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The first three people I saw when I walked down the hall in the locker room area of the Pepsi Arena Monday afternoon were three Mid South Wrestling alumni, Steve "Dr. Death" Williams, Ted DiBiase, and Hacksaw Jim Duggan, having a friendly conversation. In their prime, each of these men brought something different, but special to the table. Doc was a natural, as far as the physicality goes in the wrestling business, and started working for Bill Watts between Doc's junior and senior year in college at Oklahoma. I saw Doc's college wrestling coach, Stan Able, Tuesday afternoon following our friend Jack Mildren's funeral services and Stan said Doc, a former 4 time All American heavyweight at OU was the most loyal athlete Stan ever coached and at times the most frightening.

Duggan was a brawler along the lines of Bruiser Brody and Mick Foley on their best days, and the former SMU Mustang football player is a former state high school champion wrestler from Glens Falls, N.Y. After the Junkyard Dog abruptly left Mid South Wrestling for the greener pastures of the WWE, Duggan carried the ball for Watts and replaced JYD as the territory's top hero.

Duggan and Doc, both legit bad asses, have been blessed to have each beaten cancer.

DiBiase, whose 241 page autobiography is one that I highly suggest that you read, was arguably the most well rounded performer of the aforementioned trio and Teddy's Million Dollar Man persona was one of the WWE's best and most viable personas.

Nonetheless, it was great seeing three of Mid South Wrestling's most distinguished alum's having a great visit on Monday in Denver, which was an especially eventful day as it was also the Raw debut of Ted's son, Ted DiBiase (no Junior). Only time will tell how well young Ted will do but he is another third generation athlete that certainly has an opportunity and the potential to become a top hand over time. I have not seen enough of Ted's work to know how ready young Ted is or isn't as it relates to prime time but we will apparently all see for ourselves sooner than later.

The $1M promotion that the WWE is going to start soon on Monday Night Raw is garnering a healthy amount of reaction from fans and Internet types. It appears to be similar to many ratings promotions that are done by TV networks, especially in May and November, and also by radio stations, to enhance viewership. Many critics are blasting the on air promotion before it even starts or before the details are known, but that isn't unusual these days.

It will be a big night in San Antonio on June 23 as the, apparent, Annual WWE Draft will be held during a 3 hour Monday Night Raw. I am interested in how the order of the draft will be determined and the process that will be utilized to make the selections. I read where the TV announcers are also eligible for the draft, which is perplexing. I can't speak for the King, but I am personally not interested in leaving Monday Night Raw. I hope that I didn't just jinx myself. Working regularly on another broadcast would feel strange at this stage of my game.

J.R.'s Family Bar-B-Q Restaurant is looking forward to having many of the WWE Superstars in town for Raw in OKC on June 30 as several have indicated that they will likely check out our newest eatery after Raw. The new restaurant, which will open 3-4 days in advance of the OKC Raw (hopefully), is located at the 19th Street exit off I-35 (west side of the interstate) in Moore, Oklahoma. We plan on staying open late (2 a.m.?) that night after Raw ends, which will be shortly after 10 p.m. local time. If you are in the neighborhood, please drop by and enjoy the night with us. Many of the WWE Superstars are regular customers and regularly order our Sauces, Beef Jerky (97% fat free) and our Oklahoma grown peanuts.

Unless I miscounted, there are 7 bouts scheduled for One Night Stand this Sunday in San Diego on pay per view. All will have extreme rules to one degree or another, which makes for an interesting, albeit challenging, night. The good news is that we fans most likely will see clear cut winners and losers in each contest. This PPV is "Raw heavy" with 4 clearly defined Raw matches, plus the HBK-Batista match, which I assume Michael Cole and Mick Foley will call as they only have one Smackdown contest at this time as do ECW's Mike Adamle and Tazz. From a broadcasting perspective, it looks as if The King will have to carry another multi-branded PPV.

At this time, Stone Cold Steve Austin has committed to attend the Annual Cauliflower Alley Club Reunion in Las Vegas with yours truly. It will be the first Vegas CAC event for each of us and should be a helluva experience. I am anxious to see so many old friends especially Bret "Hitman" Hart who will be receiving an award along with my old pal Dr. Death. Too bad the "Big Cat" Ernie Ladd won't physically be in attendance as we would no doubt have us one helluva domino game!

Good to see Monday Night Raw heading back to Salt Lake City, Utah as it seems like it has been forever, much like Denver this past Monday, since we have been to SLC. Salt Lake City hasn't sold out yet, but it certainly looks as if the June 16 live television event very easily could if the brisk ticket sales continue. I hope The King doesn't do any in depth research on HBO's original series "Big Love", set in Salt Lake City, or Memphis may stand to lose their most famous living celeb. :)

I hope I am never incarcerated or have any family members jailed, but if I do, I can assure you that I would become a letter writing fool and X-Nay...Phone-A.

Many of Oklahoma's most celebrated athletes and politicos attended my pal Jack Mildren's funeral Tuesday in Norman. I hustled back from Denver on Southwest Airlines in time to attend the services and pay my respects. Jack was tougher than a $2 steak and never mentioned to me once in any depth the situation he was in while battling stomach cancer. Jack would have rather laughed at a joke, talk sports, especially Oklahoma Football, or talk politics and he never once did the "poor me" routine even though he had been handed a death sentence. I still find it amazing that the man did his 3-6 p.m. sports talk show with Ron Thulin on JOX930 just 48 hours before succumbing to cancer. Jack kept his commitment and bravely fought his last opponent until the end. I'm sure going to miss Jack Mildren....the greatest quarterback to ever play football at Oklahoma University....but much more importantly Jack was as honest a man and as stand up guy as I have ever been around. Jack was a regular at our Norman Bar-B-Q place and loved our sauces, which prided me to no end. I'm sure the "Q" is better in heaven.

Be well everyone and count your blessings. Remember that tomorrow is not a guarantee and never take a day for granted.

Boomer Sooner!

P.S. We are still waiting for our site to be overhauled and I would love to say it will be finished this week so let's all keep our fingers crossed. I do appreciate your patience. Here are a few snapshots of the site to wet your whistle.

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 "...Be well everyone and count your blessings. Remember that tomorrow is not a guarantee and never take a day for granted..."  Very well said. We should live life as if tomorrow will end and surely everything good will follow. hampers