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Sad to hear of the passing of Jimmy Snuka due to complications with his battle with stomach cancer. The WWE Hall of Famer was a magnificent athlete with natural instincts who was a star in every area that he worked. Unfortunate that Jimmy's passing has been affected and arguably overshadowed  by the dismissed, murder charges against him. Jimmy was always a polite, professional to me and usually responded to, "How are you doing Superfly?" with "Lovely, Bruddah."  It's amazing as to what he accomplished in life considering that Jimmy had no formal education to speak of. Nonetheless the allegations of murder have marred his professional legacy even though there was no trial and the charges were dropped in 2016.    

Talking with the former Brodus Clay and with Mick Foley tonight (Monday) for future Ross Report Podcasts. Looking forward to catching up with both men. Should be a fun night to record some slobber knocker audio.  

We have received excellent feedback on our show with Drew Galloway that is up now at as the former "Chosen One" is a terrific guest who is honest and insightful. Drew has always evolved into a main event star.

Tuesday night a new, Ross Report drops at 6 pm PT/9 pm ET on and iTunes as well as right her on our homepage. The lovely and pregnant Trish Stratus will join me and the talented Canadian always is a greet guest.

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I watched both days of the WWE's UK tournament on the WWE Network and enjoyed both shows. I especially enjoyed the broadcast team of Michael Cole and Nigel McGuinness who were stellar both Saturday and Sunday.

Enjoyed the underdog winning the tournament, the interactive and jacked up live audience, the TV production was excellent and the overall in ring product was solid and at times stellar.   

19 year old Tyler Bate is the first champion and is a fine, young prospect who seems to be fundamentally sound and understanding of the basic psychology of the biz well beyond his teenage years.

Pete Dunne who many thought would win the tourney is a natural villain and had a distinguished tournament. He's another keeper IMO. 

Between Paul Levesque, William Regal and company this group produces great TV which would include the NXT shows. 

WWE's Royal Rumble hits San Antonio on Sunday Jan 29 at the Alamo Dome which is the same day that RINGSIDE with Jim Ross Show hits the Improv River Center at noon for the VIP ticket holders and our show time is 2:30 and we will be finished by 4 pm. Tickets for our pre- Royal Rumble show are available at  Some VIP tickets are still available and general admission tickets are only $25. Tickets will also be available a the box office the day of the event.

WWE has lots of tickets to sell for the cavernous Alamo Dome in River City for the Rumble which they have loaded with a strong card. I look for Goldberg and Lesnar to come out of the Rumble red hot and set to roar into Wrestlemania to be in a main event of that extravaganza in what will likely be a major, title bout.   

Thanks to all the fans in Phoenix and to Stand Up Live for a great show last Thursday night.

Interested in the Drew Galloway endorsed Five Star Wrestling TV deal with Spike TV UK.  I know a broadcaster who "talks for food." 

Excited to be a part of WrestleCon in Orlando  this year during Wrestlemania week as I will be with Sting and Ric Flair on Thursday at 4 pm while reuniting with Jerry Lawler on Friday morning. has ticket into.

Our two, RINGSIDE with JIm Ross Shows in Orlando are still set for matinees at noon each day, Saturday and Sunday at Plaza Live and ticket info is at www.ticketflycom. We are working on our 'guest list' as we did last year in Dallas at the House of Blues. Stay tuned.

Off topic but how can any one with any intelligence actually think that marijuana is a 'performance enhancing' drug? For what sort of performance? A Hot Dog Eating Contest? Chips and Salsa Showdown?

Sad to see BJ Penn struggle through two rounds, almost, Sunday night on FS1. I got to see the final few moments after watching my Steelers, o.k. wife Jan's Steelers, dispatch the Kansas City Chiefs in Arrowhead. UFC is in need of creating new stars as much as WWE or any other promotion in business of featuring athletic performers in a combat environment.   

Loved the Omega vs Okada match from Wrestle Kingdom 11 that Josh Barnett and I voiced over last week in LA at AXSTV studios. The bout aired Friday night and it was excellent to say the least. Was the main event from the Tokyo Dome the best match that I ever saw? Not sure that i can go that far but I can't say what matches that I've called that were better. It's challenging for me to name one match that was the "greatest ever" but I have been blessed to have called many great ones over the years. Flair-Steamboat '89 trilogy, DiBiase-Flair-Murdoch angle, HHH-Foley, HBK-Taker, Austin-Rock all come to mind, among others, for me. How do I leave out Midnight Express vs Rock 'n Roll Express and the WM13 classic of Bret Hart vs Austin?

Bottom line is that NJPW has something special on their hands with Omega who everyone seems to want to go to WWE. That will likely happen some day but I'd be surprised if it happened in 2017. Omega is the hottest talent in the world that WWE doesn't have signed and are legitimately in the hunt for in the opinion of many insiders.

Happy that one of our most distinguished signees Kurt Angle is going into the WWE Hall fo Fame this year in Orlando. Deserving to say the least. Plus, Kurt seems to be on a positive journey in his life and is helping others who have had substance abuse issues. I love Kurt Angle and am so happy that he's getting his well deserved ring.

Now the endless litany of questions will commence on whether Kurt will wrestle at the April 2 event. For the record< I have no idea but I do know that he can still 'go' with the best of them when called upon.

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