • Shouldn’t wrestlers be reminded that “Uncle Sam” is undefeated and never adheres to the “time honored tradition”?
  • When will fans understand that trying to get autographs at the arenas isn’t advantageous, but catching their favorites at the hotels or at some airports is much better?

I wonder if I will just for once be able to keep more than one of my New Year’s Resolutions in 2008? Damn I hope so.

Now on to your feedback... Bar-B-Q’ed style!

Hey Jim,

I’m a supporter of the new format of answering questions too. Thumbs up!

-- Jess Hutchy From Down Under

That’s better than middle finger up! Thanks Jess.

Hi JR,

I was wondering if you know what has become of the Cruiserweight Title since Hornswoggle was forced to abdicate it? Was him winning it in the first place just a way for the WWE to put an end to it? I have noticed that cruiserweights are now being used other ways.

- Bubba

It would seem that the Cruiserweight Title is not a priority, not that it ever was. I do not know the long term status, but my guess would be that it is in “hiatus” for now.

Hi J.R.,

I ordered my dad and brothers Christmas gifts from your mail order page. It came to them fast and no damage at all. They were thrilled and couldn’t believe it, as they read your blog all the time (Hi Dad and Bob and Chris!). I got my father the autographed bucket of JR’s goodies and he just loves it and put it on the TV. I helped him eat the jerkey. Man was that GOOD! The spicy one is pretty hot and spicy, too. And I hate to say this, but we just love your nuts!

Thanks - Dean in Philly

That’s great Dean. I’m glad everyone enjoyed the goods and hope everyone’s holidays were fun. And my nuts are winners for sure!




I’m liking that we are selling Bar-B-Q Sauce in Kuwait and you have tried it! The WWE has so much material in their library that there is a ton of material that I am waiting on to see as well. My only suggestion is to be patient, as there is no doubt that it will all be utilized as some point.

Hi Jr, I have just read my hero Bret Hart’s book, and to say it is a must read is an understatement. He handled himself with grace and a great deal of dignity and despite his many, many tragedies and misfortune he came across as if he was in a happy place. He was complimentary to HBK never taking away that HBK was a great wrestler and an outstanding athlete, when he could have buried him. The saddest thing about this to me is Bret may feel his fans would disrespect him for being associated with WWE again. My answer would be ANY TRUE BRET HART fan just wants to see the greatest story teller , the top 5 best wrestler ever and a true icon in this business back in wrestling (to whatever capacity Bret could physically reach.) He would make a great trainer!!!!!!

- Andy Joyce (from the Uk)

Bret has so much to give the business. if he ever chooses to go that direction. I would think that having Bret Hart speak with young talents as they start their careers in the business would prove to be invaluable. Again, many fans forget Bret’s health issues and even though they are improving, I am happy to report; Bret still should not be in the ring attempting physicality.

Hi JR how s life treating you? I was just wondering if u know what the outcome of matches on raw/pap’s are going to be, or if u go out announcing unaware just to add to the realism? also how’s Droz?

- Mathew-leeds, England

Life is good, thanks. Droz is doing well, as I saw him the last time we were in Philly. He is still wheelchair bound, but he is mentally as sharp as ever. The less I know in advance about the matches I broadcast, the better.

Happy Holidays, J.R.! I’m thinking the comment about “Playboy Rick Flair” was actually regarding Buddy Landell who had the same look as Flair back in the day. I was wondering what your thoughts were on Brutus Beefcake, most newer fans don’t seem to care for him, while a lot of older ones have colorful memories of him and Valentine’s tag champ run, plus the Mania 3-era creation of “The Barber” character. Still hoping to see Savage again someday, too! Best wishes.

- Chris

I never knew of Buddy Landell working for the Bruiser. I’m thinking the individual in question might have been Playboy Buddy Rose, but it definitely wasn’t Ric Flair. Beefcake had sizzle and a great ally in Hogan. which did not hurt his status in the WWE. Did Beefcake ever draw any main event money anywhere but the WWE?

Hi J.R.

I just saw the following news item posted on one wrestling website that I thought you’d get a kick out of! It is Internet “reporting” at its finest!

“There has been talk of WWE inducting legendary announcer Gordon Solie into the hall of fame in recent years. Jim Ross has pushed the suggestion, but he seems to have lost his influence in that area.”

Anyway, I hope you had a great Christmas.

- LeeUK

I have endorsed Gordon Solie for the WWE Hall of Fame for years and while I have “some influence” with certain individuals in the company, I am extremely content to have less influence now, than I did when I was immersed in the corporate world and living in Connecticut. As are many internet theorists, this one is not totally accurate, but closer than some I have read.

Hello there Mr. Ross. On Christmas Eve I purchased the new Best of Raw 15th Anniversary set. It’s a really great DVD collection. I’m thrilled that the WWE put on these three discs many of my favorite Raw segments of all time. However when watching the first disc I discovered a gem of a match. It was taken from the July 11th Raw in 1994. The match was Bret Hart defending the WWF championship against the 1-2-3 Kid. I was pleasantly surprised at how good that match was. In my opinion it was even great. I was wondering if you recalled this match and had any thoughts on it.

- Johnathan

I remember broadcasting this match as it was when I was brought back to the WWE the second time, during the Federal Trial that Mr. McMahon was undergoing. It was a helluva wrestling match and took place in a small arena such as Bushkill, N.Y. or something like that. Bret helped put Waltman on the map and the result was an excellent wrestling contest. of which we see too few of these days on Monday nights.

