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Good Ol' J.R.

I was wondering if you knew or heard of any progress on Bobby Lashley? He has been gone for some time now and personally, I miss his presence. Us fans hear about the progress of the likes of John Cena and HHH during their respective injuires but not a peep about Big Bobby. Whats up? - Dan

I hear he is rehabbing and is getting closer and closer to being released from medical restrictions. Bobby had a serious injury and rushing him back too soon would not be considered bright.

Hey JR!

I've been writing in your blog for awhile, but have never received a response from you unfortunately. I know you read a lot of these though, so it's no big deal Do you think Jonathan Coachman will be a good fit as a color commentator on SmackDown! with Michael Cole? When Jonathan Coachman was doing HEAT with Al Snow, I thought they worked well together with Jonathan being the Play-by-Play and Al being color, but he wasn't as good with Todd Grisham as Play-by-Play and himself as color. Do you think it will work out better between himself and Michael Cole, even though Coach has never been a full-time wrestler? Thanks, JT

How well Coach and Cole mesh will be determined over time, and how hard they work to get better and to become something special. If they simply show up and go on the air and do their show, then success may be challenging to achieve. If they spend extra time together and exchange ideas and concepts then success will come easier. In today's marketplace, being a wrestling broadcaster is more challenging than ever before with so many more demands on the broadcasters as to how to present the products and to be more of a story teller than a play by play or color analyst.

Hi JR,

I got two great gifts for Christmas this year. The Shawn Michaels DVD Set and the Greatest Ladder Matches DVD set. As I watched both of these for some strange reason I thought about the presidential race this year. How would it be if the primaries were settled in ladder matches and the final race in a last man (or woman if Hillary gets in) standing match. Do you have any picks as to who might win? This question might be the result of too much JR's Jalapeno Honey Mustard at bedtime. - Ace

I would be frightened to see Hillary in a Ladder Match, but from what I can tell, the Presidential race is still wide open. You can never eat too much Jalapeno Honey Mustard, my friend. Check out our Valentine's Day offer. They're SWEET!

Hey JR,

One of your many fans in London, UK. We love you over here and love a bit of the old BBQ sauce as much as you do. First off, a bid of congratulations to the WWE for giving Bob Holly a push again - he's been a great superstar to watch now for so long and I always like to see him doing well. It's common knowledge how valuable he is and how great he is at helping the younger, newer stars so kudos to him!

Another man I'm glad to see has been given a helping hand has been Nelson Frazier Jr, i.e. Vis, or now Big Daddy V, though I wonder if his massive size has been played up a little too much - after all, he's been that size for years but never seems to have had as much of an impact as he is having now. I just think it's strange that a man who has spent most of the last few years losing on HEAT can suddenly gain such prestige - of course, it's a good thing cos once again he's been great to watch over the years and deserves the chance.

Final questions - is the tag division going to be brought to the front of the agenda any time soon? Seems to have shrunk into the shadows recently, with the loss of teams like the Dudleys, New Age Outlaws, Edge and Christian etc? Also, how about bringing the hardcore 24/7 title back and making it crossbrand so everyone can compete for it? Ahhh, those were the days! - Jonny

Have you ordered any of our Sauces to be shipped to the UK? We ship there FedEx!

I am happy you like Big Daddy V, but do you like his current ring attire with his man breasts free-flowing or would you rather see them somewhat constrained? Ah, made you look!

AHHH, too many titles. My vote is a definite no on making more titles.

hi jr

I just wanted to say I think jeff hardy is ready to be a main eventer. My eyes were glued to the TV in the main event on raw. I know the jeff hardy orton feud is going to be short but it is shaping up to be a real great one. I can't wait to see them wrestle at the royal rumble. – tim

I don't know why you would think the Jeff Hardy vs. Orton rivalry is going to be a short one unless you have insider info from one of the reputable wrestling sites that has access to such info. I think their match at the Rumble will be really memorable.

Hi JR,

So, everyone knows that WWE plans to "end"(retire) Flairs career at Wrestlmania, but do you know who he will face? - Duke#1

I do NOT know that Flair's career is definitely going to end at Wrestlemania. Things change seemingly daily in the biz. I am not sure Ric will even beat MVP at the Royal Rumble, and I am being as honest as hell with you on that one.

Mr. J.R.,

First time post, long time reader. I have been a fan of professional wrestling for many many years. I have a millions of questions but I'll try to get them down to three, my first questions is in the late 70's to early 80's on Spanish television channels there was wrestling (lucha libre) broadcasted from L.A Olympic Auditorium with the likes of a young R.Piper, C. Guerrero, V. Rivera, T Funk, Mil Mascaras and one of the better tag teams of Black Gordman and Goliath and a huge battle royal I think one year Bruno Sammartino won, Ring announcer Jimmy Lennon and finally one of the best referees Red Shoes Duggan, well my question is would you happen to know if the WWE owns the rights to the videos to these matches? They would be still interesting to watch for us wrestling fans. My second questions is do you ever see wrestling getting back to good guy versus bad guy in that the bad guy would taunt the crowd and really get booos and get the crowd going aganist them? For example: Baron Van Raschke, Stan Hansen and Iron Sheik character type wrestlers? A most hated catagory type of thing? Finally since you travel to Connecticut with WWE headquaters in Stamford, any chances of putting one of your BBQ restaurant here in CT? Just to let you know, there is a pretty good BBQ restaurant at Mohegan Sun Arena and also on the outskirts of Hartford next time you visit CT. Thank you for your time and answering my questions. - vee1968

I don't think the WWE owns the library in question and many of those older libraries were not preserved and their master tapes were recycled in many cases. I sampled the BBQ joint at the Mohegan Sun, but I must admit it was not a "J.R.'S"! If we get into franchising, in a few years there is a good chance we could have a J.R.'s Family BarBQ in Connecticut.

