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Heading to red hot Las Vegas soon to broadcast Friday night's big boxing event at the Downtown Las Vegas Events Center on the CBS Sports Network live Friday night. Check your local listings and join us! The D Las Vegas will once again be our welcomed home away from home.

The Ross Report Podcast drops tonight at 9 PM ET on podcastone.com, iTunes and here on the homepage of our site. Lucha Underground's Chris DeJoseph, Co Executive Producer, will be our guest and we talk about him writing the LU shows, the process involved in attaining their uniqueness and his days in WWE as Big Dick Johnson.

The Brock Lesnar to UFC 200 continues to get significant coverage in various forms of media and is proving to be what we reported here a few days ago as a win/win for all involved. Great media presence, a huge payday for one of WWE's most coveted talents, a PPV selling attraction for U/FC and a fight that is intriguing because it all but guaranteed that someone is going to go to sleep. 

And the MMA world knows that well could be WWE Superstar and 'former' UFC star Brock Lesnar taking the nap. Will Lesnar be a heel or not when he enters the Octagon. For the record, Lesnar could care less about that matter I'm thinking. He'd likely allow the boos to motivate him.

I do know that Brock Lesnar sells PPV's and that's why he's on this huge card that commemorates the UFC's biggest ever weekend.

Lesnar opening as the betting underdog which is no surprise to me considering his MMA dormancy the past few years. Plus, the one thing that Mark Hunt does SO well is that he's a knockout puncher of note and the fact that Brock's apparent biggest weakness is his striking defense. 

On paper, this is not a good stylistic booking for Brock Lesnar but one that I'm positive that the athletic competitor in Lesnar will relish.  

Great conversations Monday night with both Mike Tenay and Eric Bischoff for upcoming Ross Reports. We discuss a ton of today's wrestling issues and much more. We talked WWE brand split, booking conundrums, what's right and what's wrong with todays product, and so much more. These were two of the most entertaining and informative conversations that I've done for our show.

Eric gave me a great update on Hulk Hogan that I enjoyed hearing, how he'd book the brand split, handle disgruntled talents, thoughts on a Goldberg return, Muhammad Ali and a ton more. 

Loved hearing of Mike Tenay's tales of WCW, TNA, sports betting, today's wrestling announcers, and more. 

The schedule of our upcoming Ross Report guests is listed on the home page here on our site.

The Q&A's here on the site are updated for your reading enjoyable all free of charge.

Sorry to hear of the passing of Kimbo Slice who was once a guest on The Ross Report to promote his fight again Dada 5000. Kimbo was a legit character from the street and was very believable when he spoke as he was not working from a script but instead from his heart and with his natural instincts standing out. RIPKevinFerguson

Thanks for the positive feedback on the blog that I authored here about my 1985 experiences with the late, Muhammad Ali. If you haven't read it please check it out in the blog section here.

Well done video packages on Monday Night Raw from OKC specifically the video tribute on Muhammad Ali and the Seth Rollins video.

Seth Rollins is starting to evolve as a fan favorite which may not be the WWE plan at this time. My gut says to go with it. 

Good seeing Cena back.  

The amount of talk within RAW may have taken a little of the air out ot the live audience but my wife attended the show live and enjoyed herself.

Sometime it is challenging to balance the right amount of comedy/talk vs in ring action and the audience generally dictates what they are buying and what they aren't. 

Confirming that I will be making a trip to Asheville, N.C. the last week of June to help with the food drive for Headlock on Hunger in conjunction with Ingles Markets.

Third blog this week and please check them out if you have the time and inclination.

Boomer Sooner!

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