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Here's hoping that everyone is having a great day. Thanks for stopping by our site and please tell others about this well kept secret. Our conversation  on this week's The Ross Report with ROH COO Joe Koff is getting amazing feedback. Joe was amazingly honest about his vision for the ROH brand and their future including the long shot chance that ROH might even work with WWE some day. Check it out for free on, iTunes and right here on our site's homepage right now. This is one of our most refreshing shows.

Chyna still in the news as more speculation continues to flow regarding her untimely and sad passing a week ago. Now the talk is about what I speak of on this week's Ross Report podcast and that's about her continued use of prescription meds such as Ambien and Xanax. These meds are not long term solutions for the diagnosed issues that one might take them.

On a personal level, I consider Ambien to be extremely destructive if one takes it long term. Mixing Ambien with Xanax and alcohol increases the chances for the worst case scenario which we all experienced with Joanie's passing.

So, why did her doctors continue to prescribe these meds to Joanie when they should have known the eventual disastrous upshot of taking them long term? Plus the fact that they also should have known that Joanie  was likely mixing them with alcohol based  on her medical history.

Helping one escape the horrors of drug an alcohol addition starts with the person that one sees in their mirror IMO so to blame society, the WWE or any other entity regarding Joanie Lauer's tragic passing isn't fair or accurate.

I communicated many times with Joanie over the past year or so and it was generally about Joanie talking about the fact that she knew that she had to make changes in her life even though she fully realized that the battle would not be easily won. Even Joanie realized that the solution to her issues started with her and no one else which is never eay to admit. Joanie never blamed anyone else for her troubles  to me even though some people today are. These issues were far from being about her tenure in WWE, which was hugely successful by the way and, arguably, Joanie's happiest days, but more about the personal choices that she made after leaving WWE in 2001.

Perhaps the saddest aspect of this matter is the fact that WWE would have fully paid for Joanie Lauer to get the best treatment for her issues had she simply asked them for the help as so many of her peers have done over the years. Again, this process starts with the talent essentially 'raising their hand' and admitting that they need the help and then allowing WWE to put the wheels in motion to start the process. Former talents can't be forced to go into rehab but if the individuals in need ask for the help, WWE is there to assist them.

However, I still feel that some will continue to blame WWE in some misguided and  ridiculous manner for Joanie Lauer's drug and alcohol issues which is massively inaccurate.

We seemingly live in a society thst passing thr buck, fading the heat, etc is prevalent instead of accepting responsibility for one's actions and doing something to rectify the matter.

Good to see Eric Young stick his toe in NXT waters Thursday night at the TV tapings at Full Sail University in Florida. EY is a really good hand and can help the younger talents in NXT while always providing excellent bouts on a consistent basis whether it be on TV or at live events.

As I've said many times, young talents cannot get better by working primarily with talents of the same or less skill set. NXT, or RAW or Smackdown,  doesn't have anyone that has a decidedly better skill set than Eric Young.

Enjoyed my Wednesday wrestling viewing with Lucha Underground and WWE NXT. Both announce teams, Matt Striker and Vampiro along with Tom Philips and Corey Graves, were fun in which to listen. Graves is especially evolving well and one has to assume that a bigger role for Graves on WWE programming is a viable option in the future.

We are working on an impressive list of talents for our July 17 OklaMania indie show in OKC. This event will have a stacked wrestling card plus a full blown OklaCon i.e. fan fest event tagging with it as well. Circle the date on your calendar and stay tuned for ticket info. Some of Mid South Wrestling's biggest stars of yesteryear will be involved at the fan fest and to a lesser degree in some of the matches. 

Since some of you asked, I don't have a dog in the hunt nor do I know any inside info on the latest Ric Flair calamity that occurred earlier this week in Boston's Logan Airport. At the end of the day, I can only hope that Ric is healthy and happy with his life.  Ric's Podcast is apparently on hiatus and rumors have it that he may be thinking of moving his show to PodcastOne along with the podcasts of Steve Austin, Chris Jericho, Vince Russo and yours truly.

