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Sad day here in Norman as it was discovered that early this morning at 3:45 AM CT that my good friend and former Oklahoma Football All American and NFL player Jimbo Elrod was killed in a one car accident on the Turner Turnpike. It is a stark wake up call when one loses a close friend who I have shared many OU Football memories and trips with over the years. Jimbo was a great defensive player for Coach Barry Switzer, a 2X All American, on two national championship teams. Cowboy Bill Watts wanted to sign Jimbo to wrestle for Mid South Wrestling, Jimbo was a tremendous amateur at OU, back in the day but the NFL won out and Jimbo embarked on a pro football career. I will miss my friend and may he Rest in Peace. Remember, our tomorrow's are never guaranteed.

It's a busy day and, believe me,I need to have a busy day to remain focused on my multiple projects that are on going and not the passing of a pal. 

I will talk to both @TheJimCornette and @Lagana aka David Lagana formerly of both WWE and TNA for future Ross Report podcasts.  We will also put the finishing touches on this week's show featuring Lance Storm and Don Callis of the new podcast, 'Killing The Town.' A new, The Ross Report Podcast drops every Tuesday night at 9 PM ET on, iTunes, and here on the homepage of our site. If you subscribe for our show at iTunes, for FREE by the way, you will never miss a show as they will be automatically downloaded into the device of your designation every Tuesday evening. This is a FREE service from iTunes to you that helps us greatly. Thanks!

Recently, I did a '5 Questions With' Feature with Cody Rhodes and it went like this: 

1. How did the Bullet Club relationship come about and what are your expectations? "On a personal level, I saw what Kenny (Omega) did with the G1. He set a standard. To test myself like that, beyond, appealed to me. The Bullet Club runs pro wrestling."  

2. Since departing WWE, how would you describe your career?  "The journey has been and continues to be really eye opening. We have earned over so many new fans, some former critics. With that in mind, I want to honor their purchase...I want them to know they bet on the right horse."

3. Thoughts on the British Wrestling scene? "I encourage every fella in the locker room who hasn't been over to the UK to do so quickly. It's rabid. WCPW and Southside blew me away as well as the type of gritty competitors they're brewing...Dunne, Sabre, Conners, and many more. Formidable."

4. Anyone new on your post-WWE opponents list?  "I worry that I can't top the original but I want to definitely compete against a lot of the top of my head, Pentagon Jr. " 

5. If the Dream was still with us what do you feel that he would think of this phase of your career?  "I often think of what my Dad would think of this wild time. He always used to quote 'Remember the Titans' to me when I'd have a good segment on TV or get some momentum behind me and I hope he's saying it now. "Run it Up (the score)...Leave No Doubt."

Personally, I am so proud of the initiative and courage that  Cody is displaying leaving a great job in WWE earning a six figure plus living to strike out on his own. I saw his WCWP bout in New Castle on ppv and it was outstanding. Cody's work is incredible at this point in his career. Also, happy that Cody will be wrestling at WK11 versus Juice Robinson. 

The NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 11 lineup has been released and it looks to be an excellent card that will ignite the Tokyo Dome on January 4. It was a big thrill for me to b able to travel to Tokyo and broadcast a WK event. I hope that that opportunity comes around again some day. 

In the meantime, there will be a major announcement made on Tuesday from AXSTV regarding this year's WK11 event and their plans on covering it on @AXSTV.

Broadcasting our final CBS Sports Network boxing of 2016 this Saturday night in Las Vegas for Knockout Night at the D.  Tune in and join us Saturday night for a fun night of fights.

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Excited to see the XFL 30 for 30 feature on @ESPN in early 2017. I wish I had been interviewed for the show. I loved my experiences broadcasting football along with all my WWE duties that year and would not trade the experience for any thing. I was a bargain, too, nothing new there, as I earned a whopping $1500 per game for my work for the football league that the @NFL did not want to gain a solid heart beat. Working with Gov Ventura, Dick Butkus and Dan Hampton was a thrill for this die hard football fan.

As I mentioned last week here,  the reason that WWE removed Jerry Lawler and Lita from the pre and post game shows from the WWE Network was budgetary which The King confirmed over the weekend.

The much anticipated ITV World of Sport TV special will air on New Year's Eve from 5-7 PM. Curious to see how the pro's at ITV have edited the production. I'm hearing good things internally about this WOS special that could eventually be a difference maker if it gets picked up.

Enjoy your day and thanks for stopping by and please consider bookmarking our site and telling others about it. Boomer Sooner!

J.R.    @JRsBBQ