I just read that there was a plan to release a Sing DVD. Is that true? Is there any way the WWE can get Sting, not to wrestle, but to commentate on the DVD? It's a shame it won't have any UWF footage of him, but I am looking forward towards his early NWA/WCW years. I know you called a lot of his matches, do any of them stand out in your opinion?

I am highly partial to his run in mid 1989 - The Great American Bash 1990. The whole Muta-J-Tex-Ironman Tournament-Horsemen-Flair feud just will be unable to be duplicated. All of those stories just bled together and made one hell of a program. That was gold, J.R.! Pure gold! - 1989

I hear the same thing. The WWE owns more Sting footage than anyone so the DVD should be excellent. Steve Borden, the man behind the paint, is a quality human being and his matches with Ric Flair in WCW were memorable, especially at the first Clash of Champions. The late 80's and early 90's were most likely Sting's best years, creatively.

Hi JR - My question is, do you know whether Capt Lou Albano was always drunk during much of his TV time & vingettes back in the day? Also, was he one of the few wrestlers who 'made fun' of Vince? If you watch much of his old footage (much of which is on WWF Coliseum Video tapes) you can see he seems drunk in a lot of his skits? One of the funniest items I have seen is on the old "Bodyslams & Bloopers" tapes (the cover having Albano hitting Wild Samoan on head with a chair) where during one of the Vachon's wedding party, the Capt seems to get more & more drunk - even jumping in front of other wrestlers interviews and 'burping'; making rude comments from afar (such as: "I know a girl who lives on a hill, she wont, but her sister will!!); and other acts. Vince & Alfred Hayes look genuinely annoyed!!!

Shannon (Aussie)

Captain Lou has been known to take a taste of alcohol from time to time over his illustrious career, but Lou was a colorful character sober or somewhat "in the cups".


Happy new year to you. Has Carlito decided to stay? Thank you for your time - paul francis (UK)

As far as I know, Carlito is a full time member of the Raw roster and looks to be getting ready to team with Santino Marella. Plus if ,Carlito left, half the Divas would most likely go in mourning - or so "they" say.

Hey JR

Is Ashley Massaro on Raw now or still on Smackdown? - Aero

Last time I saw her she was on Raw, but for how long is anyone's guess.

Hi jr,

i loved the shawn michaels dvd and plan on getting the new raw one as well. My only complaint was the matches from raw were shown as they were broadcast. What i would like to know is: do the camera men stop recording during the adverts, and if they don't, do they save the footage as i would have loved to have seen the shawn vs. cena match uncut. Thanks for your time

No, they record everything during the commercial breaks - if there is a match taking place.

Hey JR, Do you see the "new" ECW title as a legit "World Title" ? As im sure im not alone when i say it doesn't seem like one at all when compared to the WWE & World Heavyweight title's. Its more on a par with the Intercontinental & US titles. - MarkBRFC

Legit, yes. World Title, not yet.

Hey jim ross. im a huge fan..could u tell me whatever happened to ludvig borga and why he didnt get a bigger push in wwe? - Ryan

A lack of skill usually has a hand in one not getting more exposure. Borga looked the part, but had limited in ring wrestling skills. I hear he is back in his homeland, as his name pops up from time to time in boxing or politics.

Hi JR,

I loved this years Armageddon and each match I thought was brilliantly announced by all involved I am getting more into the direction of Edge as the "Ultimate Opportunist" each week and it shows how versitile and entertaining he is. The only down side from the whole night was the finish to the Y2J/Orton match as the match itself was my favourite but it seems that everytime Jericho (as a fan favourite) gets close to the promised land he gets it ripped away from him or gets a controversial win, i.e vs The Rock for the WCW Championship 2001 (was it No Way Out? I think you called that one with Heyman). I just feel that Y2J deserves a run as the Hero for a while as its hard to remember when he last had a poor showing apart from the Jeri-curse. Also did you read Jericho's book? I finished it in 2 days as I couldn't put it down and I hope he does a follow up of his WWF/WWE/Break/WWE return journey. Anyway thanks for your time and good calling. - Frankie

You are obviously a Chris Jericho fan, which isn't a bad thing, so my only suggestion is to hang in there and continue to ride the wave and to not over-think the outcome of every match. Just have fun with it and let Chris entertain you. The Jericho book, of which I wrote the Foreword, is a helluva read that I HIGHLY recommend.