Next week on The Ross Report Podcast, PWInsider's Mike Johnson will join me to analyze WWE's Payback event that comes our way this Sunday from Chicago on the WWE Network. I'm predicting a good, wrestling show Sunday and a helluva Podcast that will drop Tuesday night at 9 PM ET.

Payback Predictions:

Reigns over AJ in a match that will pleasantly surprise some naysayers. I expect some outside shenanigans to accompany this bout. I expect AJ to rock the house in his first WWE, PPV main event.  

Charlotte squeaks out a quality win over Nattie and I assume that WWE will feel obligated to do one spot with Flair and the Hitman.

Mr. McMahon will decide who runs RAW between son Shane and daughter Stephanie which I see coming down to a 'competition' of some sort so as to extend the storyline. 

I'd like to see Cesaro win the  IC Title and then commence to rebuilding it as Cesaro can have excellent bouts with anyone on the roster. However, for some reason I see Miz and Maryse, a combo that I happen to like, prevailing with a classic, 'cheat to win.'

Ambrose over Jericho is what should be a really good, wrestling match. Whether some want to admit it or not, Ambrose losing to Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania provided Dean's TV persona a boost. I still find it head scratching that some fans are still up in arms as to why Ambrose did not defeat Lesnar at Wrestlemania Texas.  

Zayn, in classic, underdog fashion snatching a victory out of the jaws of defeat over Kevin Owens in another bout that I'm excited to watch live. If this goes the other way, I will be just as happy.

Love the combo of Enzo and Big Cass and see them defeating the Vaudevillians.  

Heel Ryback cheating the smaller, underdog Kalisto out of the United States title seems to resonate but if Ryback doesn't prevail and win this tepid title then that might speak even louder regarding this title and the individuals in this match. I like Ryback as a 'bullying' heel especially if he learns to occasionally retreat.

Cowboy Bill Watts recently had spinal surgery as a result of his years in wrestling and is home recovering nicely. My mentor is in great spirits and is as ornery as ever.

The Q&A's are updated elsewhere her on our site.

No New Japan Pro Wrestling this week on AXSTV due to the network's annual coverage of the NOLA Jazz Festival.

As much as I'm a fan of Lucha Underground, they are going to have a hard time growing their popular brand garnering only 100,000+ viewers for their primary airing of their Wednesday night broadcast on the El Rey network. Lucha fans need to unite and support this cult favorite.

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The thing with Chyna is that, while in the end she was responsible for her well-being, the fans that are children of the Attitude Era know where the bodies are buried on this one. As far as this fan knows, Chyna wasn't a drug addict before being released in 2001. I would think as the head of talent relations at the time, you would know something we don't JR about Chyna's conduct and habits, good or bad. From all accounts, she had her crap together. Joanie Laurer seemed to have two things going for her, WWE and Paul Levesque and she lost both of those within a two year period. While Stephanie McMahon and Levesque didn't push the car into the river, in a lot of fans minds, they released the emergency brake that started the slow roll. As long as the Levesques were and are positioned to take over WWE when Vince kicks the bucket. Joanie Laurer was never going to be seen within eyesight of them, sober or not. Whether she was brought back as a talent or inducted into the HOF, she would serve as a reminder of who the Billion-Dollar Princess and The Game had to step on in order to get to where they're at. And you wonder why the common man despises corporate types. As far as the HOF goes, it's irrelevant when or if Chyna's going in because it's going to ring hollow, particularly to those that followed the story onscreen and off. I'll believe it when I'm watching it, because I have a gut feeling the fourth floor of Titan Tower was breathing a sigh of relief that Thursday morning when they got the news. A 15-year time bomb waiting to go off that the WWE's current power couple lit the fuse to, all because the boss's daughter wanted another woman's man. Humanity at it's worse.