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Greetings one and all and welcome to the world's loneliest website and Happy Holidays! We appreciate your visit to our space.

We are getting some amazing feedback for this week's Ross Report podcast with special guest @TheJimCornette who entertains us with a super sized,  two hour broadcast that you can download for free at iTunes and at and right here on the homepage of this site. I was amazed at JC's knowledge of the current political, malfunction at the junction in the White House. It's infotainment at its best from one of the great talkers of the genre, ever. Subscribe for free at iTunes and never miss a show. 

Next week on the show we will be joined for the first time by former WWE, ROH and TNA creative team member Dave Lagana who will be a fascinating guest and will discuss his 15 year career inside the rasslin biz.

Ticket sales are brisk for our RINGSIDE with Jim Ross shows coming Thursday night Jan 12 in Phoenix at Stand Up Live and Sunday afternoon January 29 in San Antonio at the Improv Comedy Club at River Center.  More info here on the site. Tickets for both events start at only $25 and some VIP tickets are still available but won't last much longer.  I'd love to see you there!

What a difference a hour makes as in SD Live was arguably a more entertaining show this week than was RAW and an argument can be made that the extra hour of RAW facilitated that opinion.

Can't figure out if James Ellsworth is a 'face  or a heel...or does it matter? Seems like his 15 minutes are fleeting.

The reality oriented dialog between Miz and Renee Young was a timely departure creatively. Same for Nattie and Nikki that I also found to be good TV. Reality based storylines seem to work best as talent's don't have to worry about "acting," as a rule, and simply focus on being themselves. 

Creative way to get Dean Ambrose's hand raised considering he was essentially facing three, Wyatt Family challenges. 

How can anyone be shocked that WWE is interested in such UFC stars a Ronda Rousey and Conor McGregor? I'd be more shocked to read that WWE was NOT interested in these two notwithstanding Paige VanZant and Sage Northcutt as well. I can't see any of them joining the WWE team full time but can easily see some strategically marketed, big event appearances that would include physicality and could be highly successful.  

Josh Barnett and I will voice over the Wrestle Kingdom 11 card on January 10-11 that will emanate from Tokyo Dome on January 4.  The NJPW version of Wrestlemania will air on four, consecutive Friday nights on AXSTV beginning on Friday January 13 beginning with the Okada vs Omega main event. Great way to start the new year.  

Enjoying the Legends of Extreme on the WWE Network with my ECW alum friends. I had a chance to work on that project but my schedule and the taping schedule unfortunately would not allow it. Nonetheless its an interesting show especially if one knows all the players.

If you  have plans on attending the next Wrestlemania weekend of events, I hope that you will consider putting our two events on your schedule. RINGSIDE with Jim Ross hits Plaza Live on Saturday April 1 and Sunday April 2 at noon (VIP Meet/Greet) and our show at 2:30 pm ending by 4 pm. Plaza Live is, I'm told, only about a 5-10 minute journey from the venue to the Amway Center where WWE will present NXT on Saturday night and approximately 10-15 minutes from the stadium where WM33 will be held. Tickets are on sale now at

I did some UK media this week for the upcoming Dec 31 broadcast of the two hour, WOS special that will air on New Years Eve from 5-7 pm on ITV in Britain. 

Discussing broadcasting up to 24 boxing events in 2017 which would make the new year a busy one from the get go. Better to go because of use rather than rust, yes?

Enjoying the WWE Network production of 'Legends of Extreme' featuring many of my friends who are ECW Alums. I had a chance to be a part of that show but my schedule and the taping window weren't compatible. Catch it if you can.

Remember that the FITE app is NOT a subscription service but instead a free app that features over 4,000 hours of free programing that awaits you. If you have a smart device and WiFi you are all in. Use to log in and start enjoying a truckload of pro wrestling, boxing, and MMA content plus mixed martial arts themed movies.

This is a great way to watch the ROH PPV's any where in the world.

Should Sasha Banks evolve organically into being a villain? Would that TV persona best fit her natural personality?  Its something to think about.

With that said,why is AJ Styles being cast as a 'villain?' Seems as if the fans embrace AJ's in ring work which is definitely of the fan favorite ilk.

Will Neville strategically tweak his in ring style/execution now that he's residing on the 'bad guy' part of town? My suggestion would be a "yes" on that one. Too much of the entertaining, flying makes it hard for any talent to be perceived as a villain or so that has been the case over the years.

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