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Good Day everyone and thanks for stopping by our site and enjoy Labor Day if you are celebrating the holiday. I will be doing our usual Ross Report production work tonight putting the finishing touches on the Tommy Dreamer episode and talking with PWI's Dan Murphy about the PWI 500 and how they came ot select Roman Reigns as their top wrestler of the year. A new, The Ross Report podcast drops every Tuesday night at 9 PM ET/6 PM PT at and iTunes where you can subscribe for FREE and never miss a show. Thanks for the support!

Anxious to see the upcoming release of new, vintage TV footage that WWE is going to roll out this week on the WWE Network. The content is ultra impressive and I think if promoted that it will motivate many once, die hard fans to rejoin the process a bit more regularly. I know that I will be making a point to watch and I feel that each piece of the collection is a potential, separate story unto itself.

Nostalgia still plays well on our TV's including entertainment shows like Seinfeld reruns and vintage sporting events that many fans embrace for a variety of reasons.

Doing a great deal of MMA related media the past few days to discuss the upcoming UFC debut of former WWE star CM Punk this Saturday on PPV. Punk has an uphill struggle considering that he;s never fought in this environment before but I'd never count him out especially when one factors in the 4 ounce glove element. To create a buzz, perhaps Punk should actually embrace his pro wrestling legacy this week, instead of knocking it as some perceive, as many MMA fans will buy the PPV to see Punk get hammered Saturday night while Punk's wrestling fans will buy to hopefully see Punk win.

UFC was strategic in signing Punk as his presence will enhance what appears to otherwise be a not so special PPV event. I'm  certainly going to buy the show.

Bottom line is that Punk's WWE created celebrity and the curiosity element will likely lead to a decent number of PPV buys Saturday night in Cleveland. 

FITE TV is doing excellent business distributing the Evolve events and this weekend's events are going to be likely the best ones to date. Watch these PPV's on the FITE App as all you need is a smart device and WiFi. You can thank me later. A FREE App with tons of FREE content is a can't miss.  

Also, fans of FITE can enjoy ROH every Monday night for FREE on the FITE App at 7 pm ET. That means that ROH is available any where in the world on the FITE App.

After a change in our management team we are actively looking to do more RINGSIDE with JIm Ross Shows in the future. More cities are being considered for these shows that are driven by the Q&A's from the fans who attend. Tickets are on sale now at the following:

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Tickets for all our RINGSIDE shows are limited and start at only $25. 

Looks like the Texas Longhorns are back in the college football landscape which has to make @JCLayfield happy and would have been totally embraced by the late Dusty Rhodes.

My football trip to Houston was terrific except for the final score of the OU-UH game Saturday that I attended with several friends. Real fans don't bail on their teams and that consideration never crosses my mind.

We have received a ton of positive feedback on our most recant Ross Report podcast that featured Finn Balor, Ricky Morton and Matt Sydal. Balor addressed the overstated claims that Seth Rollins was a 'dangerous worker' even though many fans still hit me with Q&A's here still feel that they have more to add to this matter as it relates to the execution of various maneuvers in the ring. 

IMO there are moves that should be removed from many talent's game but the over all break neck pace that many wrestlers feel compelled to perform at may be the biggest culprit of all inside the ropes. If this pace continues in the future, I think that we can count on more serious injures rearing their ugly heads in the future. Really hope that I'm wrong on this prediction. 

It's inevitable that some talents are going ot sustain more neck and shoulder injuries as they are taking too many bumps while landing on their neck/shoulders rather than the traditional flat back bumps that they are trained to sustain. Even those flat back bumps over done can lead to shorter careers and lingering heath issues.

Speaking of Q&A's, they are updated elsewhere here on the site. Read them at your own risk.

Personal relationships within the pro wrestling business are daunting. I've said that for years. Most 'pro wrestling romances' aren't successful over the long haul but the point is that no company will ever have any success in legislating such. I'm not sure that any companies are attempting to intervene, namely WWE and the Alberto Del Rio/Paige relationship. I'm not a believer of every internet rumor that I read nor do I think that WWE would condone such interactions with staff and talents.  

It's impossible to dictate personal relationships in any business especially when those in question are independent contractors. If Paige is totally committed in her personal life with ADR, and which she has the right to pursue, I'd be surprised if she returns to WWE any time soon.

Hope I'm wrong as it relates to the apparent, troubled careers of both talents.

Boxing Hall of Famer Al Bernstein and I will broadcast another exciting night of boxing Friday night on the CBS Sports Network on another 'Knockout Night at the D' in Las Vegas. Check your local listings and join us Friday night from the Downtown Las Vegas Events Center. 

You will enjoy this week's The Ross Report with Tommy Dreamer who talks House of Hardcore, Joey Styles, WWE, Paul Heyman, Tommy's recent offer to return to WWE and much more.

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