JR, in my mind Jeff Hardy should be the WWE Champ and I’m glad the creative team is giving him a push and I hope he gets the title at the Royal Rumble, but I got a question about his future WWE Hall of Fame status. When Jeff was in TNA from 2004 to 2006, does is it going to affect him in the long run? In my eyes he is a future hall of famer despite what anyone says. P.S. His brother Matt also needs to be pushed for a title very soon after he recovers.

- Aero

I think it is ridiculously early to talk of Jeff hardy’s Hall of Fame status. Plus his WWE Title reign he seems anointed to have, hasn’t and may not even occur, as time alone will tell. This is a “cart before the horse” sort of thing. Perhaps we should let the scenario play out before Jeff is rushed into the HOF and crowned WWE Champion.

Happy Holidays JR!

First and foremost, as it’s my first time posting on your site, thank you for years of entertainment. I truly believe that your announcing makes and adds to the magic that WWE creates. I was so happy for you when you were inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, because it was so obvious how much it meant for you.

The question I have to ask is this: how do you feel about the wrestling ‘media.’ I’m starting to get really annoyed with various wrestling magazines and websites for their depiction of wrestling, and of WWE in particular. In light of the tragic events of this year, these media outlets seem determined to undermine the good, solid entertainment that WWE provides. Instead, they focus on the ‘seedy side’ of wrestling that is ‘apparently’ so common today (COUGH COUGH). Why do you think that these people, who must love wrestling to work in these jobs, seem determined to bring it down? With the idiots in the American media already trying (and failing) to do this, wouldn’t you think they would offer the business support? Again, thanks for everything. You’re an inspiration dude.

- Rory

I definitely do not think that all the wrestling media are bad, by any stretch of the imagination. However there are some who seemingly feel compelled to focus on the negatives of the business and spend much less time on the good side while covering bad news or running with inane rumors, as if they were hard facts. I want to believe that most of these folks are wrestling fans, but frustrated because the creative content that they see weekly on TV isn’t their cup of tea. I can relate to that, in general. However, those in the wrestling media that are overtly negative are simply following the trend of the national media as our society is apparently more interested in bad news, the never ending coverage of tragedies, gossip, dirt, and scandal. I don’t blame anyone in the wrestling media for that, as this is a societal issue and as long as there is a market for it, people will continue to provide it. It’s akin to the TMZ TV show and their coverage of the dirt and gossip, which many people that I know enjoy. It seems to be working for them. When’s the last time a show from Nancy Grace, Hannity and Colmes, etc. focused their hour of TV on “good news”? If they did that, their all important ratings would die a natural death.

I have read many wrestling news items involving myself that I knew were wrong or grossly embellished, but that goes with the turf. I am oftentimes satirized or made fun of, on various websites or in newsletters, because of what I write here, as many people think I should be more harsh and caustic regarding my “day job.” Dying on the hill of “I don’t like the creative, so therefore I am going to quit in protest” would be about as stupid as the reporters or fans who suggest that I do such.

How’s it going J.R.? I was just wondering, why was there no Monday Night Raw scheduled in Oklahoma this year (‘07)? I’m a giant fan of yours and I’m sorry to say but an even bigger fan of the WWE taking advantage of being in O.K. and giving you a whoopin’. It’s not so much that I enjoy watching you get hurt (it’s still a big part of it), but I really get a kick out of you getting some in-ring air time.

- Cheo

Yeah, me too, Cleo, as I really enjoy getting in the ring and getting my ass kicked in my home town. It is truly a blast and I sincerely miss it. Nonetheless, I think Raw is back in OKC on Monday June 30, the last I heard, but that’s not official.

J.R. - what are the chances of eventually seeing The Fallen Angel, Christopher Daniels in the WWE since he is no longer with T N A wrestling?

- charles bessett

That would be a talent relations or creative question , Charles. Nonetheless Daniels is a uniquely talented wrestler.

Hey there JR;

I was wondering if you have any idea as to why none of the contestants in the 2007 Diva Search (except for the winner Eve) have received WWE contracts. This year seems to be the first where only the winner appears to be sticking around.. Considering Candice Michelle did not even make the top 8 in the first ever diva search do you think any of the divas from this year’s contest will get an opportunity like she did?

Cheers, Keep up the good work!!

- Josh A

You have just spent infinitely more time thinking about the Diva Search than I have this entire year.

Hi J.R.,

Have u seen the pictures of paul bearer on his website where hes lost loads of weight? He looks really different, and have u heard the jim ross rap that is on youtube?

- matt

The WWE funded Paul’s surgery a few years back, and I truly believe that the weight loss helped save PB’s life. The artist formerly known as Percy Pringle was a great manager prior to coming to the WWE as many long term fans remember. Percy, Michael Hayes, and Robert Gibson all grew up in the Pensacola area and were life long fans of wrestling. Yes, I have seen the “rap” on YouTube, as have my kids, as they mentioned it during the holidays and they thought it was funny as well. I wish I had that much “free time,” but one has to consider it all in fun.


Why does the Great Khali have a job with WWE when he clearly can’t work? Seriously what is your opinion of the guy and why he’s employed, does WWE still think after two years that he can refine his skills, or is it just because Vince has a thing for big men?

- Matt

The Great Khali is an “attraction” at 7’3”/420 pounds, but there is no doubt that an argument could be made that Khali has been over exposed on TV. But at the end of the day, is the fact that Khali is employed and earning a living to provide for his family that big of an issue?

Hello, JR!

Does any of the WWE Superstars have any form of contact on the internet so fans can write to them?

Thanks, Liam

In our WWE Links list, there is a link to click to leave messages for WWE talent.

Here it is: Contact a Superstar »

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We will be back soon with another BIG blog, where we will answer a lot more of your feedback. Keep it coming!!