In regards to "hey dave"… maybe you can help with a little memory lane WWE history for me. About 20 years back, one of the matches that got me hooked was on regular weekly TV, I think SNME. It featured Randy Savage and I think Ricky Steamboat (not sure).

hey dave it was the macho man vs bret hart and like you that was one of the first matches that got me in to the wrestling… great match!

On a side note Jr u rock and will always be one of the best at what you do in all of sports but being from Omaha NE, every time you come, it is so hard to cheer you coming out to Oklahoma's fight song. LOL! Man, I sure miss watching the NU vs OK game every year but it was a blessing NU did not play OK this year. I am very excited that WWE is coming back to Omaha for the Judgement Day PPV which if i am right that is the first PPV since the In your house PPV with HBK vs Diesel back in like 95/96??? cant wait for it hope Omaha makes WWE proud GO BIG RED!!!

Josh S.

Talk it up and let's sell out the arena in Omaha with loud fans, which will help make the show that much better. I realize "Boomer Sooner" isn't the song of choice in Nebraska, but wait until RAW rolls into Austin, Texas! But it isn't representing the football team, but just old J.R. Nonetheless I have no issues being booed, if that's what paying customers want to do. I love hearing it in every RAW town and I smile and wave, regardless.

FYI, The song "Boomer Sooner" has been literally played all over the world by WWE, wherever we've done RAW or PPV's from. And most people who aren't college rivals seem to enjoy it. I do, especially in England, Italy and other International locations. They would be so happy in Norman, OK knowing that people across the globe were now wildly clapping to "Boomer Sooner" while they were sleeping back in Oklahoma (huge time difference). But it has nothing to do with football, so in Austin, TX or Omaha, NE or wherever… just clap and have fun!

To J.R.:

I was just wondering if you could tell us anything about the upcoming WWE DVD based on Sting. I understand that WWE owns the WCW video library (along with pretty much every other wrestling video library, right? ha ha), but I just thought WWE would want to stay away from a wrestler in another promotion.

Also, you say there are too many championships, if you were in a position to possibly remove any championships from the WWE, what would they be?

One last thing, if you don't mind, with so many Superstars appearing on other brands and the SmackDown/ECW talent exchange, do you think that the WWE may eventually deactivate the brand extension, allowing Superstars to appear on all brands? Thank you,

Tommy - West Virginia

I would have one tag team champion for the entire WWE and "maybe" only one WWE Champion, but that would need more thought. I do NOT think the brand extension is going away anytime soon.

Hey J.R., would you agree that HBK is in a lot of ways like the Michael Jordan of the WWE, in that he was the top star, who left the business and made a successful comeback, but in doing so, has had to change and adapt his offense to account for his age and it's inherent physical shortcomings? – Jeremy

Nice analogy as HBK came back after being away for approximately 4 years and picked right up where he left off, as one of the best in ring performers on the entire roster. That story is truly amazing when one really stops and thinks about it.

Hi Jim -

Glad to hear that a Randy Savage: Macho Madness DVD compilation is due out on November 18th of 2008. Any chance of Savage doing interviews or making WWE appearances to promote it?

- A Jim Ross Fan

Not too likely. Of course everyone could "kiss and make up," but I won't hold my breath on that one.

Hi J.R.,

Hello again! I was watching the Road Warriors DVD the other night and after viewing the scaffold match between them and the Midnight Express, I started thinking about Bobby Eaton.

Why do you think he is so overlooked? The man could work ANY style of match and just GO from bell to bell, nonstop. I mean, Scaffold Matches pretty much suck but Eaton really put on a show vs. the Road Warriors and I daresay that match wouldn't have been worth watching, had it not been for him. - Jeremy

Bobby Eaton was very fundamentally sound and could do it all in the ring. Bobby is not given the credit he deserves because he did not talk much and allowed the great Jim Cornette to do the verbalizing. If Eaton was blessed with verbal skills he would undoubtedly be considered one of the all time greats EVER in the business. Bobby Eaton was as good inside the ropes as any one I have seen. The wrestling business could use 100 Bobby Eaton's today. All the boys who worked with Bobby love him.

P.S. (The wife and I are considering having some sauce and jerky shipped to us here in China within the next few months. We just have to figure out the currency exchanges, etc.) Thanks J.R.

We will work with you. Let me know how that process evolves and THANKS FOR THE BUSINESS!

To the person asking about Bruiser Brody matches, check out you tube and search Bruiser Brody, there are a ton of matches there from all over the world, including Japan and PR. There are also a ton of mid south matches, with JR on commentary. There is a great one where Ted Dibiase calls out Michael Hayes, who is doing commentary with JR, and Dibiase says, "The PS stands for Pretty Sissy" which gets Hayes hopping mad and it's very funny to watch. - Jeremy

How good was that piece of business between Hayes and DiBiase?- And it wasn't "scripted," but naturally delivered by seasoned pros.

Hi JR,

Do you not think that the WWE Women's division/divas need to up their game?

- Diamond Diva

We ALL can "up our game" including the Divas, who could stand to spend more time in the ring like their predecessors did, when they wrestled many, many consecutive days on the road to perfect their skills

More to follow...

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