Kenny Omega's World, WK11 on AXSTV This Friday Night, "My Personal Wrestlemania", RINGSIDE in Phoenix This Thursday Night! Drew Galloway on Ross Report

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Tonight (Monday) talking with WWE HOFer and soon to be Mom again, Trish Stratus, for next week's show.

This week's Ross Report that drops as usual on Tuesday night at 6 PT/9ET on, iTunes and on our homepage right here, we welcome for the first time Drew Galloway. We discuss TNA, the global wrestling scene especially in Britain, Broken Matt Hardy, Conor McGregor in WWE, Ronda Rousey's future, being "The Chosen One,"  and his take on wrestling in New Japan Pro Wrestling plus so much more. It's a loaded show that I think you will enjoy listening to and you can download it for free at iTunes. 

Excited to be taking our RINGSIDE with Jim Ross Show to Phoenix for the first time this Thursday night January 12 at Stand UP Live. Ticket info is available at

Enjoyed John Cena Instagram tease regarding Kenny Omega at this year's Royal Rumble event in San Antonio on Sunday January 29. It has certainly got folks talking and now speculation is rampant. My take on this matter is pretty simple:

I'd be surprised if Kenny Omega wasn't a high priority for WWE to connect with and sign. Omega is under contract to NJPW until January 31, two days after the Rumble. Omega would be at the top of my 'need to sign list' if I were still in my old role in administration.    

Omega likely isn't going to be swayed by merely a fat, contract but also what are the creative plans the WWE has for him. This is a huge bonus for the talent if one can include this matter in the contractual conversations. Why wouldn't it be addressed?

Pulling for RAW to do a solid, TV rating tonight against the powerhouse, college football national championship game pitting Alabama versus Clemson. Many football fans are pulling for the underdog Clemson Tigers to upset the perennial big dog in the yard 'Bama. I see Alabama winning a close one but my sentimental choice is Clemson to win because of their defensive coordinator and my friend and former OU football coach, Brent Venables.

Ronda Rousey helped sell 1.1M pay per views for her disastrous, last fight. I wonder if some of her vocal critics will relent a bit based on this number and the fact that her die hard fan base, who aren't going to desert her because we lost her last two fights in bowling shoe ugly fashion? Vince McMahon could lignite the Rousey star for a major, one off appearance if he so chose to do so and do it easily.   

Curious to see how HBK and Taker are utilized tonight on RAW with the goal always to make their rare, TVv appearances mean something as in who on the regular roster did the two great's TV time enhance?  One can guess that either Taker or HBK, or both, will be at the top of the show or at the top of the second hour. Holding them until the third hour likely isn't overly strategic. 

Really excited for the opportunity join Josh Barnett this week and voice over the Wrestle Kingdom 11 show of January 4 from the Tokyo Dome that has seemingly made an instant superstar out of Kenny Omega notwithstanding being the major topic of conversation within the pro wresting world.  The first of four WK11 shows on AXSTV will debut this Friday night January 13 at 8/7 CT featuring the Okada vs Omega IWGP Heavyweight Title bout in its entirety with little to no bell to bell editing.

For me, this is my own personal "Wrestlemania" for 2017 and I will approach my preparation and effort no different than the many of the Mania's that I broadcast back in the day for @WWE. We will do no more important or scrutinized voiceovers for NJPW on AXSTV this year.

These are the types of events that broadcasters are privileged in which to be part plus, in full transparency, it also provides one an opportunity to let those that may be wondering what an OG like me has left in the tank. There's only one way to find out, right? 

Strikes me that many fans do not realize how valuable AXSTV is to NJPW as it relates to building the New Japan brand in the USA. That's unfortunate as NJPW and AXSTV could forge a helluva partnership that would create a bona fide win-win scenario. 

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