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Thanks for stopping by our site as we appreciate your visit. Talking to ROH COO Joe Koff and to old friend Jonathan Coachman of ESPN tonight for future Ross Report Podcasts. Looking forward to both conversations. My podcast with Austin Aries drops Tuesday night at 9 pm ET on and @iTunes plus you can listen to it right here on the home page of our site, too. Austin has had an interesting career plus it's looking to grow even more now that he's in NXT.

Thanks to all that had a hand in my induction into the NWA Hall of Fame that was bestowed me last Wednesday in Las Vegas at the Gold Coast hotel during the @CACReunion there. The title belt that was presented me was the most unique and spectacular award I've ever received. It's hard to believe that a country boy from eastern Oklahoma who grew u a fan of the genre is now actually in three Halls of Fame...WWE, National Wrestling and now the National Wrestling Alliance.

Enjoyed our first outing on the CBS Sports Network Saturday night with the series debut of Knockout Night at the D from Vegas. We featured some young, hungry fighters, many top prospects within the world of pro boxing, It will never be "tomato can" vs a much more skilled fighter ala  an enhancement match on a pro wrestling broadcast. Enjoyed working wth Sean Wheelock, formerly of Bellator MMA, boxing HOFer and former multiple time world champion the Flushing Flash Kevin Kelly plus ring announcer Joe Martinez. There are big plans for these series and for more boxing on the CBS Sports Network in the future I'm told. Could easily be a monthly series or perhaps even a bit more.

AXSTV  officials are excited about  latest TV ratings for New Japan Pro Wrestling with Josh Barnett and me that airs every Friday night on the network at 9/8 PM Central. Josh and I are both competitive and as I've said we're hellbent on becoming the best broadcast team on TV doing pro wrestling. We are coming into a good run of shows with some really amazing bouts with which we are jacked to be a part. Hope that you will watch and/or DVR our weekly shows.

Sorry to drop an announced spoiler on the Dave Meltzer Ross Report podcast, a great show by the way, regarding the outcome of the pre taped Lucha Underground Aztec Warfare event that I'm told won't air for months. That was my fault. and it won't happen again. I'm a fan of this unique TV show and whether I agree wth all  the creative utilized or not, I'm still a fan and I  watch it on Wednesday night of the El Rey network. Lucha Underground is a campy, entertaining, uniquely presented pro wrestling TV show long on sensational spots and smartly produced backstage content.

BTW...the Dave Meltzer Ross Report Podcast is available now on the home page of this site, at and on iTunes. The feedback on the Wrestling Observer creator and my conversation has been excellent.

Thanks to the Cauliflower Alley Club folks for the wonderful hospitality at their annual reunion last week as previously mentioned. It was wonderful seeing so many old friends including Lance Russell, age 90, Jerry Lawler, Mean Gene Okerlund and of course the incomparable Bobby Heenan. Please check out this amazing organization at

Trish Stratus received the award, the "Iron Mike" award which was a first for any woman to be so honored. I felt like a proud 'Uncle" when Trish received the well earned award. She;'s just as lovely and fit as ever.

Steve Austin will likely be getting his torn rotator cuff attended to soon. Steve did the brief but memorable appearance at  Wrestlemania Texas with the injury and his first punch to Rusev finished the complete tear. Steve outlines that experience on his recent Podcast, The Steve Austin Show on @PodcastOne.

More unsettling rumors rolling out of Nashville regarding the financial health of TNA Impact Wrestling. Apparently a new investor or buyer is at play for the struggling company. Without significant, live event  revenue and a viable, PPV component in the revenue mix it will not be surprising to hear of any pro wrestling company being in financial peril. I hope that the eventual fate of TNA is much different than those within the company and others close to the matter are saying. Nonetheless, it is somewhat obvious that the next few months are going to be crucial in determining the future of the company. 

As I've said before, it may be best for the company to re-brand themselves and move on from the public perception that the brand currently has in the marketplace. New approach to their presentation based on the talents that they have to work with on a regular basis.

My Oklahoma friend Toby Keith had a legit interest in buying TNA in the past and he and I discussed my potential involvement of which I was interested working with Toby. He was ready to write a check but he had to have full control with no restrictions regarding creative, etc and that was not on the table.

Divas and now Total Bella's getting more TV love from the E Network. I know many females, according to their husbands and friends, who are major fans of the weekly reality show, including my wife Jan. I enjoy them too as long as they do not appear to be over scripted. Congrats to the Bella's, Daniel Bryan and John Cena on the new show and I hope that it is a  success. My instincts tell me that it will feel less 'scripted' than many reality shows.


With the addition of Kevin Owens vs Sami Zayn and Chris Jericho vs Dean Ambrose being added to the WWE Payback event plus Reigns vs AJ, this show is shaping up to be an excellent, in ring wrestling event. and are ready to ship you JR's products right to your front door quickly and efficiently. We appreciate all of your support.

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