J.R. visits the hospital.. "Naitch" checks on his old pal.. WWE Hall of Fame thoughts.. Great DVDs on their way..

Sometimes my timing isn't so great. I felt somewhat poorlyduring the WM24 weekend and attributed it to just getting over a 3 week bout of the flu. In hindsight, I should have taken a week or two off prior to Wrestlemania to insure that theflu had subsided, but I didn't.

While in Orlando I started having colon problems again and began to lose a great deal of blood. But asthe old saying goes, "the show must go on" and as I was once told, " a man can be sick at work just as easily as he can be sick at home" so I kept my issues to myself and went about the task of doing my job. This Friday I spent the majority of the day in the hospital here in Norman, the same hospital that removed 13" of my large intestines in 2005, along with a benign tumor off my colon. Friday was like a day at the beach compared that ordeal in 2005, as Friday I underwent a thoroughcolonoscopy and had 3-4 non-cancerous, thank God, polyps removed. I dodged another bullet. I told my friend Kevin Wilson, the offensive coordinator at OU, that I was blessed with "Sooner Magic"and after a couple of days of rest I plan to be on the airplaneSunday night headed to Albany, New York for Monday Night Raw. I wouldn't have it any other way.

One of the telephone calls I received Friday afternoon was from Ric Flair who called to checkon his pal and I assure you that call meant the world to me. It's akin to OU Coach Bob Stoops calling me on a Saturdayin 2005 when I was in intensive care, while the Sooners were preparing to play Kansas at Arrowhead Stadium. Great friends watch out for each other.

Rings- This years HOF class got beautiful rings at their induction ceremony. I am toldthat all the previous WWE Hall of Famers will also be receiving rings sometime in the future. My wife asked me if I was going to take off my 1974 Oklahoma National Championship ring to wear my WWE Hall of Fame ring and I answered her with "goodquestion."

HBK bought matching Rolex President watches for Ric Flair and himself to commemorate their classic match at WM24. The inscription on the back of Ric's says "To be the Man" and on the back ofHBK's it says "You have to beat the Man." Plus the number "24" commemorating Wrestlemania 24is inlaid on the face of the watch in diamonds. That's a class act, friends and neighbors.

Ric's latest DVD, "The Definitive Collection" will be available approximately July 8. For me, this one will go into my "keeper" collection.

Some folks speculate that after 36 years that Ric will be unable to retire like so many of his predecessors a la Verne Gagne, Bill Watts, Terry Funk, etc to name just two of the many who "retired" and then a few years (months) later unretired. I havethe feeling that Ric is truly done because the business today offers former stars so many unique opportunities to earn a great living, whereas that did not exist years ago. I hope Ric never wrestles again as he will be 60 next February 25 and 36 years in the ring is damned sure enough.

I hear that the 2008 Wrestlemania 24 DVD will be released soon using Blu Ray technology and will include the WWE Hall of Fame, essentially in its entirety. Flair's speech is worth the price of the entire package I assure you.

Have you read former Horseman Ole Anderson's most recent comments about Ric Flair and Ric's induction into the Hall of Fame? Don't bother, unless you really get off on negativity. Ole was such a brilliant mind in his day and a government mule tough wrestler but his dogged, negativity is sad. I have great respect for Ole the performer, but wish he would find more happiness in his life. Perhaps he is happy and if so good for him.

Nice seeing Ohio State Buckeyes James Laurinaitis and Marcus Freeman at Wrestlemania 24, I assume as guests ofJames' uncle John who is the head of the talent relations department at the WWE, a job yours truly used to hold down. I admire Buckeyes middle linebacker James for not leaving college early and returning to Columbus for his 4th season. Classy move by a classy athlete who must really take after his mom when it comes to his amazing athletic ability. :) I am a big fan of OSU's #33.

Reggie Bush was also atWM24 and was hanging around Snoop Dogg's trailer most of the afternoon on Sunday. My sources tell me that the New York Giants are going to trade outstandingTE Jeremy Shockey to Bush's Saints, prior tothe NFL draft.Shockey is an Oklahoma kid from Ada who told me last week he was looking forward to playing for the Saints.If any NFL player was tailor made for the WWE, it is JeremyShockey andthe Chicago Bears' Dusty Dvoracek.

ABC and ESPN star broadcaster Brad Nessler and his lovely wife Nancy had a blast at Wrestlemania and stayed with my wife, Jan, and I at the Orlando Airport Marriott and enjoyed the HOF Induction Ceremony and WM24 as well.Ness is a big Flair fan, plus we see each other several times during the football season.

Yes, to some on the Net, I remember Paul Burchill used to dress like a Pirate. And your point is??? Announcers following marching orders and the one's that make it over the long haul don't usually go into business for themselves. That's all of show biz.

Last I looked, the WWE had 15 sellout events already for their upcoming UK tour, where we will produce Monday Night Raw in London on April 14, which I am really looking forward to. Perhaps we will see a J.R.'s Family Bar-B-Q sign or two at the show. (cheap plug) There will be more sellouts, as several events are so close to being sold out its not even close.

For those in the Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, and Kansas area, the tickets for the HUGE Monday night RAW in Oklahoma City'sFord Center, the future home of the NBA team formerly known as the Seattle Sonics, go on sale Saturday May 17.J.R.'s Family Bar-B-Q will have our second store open by then and we plan on doing some great promotions around the Monday Night Raw event. The event is Monday, June 30.

I got an email recently from a former WWE Developmental Talent, Mack Johnson, and Mack has decided to take a major step and get himself some help and enter rehab. I was happy to help facilitate Mack's decision, but the credit goes to him for having the guts to help himself and to the WWE for picking up the tab. Shame should not travel along with one's issues, butinstead shame should be attached for someone doing nothing about their issues.

Get out the "bowling shoes," because it looks like the two resident mastodons in the WWE, The Big Show and The Great Khali, are on a collision course. Even though this pending contest won't resemble a Jack Brisco-Dory Funk, Jr. mat classic, it will likely resemble a crash of 18 wheelers on the interstate. Thank God the match won't be in Bombay. (Not that there is anything wrong with Bombay.)

I should be receiving a "preview copy" of the new Rock DVD and the match list is really impressive. I will keep you abreast, as the King loves to say.

I plan on attendingthe OU football scrimmage Saturday afternoon, if I can sneak out of the house without my "nurse" laying down the law.

Wejust posted a new Q&A that I hope you check out. Plus we have some special deals in our storeon Sauce, Jerky, and other items plus we are getting great reviews on on peanuts. The Rock told me he looks forward to each order and has become hooked on our 3 flavors of nutsand is the proud owner of a "I've Got Big Nuts" T shirt.

Be well and thanks for stopping by. Keep that feedback and those questions coming, along with your orders. All are greatly appreciated.