JR Talks Brock Lesnar & UFC200..WWE's Role..Injury Risk..Keys to the Fight

It's Monday and we're hitting the ground running  to kickoff another busy week but a fun week nonetheless and I wouldn't have it any other way. Check out our Sunday blog where I shared my thoughts on my relationship with the late and beloved Muhammad Ali. 

Raw is from OKC tonight and even though I can't go because of my weekly, scheduled The Ross Report Podcast production time I do have friends and family attending and I will certainly DVR the show as usual. Some conspiracy theorists have attempted to make an issue over my absence from the OKC RAW as some sort of childish protest but it's a non story and isn't click bait. Sorry.

I will simply be at my every Monday night gig creating more Slobber Knocker Audio for you to enjoy on our podcast.

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Brock Lesnar will fight Mark Hunt at UFC 200 as announced Monday morning on ESPN, a great marketing/promotional strategy by UFC and Dana White, BTW, but will also perform at WWE's Summer Slam in a yet to be determined bout.

Here are some thoughts on this Lesnar/UFC business:

It's a brilliant promotional move for UFC to help make this, their biggest ever PPV, extra special. Lesnar feels like the final piece of the puzzle that was needed to make this a legit, 'must see' show. A terrific event just got bigger. That's a great thing for a promoter and all fans. 

WWE was obviously in favor of this booking or it would not have happened.

Brock at UFC 200 helps WWE as it will create a natural segue regarding Brock at Summer Slam at most turns in the promotional road through mid July.

Win or lose at UFC 200, Lesnar will remain the most marketable talent on the WWE roster in the eyes of many including my own.

People who don't know Brock often times have a challenging time in understanding the athlete,  Brock Lesnar. He;'s complexly simple when one gets right down to it. He loves the money but still embraces athletic challenges and legit competition. I say get it while you can.

I'm concerned about Brock's striking defense against the heavy hands of Mark Hunt. Will Brock react to getting hit in a more positive manner than the last time many saw him in the Octagon? Hunt has KO power in abundance.  

Love this one, "Brock doesn't like to get Hit."  Who in the hell does?

Can Brock utilize his wrestling skills and take Hunt down and move the fight to a non vertical place? Hunt has improved his take down defense and will do all he can to keep the fight upright and likely will attempt to end it early.  

Can Lesnar put together a great camp getting a late start and remain injury free as he prepares to dive back into dangerously deep waters for this apparent one off fight?

No way n hell that this Lesnar-Hunt SlobberKnocker goes the distance with two, massive heavy hitters wearing 4 ounce gloves and both wanting to put the other to sleep quickly as no one here works by the hour.  

So, if it is a one off fight then why is it such a critical booking according to many?

Injuries are a part of any game including the game of life. The issue is that if Lesnar gets concussed, which could easily happen, then his Summer Slam booking would obviously be in jeopardy. Same might  be said of a broken hand.

Injuries cannot be planned for nor can they be guaranteed preventable. Life is not to be l lived that way, IMO. So, the injury component is out of everyone's hands and can't be controlled. I'm good with it as booked.

Brock is going to earn, by his own words, a TON of money for this fight and I can assure you from experience that a happy Brock Lesnar is much more enjoyable to deal with than an unhappy Brock Lesnar. WWE is making Brock happy by blessing this UFC deal. Smart business.

The UFC wins, Brock Lesnar wins, WWE wins and, most importantly, the fans win with this UFC 200 announcement.

 We'll be talking more about this event as it's a HUGE sporting event that has the world talking about WWE Superstar Brock Lesnar.

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