New J.R.'s to open July 14...WWE in Oklahoma...Take me Back to Tulsa...First Smackdown Broadcast "Pretty..Pretty..Pretty" Good..

We have finalized the date for J.R.'s #2 to open at the 19th street exit off I-35 in Moore, Oklahoma to be Monday July 14. Luckily for me I will be able to be there with the Smackdown tapings being on Tuesdays. Now that I don't go out of town every Sunday, my football season, as far as traveling to away Sooner games and watching the NFL on Sundays at one of our restaurants, is not only possible but will happen. I've been reading about recent NWA news and it is hard for me to relate to today's NWA even remotely resembling the original version and that is said with no offense to those who are diligently working with today's organization. With out all the great territories who had weekly, first run TV shows in syndication that usually garnered great ratings featuring some of the biz's biggest stars, it just "feels" like an indy organization with a famous name. I am a big proponent of all wrestling doing well including the hard working folks at Ring of Honor but there will never be another true NWA, Mid South, Georgia Championship Wrestling, World Class, etc due to the financial make up of today's business which cable TV has enabled for one or two (that's being optimistic) wrestling companies to earn money and stay a float. I do admire the individuals who are attempting to keep the NWA name alive and sincerely wish them the best of luck but that ship seems to have sailed to me but if these folks can make it work to their satisfaction than my black hat is off to them. Nice interview recently with Jake Roberts whose sobriety is more important to me personally than any thing else in his life. A clear headed Roberts has a brilliant mind and it will amaze me at some point if Jake's creativity isn't utilized to some point if for nothing else to provide creative decision makers grocery lists of ideas or scenarios that take place over an extended period of time for a specific talent. Not in the too distant past, long term, creative planning was the order of the day. Young creative types can learn a great deal from experienced, focused and naturally creative men like Jake Roberts even if it is for the short term. Recently I had to look up the definition of what a "Faustian Bargain" meant. I think that's the first time that I recall the words "J.R." and "Faustian Bargain" were ever used in the same sentence. Unique analogy to say the least. Oklahoma City's RAW has already sold more tickets for Monday than was sold for the WWE's only PPV in the market, "Unforgiven" a couple of years ago. Beth Phoenix and yours truly did a whirlwind media tour Friday from 5:30 a.m. until 6 p.m. that included hitting every TV station in the market, many radio stops, and two personal appearances. Plus, the Daily Oklahoman did a nice piece on yours truly on Friday that you can check out by going to and clicking on the sports section. I expect several WWE Smackdown talents to stop at JR's Family Bar-B-Q in Norman just off I-35 at exit 109 on Monday while many of them drive to Tulsa for Tuesday's Smackdown taping. I will be at our Norman store on Monday but will certainly be at the Ford Center to watch and enjoy Monday Night Raw. This is a huge event for our home base and I feel like I have a vested interest in the success of the WWE's longest running TV program. Yes, I do "carefully word" my blogs, Mr. Stone, and you did notice that I did not say "A" show as we Smackdown guys have something to say about that matter which will become abundantly clear in a matter of weeks. The big crowd at OKC's Ford Center will be red hot Monday night and their signs could be most least for some. I hope the OKC fans are hot and loud which helps any broadcast. For the record, the Ford Center does sell cold beer. Ah, red necks and beer quite the combo. :) For many years, it seems I spent every other Sunday night at the Tulsa Convention Center taping UWF Wrestling produced by Cowboy Bill Watts. This Tuesday marks the first time that I have been back at that arena to broadcast wrestling in what I think is about 20 years, maybe more. Nonetheless, what a nostalgic feel it will be to walk out to the broadcast position Tuesday night in my original, home market. We just need Danny Hodge, Dr. Death, General Scandar Akbar, The Freebirds, Dick Murdoch, Killer Karl Kox, Colonel Buck Robley, the One Man Gang, Eddie Gilbert's Hot Stuff International, the occasional visit from the Von Erich's and of course the Junk Yard Dog to make the evening magically complete. My broadcast partner back in those days of the UWF was Michael Hayes who was one of the most underrated color commentators of any generation. Like I used to say to Paul Heyman, Hayes' TV persona was terribly easy to dislike which made working with him fun and unpredictable. Of course if the Big Cowboy was in the back raising hell and cursing like a sailor to any and all the even would be perfect. I will have a complete blog of my Sunday jaunt to Dallas for Night of Champions in a matter of hours. Thanks for checking out the site which is intended to be here to help us sell Bar-B-Q products unless some of our less intelligent readers haven't gotten that one yet. For those of you that have gotten that point and have become customers please accept our gratitude and sincere thanks. BOOMER SOONER!! J.R. For our first full broadcast together, I felt like Mick Foley and I had a solid outing but we still have plenty of work to do but the goal is still the become the absolute best broadcast duo on TV all the while helping the program we work on become the clear cut # 1 broadcast of its kind on TV.