Lesnar… Buckethead Radio Show… Austin DVD… Super Bowl… Las Vegas… Mamajuana Energy… Rumors… Random Thoughts

My thanks to those of you who are shopping in our online store and especially for those of you that are doing business IE spending some cash with us. Our Bar-B-Q Sauces, Chipotle Ketchup, Beef Jerky, Cookbooks, Valentines Day Specials including our new, homemade Peanut Brittle, our “Big Nuts” shirts, and our ever growing peanut business, get yourself an autographed Redneck Bucket filled with goodies, is doing well but any business person will say things could “always be better." Nonetheless, we are building a sound business one step at a time thanks to your loyalty. Your business is greatly appreciated by all of us at J.R.’s Family Bar-B-Q®.

The construction of our second J.R.’s Family Bar-B-Q® is progressing on target and will open in Moore, Oklahoma just south of OKC after Wrestlemania, sometime in early to mid April. This store will be a little larger than our 1st store in Norman and will also feature a separate, full service sports bar. We hope to open two new locations in 2008 with the third locale TBD.

Starting next Friday morning I will be appearing on the highly rated Buckethead Radio Show which emanates out of Tampa and also airs in Orlando. Buckethead, his crew and I will be discussing Wrestlemania 24 along with other wrestling related topics in hopes of contributing to the rumor mill on the Internet with more unfounded gossip.

My plan is to watch the Brock Lesnar-Frank Mir UFC fight Saturday night on PPV from Las Vegas, where many expect that Lesnar will win his first heavily promoted, high profile fight. I expect Lesnar to win, but Mir, a submission specialist, is dangerous on the mat. Insiders tell me that Mir isn’t in top fighting shape but time will tell on that particular speculation. Lesnar is being positioned as the UFC’s “Next Big Thing”, sounds familiar, and I hope the former WWE Champion succeeds. I don’t expect any “Shooting Star Presses” in this contest to create a Wrestlemania moment…..please stop the insanity.

This Sunday’s Super Bowl will be viewed by yours truly in Austin, Texas at an unnamed hotel. My instincts tell me that the Giants will cover the 12 point spread. NYG successfully running the football, controlling the clock, and being able to pressure Touchdown Tommy Brady seem to be plausible keys to the contest. As always in football, the team that makes the fewest mental errors and turnovers always has the edge.

Speaking of Austin, it looks as if tickets are really selling well and the WWE can expect a near capacity crowd on hand for the Monday Night Raw event. That will most likely mean that there will be more Texas Longhorn fans, who will be attending Monday’s event booing yours truly at the mere sound of “Boomer Sooner” which is my entrance theme music. Folks, you should boo or cheer who in the hell you want to when you pay your money for your ticket. I will assure you that I will probably have as much fun as any one in Austin Monday night or at least I can honestly say that will be my goal.

There is quite a “buzz”, no pun intended, among many inside the WWE about JBL’s Mamajuana Energy Drink and how effective it is. I have a sample and have yet to try it, but many others have sung the new product’s praises. Once I try the product I will let you know my thoughts. Nonetheless, I hope the venture is successful for the “Evil Entrepreneur” and his partners. There is probably a “monument in his pants” line there somewhere but I digress.

Former Philly news anchor Alycia Lane is rumored to be headed to the WWE as a broadcaster. I have not heard this rumor confirmed by anyone in the WWE but the journalist is a controversial and lovely woman who might fit in the WWE environment. I have also heard rumors that Ms. Lane might be up for a Playboy photo spread. Without question, Ms. Lane is definitely HD friendly, which is important for broadcasters in sports entertainment these days.

How would you liked to have sat next to the talkative and entertaining Diamond Dallas Page on the LONG plane flight from the USA to Afghanistan? The unique quartet of DDP, Nikolai Volkoff, Jimmy Hart, and Greg “The Hammer” Valentine visited with the American Armed Forces recently, which is a great thing. Before long, the United States Military may all be practicing yoga of which DDP is a major proponent. All kidding aside I salute these 4 men.

I have seen rumors on various Internet sites of several matches that the WWE has planned for Wrestlemania 24. Some of these rumors are indeed provocative, but I can honestly tell you that I personally have not heard one concrete thing mentioned regarding any proposed bouts for the March 30 extravaganza in the Citrus Bowl. Point being is that I think that the Wrestlemania card is still a “work in progress” and that the card is still coming together and is dependent on what comes out of No Way Out to a large degree, wouldn’t you say?

Thursday night I began work on the next THQ video game with voicing over about 200 lines of copy. The new game’s concept, which I have been sworn to secrecy, has already aroused my curiosity and is scheduled for release in the fall of ‘08.

I’m looking forward to seeing the Kelly Pavlik-Jermaine Taylor Middleweight Title Bout in person in Vegas the night before No Way Out, which also emanates from Las Vegas. I am scheduled to be attending the fight with several of my friends from Oklahoma, including Sooner Head Football Coach Bob Stoops who is from Pavlik’s hometown of Youngstown, Ohio.

