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For our fans and friends in Britain remember that the much anticipated World of Sport two hour special on @ITV airs New Years Eve from 5-7 pm. I hope to see a private screener of the edit soon.

RAW/CHICAGO:  The broadcast has its moments, without question, but not an overabundance of them.

Nice market research done by WWE on what fans would think of a potential, Shield reunion which was popularly received by the unusually tepid, Chicago live audience.

Admire the WWE talents involved in the WWE Tag Team scene in WWE for their continued efforts to make that facet of WWE more main event relevant. 

Are KO and Jericho too entertaining to be fiercely booed as villains? Some may argue that point but nonetheless I enjoy their antics.

Nia Jack is getting the Braun Strowman treatment which is the same tried and true method smart promoters over the years have utilized to get larger than normal talents established or "over" in rasslin jargon.  

I like the direction and philosophy of building 'monster heels' even though Strowman will be hard pressed to remain such. 

Bayley and Charlotte was a preview of bigger things to come for these two who should continue to raise the bar as it relates to in ring performances for their gender.

Good to see Neville perhaps tweaking his in ring style so as to not continue to work totally as a fan favorite when he's being cast to be a villain. The WWE Cruiserweight scene is a work in progress division that is going to take getting one hot rivalry relevant to get people talking.

The entire roster can not 'get over' during this division's infancy in WWE. 2-4 select Cruiserweights need to be anointed and ran with. 

As I've touted here and on the Ross Report podcast, WWE is onto something positive with the deliberate build for Strowman. He's an athletic big man who has the 'other gear' which is invaluable but Braun cannot be put into situations where he has to go into full, sell mode over any extended length of time. Registering, yes, but full sale mode on TV at this time isn't wise until the huge athlete evolves his selling skill set a bit more.  

Learning to 'sell,' especially as a super heavyweight is an art form as it relates to the pro wrestling canvas. Super heavyweights get tossed to the curb by fans if those ticket buyers perceive the big guys sell in a weak manner. 

Cody Rhodes is upset that WWE used his late father's TV persona re: polka dots in a 'skit' on RAW. For any of us to judge this is unwise because Dusty Rhodes was not our father plus many don't know that the polka dots were not something of which Dream liked being reminded. At the end of the day, most fans will likely and quickly forget the material that has caused his negative feeling.

Too many villains in pro wrestling, and not exclusive to WWE by a long shot, get a TV win which gives them a bit of momentum and then that short lived momentum is destroyed when said villain has to to take his adversaries finish or finishes if it is a triple threat bout.

Are wrestling promotions too focused with going totally old school in their quest to always "send the fans home happy?"

It seemed as if there was a bit too much duplicity on RAW regarding school boy/cradle finishes that were in multiple bouts in one form or another.

Is it now a sign of weakness for a wrestler to get caught in another's finish?  It shouldn't be if it is.  

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OMG JR, did you see Wrestle Kingdom? What an unbelievable show - best wrestling show of the decade in my opinion. And the main event between Okada and Omega is the best match of the decade - in fact might be the best match I ever saw. Okada is such a wrestling GOD and he's still so young. Omega is amazing. Can't wait to see and hear your commentary for this one.