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Greetings everybody!! Thanks for stopping by our site and let's get this party started. Another busy week for yours truly but more importantly a fun week of projects on tap.

Tuesday night a new Ross Report Podcast drops at 9pm ET/6pm Pacific on and iTunes with two special guests. I will be joined by the lovely Brooke Adams and the talented ROH star Roderick Strong for a pair of  discussions that I think that you will enjoy. Two young talents going in two separate directions regarding their careers and it's good conversations all the way around. Subscribe for FREE at iTunes and never miss a show as they are downloaded automatically into the device of your choice and it helps us immensely in the process.

Tonight I will be interviewing Hacksaw Jim Duggan, WWE HOFer, for a future podcast. Hack was a star in Mid South Wrestling before he left to go to WWE. Jim is an old friend and we will have lots to talk about.

In the coming weeks I will be talking with Gary Michael Capetta, former WWE & WCW ring announcer, Mark Madden, who will review Fast Lane with me next week,  Mickie James, Maria Kanellis and Mike Bennett join us on March 1's Ross Report show plus I am making arrangements to chat with Tammy Stych, Joanie 'Chyna' Lauer, and a few other surprises as we march towards Wrestlemania.

I had a great time in Los Angeles last week working with AXS TV and my new pro wrestling partner @JoshLBarnett on 6, New Japan Pro Wrestling shows with the first show debuting on AXS on Friday night March 4 at 9/8CT. I think that Josh and I are going to evolve quite nicely but you will be the final judge of that statement. For the most part the action we called with exceptional. I can't wait to do more. I have never been made to feel more welcomed and at home on day one than I  did last week as we began our relationship with Mark Cuban's network.  

Big week for our FITE TV App. Friday night at 8 pm ET it's MMA Platinum Gloves live from Long Island on PPV. See undefeated heavyweights Brett Sanchez vs Guy Hammond plus the grandson of the late, John Gotti in action.  On Saturday night Feb 20, it will be Cagezilla 39 live on PPV from Ashburn, Va  which will feature the DC area's top MMA fighters and excellent TV production. Also on Saturday it's Conflict 35 MMA pay per view live from Augusta, Georgia featuring fighters such as Joseph Creer, Jason Faglier, Bart Weeks and Alex Faglier in action.  Check out the FITE TV App for the best coverage of combat sports events from around the world plus pro wrestling events as well. All you need is WiFi and a smart TV.

The Ring of Honor PPV on Friday February 26 from Las Vegas is going to be distributed via FITE TV App for those who are buying the much anticipated show featuring the stars of NJPW as well as the ROH talents. Less tan 200 tickets remain fo this event which I expect to be a terrific show.

We still have tickets remaining for our three shows in Dallas at the House of Blues on Saturday April 2 when we will bring you two shows, one from 4-6 pm just before the WWE HOF Ceremony and the other at approximately 11 pm after the HOF ceremony. The @HOBDallas is only an 8 minute walk from the ACC where WWE will present the HOF and Monday night RAW. Our third show will be Monday night AFTER RAW which I think will be a huge party for all who attend especially considering that it will  the last big event in the metroplex of the Wrestlemania weekend and the night before many fans will depart the Dallas area for home.

Visit for tickets while they are still available. The RINGSIDE with Jim Ross and Friends shows will feature a different, surprise guest for each show and they will take part in the no holds barred Q&A's at the spacious, House of Blues venue known for it's food and drink.

Congrats to Kenny Omega for winning the NJPW IC Title over the weekend. The Winnipeg native is a talented wrestler who has created a viable opportunity for himself in Japan. 

It seems like John Cena is being too chatty to NOT be thinking about returning to the ring at Wrestlemania Texas and if he does I'd bet some BBQ sauce that it will likely be against The Undertaker.

The controversial suspension of Titus O'Neill by WWE last week for 'unprofessional conduct' still hs many folks scratching their head. I can't render a clear cut opinion based on the brief video clip that was floating around for a while plus I've talked to no one about the matter that would know any substantive information. I've never known Titus to be a problem and actually he's one of WWE's most willing participants when it comes to volunteer and charity work. I only wonder, in hindsight, how this matter would have been judicated if the decision regarding punishment was delayed until the next day when all parties had a night to sleep on this matter. I have heard that Titus was fined in the neighborhood of 5K for his conduct plus a 60 day suspension. One has to wonder if this punishment was also utilized to get the attention of the entire roster especially if some talents were thought to be becoming to lax in their approach to their job.

Could this have been a matter where too many talents are relaxing in their comfort zones which is the proverbial 'kiss of death' in any organization? That's 100% speculation on my behalf by the way. At the end of the day, I hope that Titus O'Neill is able to find his way back into the good graces with the powers that be and can resume his WWE career.

I will be appearing with Jerry Lawler and many others Friday night March 4 in Newburgh, New York for  Northeast Wrestling and then on Saturday March 5 at the LaGuardia Plaza Hotel  at Big Event NY along with approximately 70 pro wrestling stars in one of the biggest fan conventions of which I've ever been a part. Visit for more info.

Once fans got the entire picture of Daniel Bryan's concussion issues and the fact that he experienced seizures, the conspiracy theorists have essentially faded away in search of another imaginary cause in which to champion. As I said in my Fox Sports story on this topic, Daniel Bryan has not yet made his last contribution to the wrestling business.

I'm intrigued to see how the Kurt Angle vs Rey Mysterious match will play out on Sunday March 20 on iPPV from Phoenix. This unique card also features Ken Shamrock vs Dan Severn in a MMA fight, Chael Sonnen vs Michael Bisping in a  grappling match and Roy Jones, Jr versus a fan who submits the  compelling video in a boxing match. Check out

I have no idea who The Undertaker is going to face at Wrestlemania but I do know that Taker is preparing intensely for the April 3 event. So, whoever gets the nod will meet a fit and ready Deadman. Obviously, this won't be Taker's last 'Mania event with no discussion or mention his retirement unless there is temporary insanity plaguing WWE as Taker's last match should be HUGE news.   

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Titus seems like a great guy but unless he needed Vince to perform the Heimlich Maneuver on him, there's no reason for that grab. Quite a brainless move especially right before Wrestle Mania, which now it appears he'll miss. I thought Kurt Retired from wrestling, I guess it was just from TNA, but I'm still worried about his neck issues. I still think Taker should face Sheamus, if they're both healthy. Sheamus is a believable opponent and I think they could have a great match, especially if it's spiced up by making it a street fight. It's a shame about Daniel Bryan, it's obvious he wasn't ready to retire, but it's better to be on the safe side. He should be put into the HOF this year.
Honestly. If John Cena acted the EXACT same way as Titus. Does Cena get that fine and suspension? I seriously want to know your opinion on that. Thank you. See you in Dallas. I got tickets for after the HOF!!