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After reading what some people have said regarding the three primary United States Presidential Candidates appearing on last Monday's Raw and the fact that now these eligible voters now are NOT voting is incredulous to me.

The price that our forefathers paid to insure that all Americans had the right to vote was a steep one and to declare that one isn't voting because the candidates briefly appeared on Monday Night Raw is "box of rocks" stupid. That's akin to the outrageous Howard Stern saying he would never vote for an individual for President of the United States who watches wrestling. I have heard other "reasons" as to why some candidates won't get some folk's votes including, "I would never vote for a woman"...."I would never vote for a person of color (or variations thereof of that ignorant statement)...or "I would never vote for a person who is 72 years of age".

When I hear this logic employed, the old cliche of "Pet Coon Goofy" becomes applicable. Please vote if you are eligible and don't be adumbass.

I have seen on various wrestling websites that polls and columns have been written about who is Ric Flair's greatest opponent or "Naitch's" greatest match. I have read some really entertaining and informative material on this subject, many of which brought back some great memories. After looking at many of the bouts up for nomination as Flair's greatest opponent or Ric's greatest matches it's humbling to realize that I have had the honor of broadcasting more than my fair share of these classics.

In my opinion, Ric's greatest opponent, as far as match quality and continuing to raise the bar each and every time they competed, has to be Ricky Steamboat. I know Ric feels this way too. There is no doubt that the greats of the game like Harley Race, Dusty Rhodes,Wahoo McDaniel, Terry Funk, etc, among many others, deserve "props," but Steamboat truly brought out the best in Ric and visa versa.

Flair and Steamboat had many classics over the years and some of their stuff in the late 70s was awe inspiring, but their rivalry in and round 1989 was the stuff that most fans will remember and be best familiar with, as it was during the days of PPV and live, cable TV specials. I do not recall in my 30+ years in the business a better and more compelling, dramatically athletic story being told in the ring than between these two artisans in '89 while we were all atWCW working for Ted Turner. These two were silky smooth, but don't think for one second that these two men were not overtly physical with each other, because they me on that one.

For any young wrestler or wrestling wanna be, I strongly suggest you familiarize yourself with Flair vs. Steamboat in any form you can access it and truly study the chemistry these two had and the philosophy as to why their matches created magic.

Steamboat, for my money, is a WWE Hall of Famer to be, and it would be great to see Ric Flair induct arguably "Naitch's" greatest opponent.

Great effort by Bernard Hopkins against the talented and tough Joe Calzaghe a few days ago in what was an entertaining "prize fight" as my late dad would say. I loved the between rounds banter between Calzaghe's trainer/father and his son, the fighter, which had me wanting to put on the trunks....well, sort of.

The documentary film "Beyond the Mat" is making its rounds again I see. This documentary which was originally scheduled for limited released as an "art film" or so I was told, has to have done well in a financial sense for the producers. Especially considering that I don't think the producers had much money invested in paying those of us who took our time and appeared on the film and contributed to the production of it. I know I was never paid a dime for my contributions on it, which used to bother me more then than it does now. Nonetheless, for those that haven't seen it, "Beyond the Mat" provides a unique and somewhat one dimensional look at the dark side of the business in what some would describe as an exploitative manner. I also can't deny that it is at times a compelling production. I just wish I had not been mislead and could have earned a fair payday from it.

I see on the media dirt Internet sites that TV personality Star Jones, the former panelist on ABC's "The View," who lost a ton of weight, is, reportedly and unfortunately, getting a divorce. Years ago at a WWE function in New York City at WWE New York, as I recall, a then single and somewhat heavier Star Jones was introduced to the then single Jonathan Coachman and many on lookers thought that Ms. Jones, by the gleam in her eye, had just found the man of her dreams. She was apparently enamored by "The Coach" but the Smackdown talker used his basketball skills to "avoid contact" and Ms. Jones' "full court press". Just think, what if....

Let me be the first to suggest that the broadcasting tag team of Mike Adamle and The Tazz broadcast the 12 Diva Tag Team bout this Sunday in The Baltimore at Backlash, which is sold out, for the record. I'm not sure theMamajuna-fueled Jerry Lawler could handle to speak. I am looking to see how Natalia "Nattie" Neidhart represents herself and her famous Hart family on her first WWE PPV. I expect it will be well indeed. I have high expectations for young, Ms.Neidhart.

I read a story recently that reminded me of the first telephone conversation I ever had with Vince McMahon. It was the late 80s and I was inBixby, Oklahoma working for Bill Watts' UWF . McMahon wanted to hire Missy Hyatt to come to work for the WWE to host a TV segment called "Missy's Manor". Bill Watts had Missy under contract and did not want to even speak with McMahon OR want to release Hyatt from his employee even though the large Cowboy did not particularly care for Missy or really for any other lady in the biz for that matter. Bottom line, the talent was not being utilized to their fullest potential for Watts, McMahon was wiling to provide the talent with an career opportunity, so why in the hell should the talent not be allowed to move on? I was assigned to handle the matter and did with no compensation from McMahon (what was I supposed to get a future "draft choice"?) which did not enamor me for a few days with Bombastic Bill.

Reportedly the WWE European Tour grossed approximately $14.5M in ticket sales alone and the total revenue number will be even more staggering when the merchandise dollar figure is added to the mix. In my opinion, the most significant future growth within the WWE is going to be on an International basis and as I have said before I can see Monday Night Raw being produced several times a year outside the USA as time goes on.

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