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Hello everybody and thanks for stopping by our site. Looking forward to this week's Ross Report podcast as it's the first visit to our show from Cowboy James Storm with a conversation that we taped a few weeks ago. James is a funny, honest guest who was a blast to talk with  about his career and his future. The new Ross Report drops Tuesday night at 9PM ET on and iTunes as well as right here on the site's homepage. Subscribe for FREE at iTunes and never miss a show and it helps us a great deal.

Tickets for our three, RINGSIDE w/ Jim Ross & Friends show at the Dallas House of Blues are selling fast but good seats still are available as I compose this blog. Tickets start at $20 and are available now at We have the best venue in Dallas working with us as its a spacious venue with great food and beverages plus we are only a short, eight minute walk to the ACC where the WWE HOF and RAW will emanate. All three shows will be different and will last approximately 2 hours in length. Show times are Saturday April 2 at 4pm and later that night after the WWE HOF at approximately 11 PM. Our third show wil be Monday night about an hour after RAW ends. I'd love to see you there and hope that you consider visiting to grab your tickets soon while they are still available.

Here's a few things that are on my mind that many have asked me about here on the Q&A's, which are updated as of Monday morning, and via Twitter @JRsBBQ:

Yes I expect that Roman Reigns will be booed at Fast Lane during his main event match versus Brock Lesnar and Dean Ambrose. I can't explain this booking specifically if WWE still wants Reigns to be WWE's #1 fan favorite. This booking makes me believe that major creative audibles may be called prior to Wrestlemania Texas.  IMO Reigns is guaranteed o be jeered at Fast Lane and the question is will WWE use that organic, real response to provide the fans with what many want or will they steer the course and continue to attempt to establish what many vocal fans seemingly prefer. 

BTW...we coined the Wrestlemania Texas moniker on our Ross Report podcast last year and I'm happy that WWE enlisted that term to describe W32 this year. It's simple and it works.

I have no issues with WWE changing Shinsuke Nakamura's ring name if they choose. WWE should own the talent's names and/or have the legal rights to protect their intellectual property in the show  biz world of pro wrestling. It's sound business and won't adversely affect how Nakamura gets over with the fans.  In the eyes of many, mine too, Nakamura is one of the most gifted talents in the world and brings as much natural charisma to his presentation as any one in the business today.

Excited to see the @EBischoff DVD from WWE that will be released soon. I wonder if the you will show me getting a cinder block broken over my head resulting in blood lose from a vintage RAW TV show?  Eric was a great Ross Report guest and I hope to have him back on in 2016.  

For those that have asked, there are no plans at this time for WWE to produce a JR DVD that I've heard. Maybe some day. 

Don't understand why WWE is allegedly not pleased that some fans dressed up as WWE stars no a recent RAW which saw @TheRock interact with them. I thought it was entertaining.

I think one reason that some vocal fans enjoy NXT more than RAW is that  NXT is a easy, one hour watch plus the fact that the NXT TV format changes from time to time to fit that episode's content. RAW's format hasn't changed much in 20 years which ought to answer any question asking if RAW's format should be tweaked from time to time. That answer should be obvious.

Sorry to see one of my favorite female grapplers, Awesome Kong, involved in controversy in the UK that saw TNA send Kong home from the tour there. I don't know the complete story but It's regrettable nonetheless. Kong has the ability to help any company IMO. Let's hope that this matter is addressed and all parties can move positively forward. One has to ask if TNA knew that there were lingering issues between the two ladies in question here why didn't they address such and attempt to clear the air if they didn't?

Expect a major announcement on a new, business that we we have invested in and we will  soon doing some work for that we're very excited about.

Best wishes to  @BretHart on his upcoming battle with Prostate Cancer. I'd lay my money on The Hitman to kick Cancer's ass.

My old friend Jim Cornette apparently isn't a fan of Lucha Underground which is JC's opinion of which he has a right but I'm pleased that all the men and women who work there are getting a third season. Whether one likes their presentation or not,  it's good to see 'wresting families' get regular work.

Brock Lesnar returns to RAW tonight with advocate @HeymanHustle and one has to speculate that physicality will ensue between Brock and the Wyatt's.

I never intended to 'knock' Braun Strowman but the giant, prospect isn't ready IMO to face Brock or Taker at Wrestlemania Texas, there's that term again, but if Strowman is slowly nurtured, is given plenty of one on one matches at WWE live events he can hopefully be ready for the 2017 Wrestlemania if he progresses as one would ideally like. One of the challenges that exists in wrestling is when talents before they are ready.  Strowman's extraordinary size will allow hm to  be given an opportunity to develop at a sound, deliberate pace.

Reports say that TNA had a good tour of the UK and left there with some nice content for several good, TV shows that will air in the near future on Pop TV.

I will be attending the BigEventNY on Saturday March 5 and NEW Wrestling on Friday night March 4.

My management team had a productive meeting Sunday with a potential new, business partner that would see me returning to do some non pro wrestling broadcasting. This could happen as early as this week if all the negotiations go well of which I expect to happen. Business seems to be picking up lately.

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Strowman is not ready for Taker. They will push him vs Big Show to make it seem like he is ready for Taker at Mania. Styles was impressive. Jericho looked rusty. Ambrose will get teased as a potential main eventer but they will shut him down.
In other news, Brie Bella won her first match in what feels like years.
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