Is Chyna really going to appear on “Dancing with the Stars” this fall?? Interesting. BTW who’s heard the latest on lovely Stacy Keibler?

If you haven’t checked out the WWE 24/7 Legends Roundtable addressing the wrestling territories, I encourage you to do so. I watched it this week and thought it was an excellently produced broadcast and was a history lesson of sorts especially for younger fans. For long time fans, this feature will bring back plenty of memories.

“The Legacy of Stone Cold Steve Austin” is set to be in stores on February 12 and after watching the DVD this week over two evenings with the Mrs. it brought back some amazing memories of one of the most spectacular periods in the history of wrestling. This 3 DVD set is a true collector’s edition and is a “must have” for any Austin fan. Every minute of material was blessed by Steve himself, who is his own worst critic so that means that every minute of action and entertainment on this DVD is “Stone Cold” Approved”. That’s good enough for me. I thought some of Steve’s most entertaining work was during his brief albeit memorable stint in ECW which is well represented on this WWE Home Video production. The “Austin Era” most likely will never be replicated again.

Every week from now until Wrestlemania check out my Q&A with Jeff Wilen in his JAWBreaker column online in the Daytona Beach News Journal. Jeff always poses some interesting questions for yours truly to attempt to answer.

To answer a fan’s recent email, many years ago when The King and Tazz had their TV issue and yours truly got involved, it was not a tribute of any kind to the late dean of wrestling broadcasters Gordon Solie. However, I do remember a trip to a New Orleans Hospital to get glass out of my eyes after stupidly sitting in the from seat of a car while Tazz smashed the window. I also remember smashing a cookie jar over Tazz’ head which I don’t recall doing any one any favors. But that’s just me and, of course, I could be wrong. I’m glad Tazz holds no grudges, as he bought a huge order of Bar-B-Q Sauce and Chipotle Ketchup online from us last week. Thanks, Tazz. By the way, Tazz’ young son Tyler is becoming quite the amateur wrestler and is already a heck of a baseball player. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree there in Long Island.

Production is set to begin soon on another Ric Flair DVD and on the long awaited Mr. Perfect DVD. I am looking forward to participating in both these projects featuring two of Minnesota’s finest.

My pal Dr. Death Steve Williams, almost three years cancer free, is due back in Oklahoma this weekend to be a part of the OU Wrestling Alumni function Friday night and to wrestle in OKC on Saturday night. The legendary, and I do not use that term loosely, Danny Hodge will also be at the alumni affair. It’s too bad many fans of today never got to see Hodge in action as I did as a young fan in the 60s and then as a referee in the 70s for Leroy McGuirk’s Championship Wrestling based out of Tulsa. Hodge was a legit physical freak and was the absolute best mat wrestler I ever saw, which covers significant ground. That includes the talented Kurt Angle and the previously mentioned Lesnar both amateur wrestling greats. If Hodge was in his prime today, no one could touch him in MMA. No one, and trust me on that one. Hodge represented the USA in two Olympic Games in wrestling and won the United States Golden Glove Heavyweight Boxing Title as an amateur even though Dan had little, if any, formal boxing training. Hodge dominated the NCAA Wrestling scene so overwhelmingly that their version of the Heisman Trophy awarded to the best collegiate wrestler of the year is named the Dan Hodge Award. Dan still lives in his hometown of Perry, Oklahoma which is also the hometown of WWE prospect Jake Hager, another ex-Sooner wrestler, who is training in Tampa. Food for thought, in Hodge’s senior year at OU while wrestling at a high level he did not allow a single point to be scored on him. Hodge never lost in college. Scary.

A commenter took me to task for mentioning on one of our blogs that I enjoyed Keith Olbermann’s wit on his MSNBC show even though I never said I agreed 100% with what the former ESPN SportsCenter Anchor says. When Olbermann goes off on Fox News Bill O’Reilly it is the cable news version of the Monday Night wars. One would have a hard time disputing that Olbermann isn’t clever and entertaining even if one doesn’t agree with his view of politics.

Same goes for Bill Maher whose HBO show is one of the smartest TV shows out there but Maher is a lightning rod who people either really like or really don’t. I think Maher is a great entertainer and provides some provocative infotainment on his no holds barred talkfest. I think the WWE’s Vince McMahon or even JBL would be excellent guests on Maher’s HBO program.

Thanks for checking out our site. I will be answering many of your questions and they will be posted in our Q&A section sometime next week. We don’t have the world’s largest staff here so we are all doing our dead level vest to address all your emails and to continue to write multiple, fresh blogs weekly. I also invite you to check out my weekly ramblings on the Raw site of www.wwe.com which are usually posted on Thursday or Friday.

Take care and Boomer Sooner!