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Rainy Monday in Oklahoma following a 5.3 earthquake Sunday evening that got most folk's attention. No damage at our place but others weren't' so lucky. Headed to Nashville this week for our RINGSIDE Show at Zanies there on Wednesday night at 7:30 pm. Tickets available at the door and in advance at www.zanies.nashville.com. Hope to see you there if you are in the area.

Big, Ross Report podcast production day as I'm putting the finishing touches on this week's show with NJPW's Mike Elgin and Shane Douglas, who joins me for the first time. Also looking forward to catching up with my old friend and fellow broadcaster Kevin Kelly, the voice of ROH, for next week's podcast.

Caught up with Chris Jericho Monday morning to check in regarding the reports of a 'fight' that Y2J had at a WWE event in the U.K. with Sin Cara. Chris said it was largely about nothing and that it resembled more of a scuffle than a full fledged fight. Sin Cara threw one punch and then the minor melee was broken up. Tensions often times rise on these extended, international tours which can bring out the worst in people. This scrap apparently occurred on the bus in route to Glasgow. At the end of the day, it was seemingly much to do about not that much on a slow news day online. (Bill Watts would have made the two fight to get the angst out of their systems. Cowboy did just that with Butch Reed and John Nord.)  

BTW, it was nice catching up with Chris last week while we were both in LA on business, we share the same agent, as Chris and I may be teaming to do other projects in the future. Stay tuned.

Tickets went on sale today in Phoenix for our RINGSIDE with Jim Ross Show coming to Stand Up Live in Phoenix on January 12. Tickets start at $25 plus VIP tickets are available as we speak at www.standuplive.com.

Lots of great, Free content on the @FITETV App in the pro wrestling genre as well as boxing and MMA. Check it out as the app is also free and all you need to watch these events any where in the world is a smart device and wife.  

Expecting AXSTV to make a major announcement regarding their coverage of New Japan Pro Wrestling in early December. Exciting days lie ahead for fans of NJPW on AXSTV.

Why do so many people seemingly question the logic of WWE in perhaps bringing Hulk Hogan back for a WM33 Orlando appearance? Seems like good marketing mto me and something I that I'd concur with without any reservations. Hogan's an icon, the Babe Ruth of his era, and would appeal to many fans who will engage the April 2, 2017 event. I think that it would be fun for many fans to see the red and yellow front and center at Wrestlemania because after all he did have a significant hand in helping build the brand that changed the business. 

WWE is not unlike any other entity in that they need to gather all the star power that they can muster for their annual, extravaganza whether said attractions wrestle or they don't.

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I agree, enough time has passed to forgive Hogan for that little mishap he had. It would be nice to see him at WM. Hoping that Lesnar/Goldberg is good enough at SS to give them a rematch at WM.
Jim - i've got a concern over Goldbergs cardio for this match with Brock. The 2 times I've seen him he's been sweating hard and panting like a dog and he's only been cutting promos. BTW - the psychology in these survivor series pairings is just crackers. perfect example why they can't build believable characters in this era - the characters aren't being true to themselves. why would ambrose / styles team up for anyones money. same with wyatt - why would be join another alliance. the characters mean nothing