JR heading to San Antonio!, WCPW 'True Destiny' PPV on FITE App, 2017 Royal Rumble Best Ever?, Mike Goldberg Departure, "Ryback"

Hello everybody and thanks for stopping by our site. We are embarking on a busy but fun weekend in a few days in San Antonio in conjunction with the Royal Rumble, RINGSIDE with Jim Ross Show, and an appearance Friday night for www.rivercitywresting.net.  As I've often said, it's a fun time to be a wrestling fan.

The Q&A's elsewhere on this site are updated and I invite you to check them out and to submit questions of your own if you have a question.

Excited to be tabbed by What Culture Pro Wrestling to work with Matt Striker on the 'True Destiny' PPV that fans can experience on the What Culture Extra subscription service and on the FITE TV App. This event is apparently Kurt Angle's last in ring booking in the UK and it is against an opponent that Kurt ha never face, Alberto El Patron. No reason that match should not rock the house. Plus, another main event level bout is the much anticipated rematch pitting Ricochet vs Will Ospreay which has match of the year potential. More info on this card is forthcoming.  

Remember that if you have a smart device such as an iPhone and WiFi then that's all you need to watch any free, programming on FITE plus the many PPV's that we feature. This WCPW ppv is going to be a terrific card that I hope that you will enjoy. Looking forward to once again teaming with the "Eddie Haskell" of pro wrestling broadcasters, Matt Striker, on this wrestling heavy PPV event as it provides an opportunity for our Wrestle Kingdom 9 broadcast team to reunite.

As much as I still legitimately embrace the wrestling biz, I find that it is challenging to watch both RAW and SD Live as they air due to the five hour commitment of tv viewing time. Thank goodness for DVR.

Loved the final scene on RAW featuring the big dogs of Undertaker, Brock Lesnar and Goldberg. I don't think that WWE could have written a better show ending as it relates to the 'go home' for the Royal Rumble match of which all three of the mega stars are entered.

As I've said, this is, IMO, the best booked WWE PPV in a good while and perhaps even a better card from top to bottom, in the eyes of some, as was Wrestlemania Texas. This Sunday's card is significantly unpredictable which wrestling fans still embrace. I fully expect a major surprise or perhaps two and that this show should be a Texas sized infomercial for Wrestlemania. 

It will be interesting to see how the entire event is timed out and what matches are given generous times and what one's don't. I certainly would close the show with the Rumble match without question.  

Congrats to Paul Wight aka Big Show for his amazing weight loss and his appearance which is extremely TV and movie friendly. I vividly remember hosting Show in our Norwalk, CT home back in the recruiting process and my wife Jan cooking us a magnificent meal of which Show devoured including an entire jar of Apple Butter on homemade biscuits. BTW, I ate my share of them too to be perfectly honest.

Happy to see WWE utilize both Jerry Lawler and Shawn Michaels this Sunday on various aspects of the WWE Network coverage of the San Antonio event. It's good to see individuals who have contributed so much to the success of the WWE brand over the years be invited back to enjoy the 30th Royal Rumble event.

Another interesting thing to keep an eye on what match will do all they can to 'steal the show.' Easy to assume that every match should have that as their goal but one can watch any given match and see who's rising up and who's simply trying to get their time in. Another thing to look at is who of the somewhat new, main event regulars add a few, much needed wrinkles to their in ring game. They need to be reminded that having a great match isn't all about "getting your sh#t in."      

I will be in San Antonio this weekend for River City Wrestling on Friday night and for our RINGSIDE with JIm Ross Show at the Improv at River Center on Sunday afternoon before the Rumble event just a few blocks away at the Alamo Dome. Tickets will be available Sunday at the Improv and are on sale now in advance at www.rivercitycomedyclub.com. VIP tickets are still available and that VIP events from noon-2pm when doors open for the General Admission ticketholders. BTW, GA tickets are only $25. Our San Antonio show will end by 4 pm which will give those attending two full hours to make it from our venue to the Alamo Dome which is a easy walk away.

For those asking, I will be returning to Oklahoma after our Sunday afternoon show and will watch the Rumble once I arrive home Sunday evening on the WWE Network. 

Sorry to see Mike Goldberg have a 20 year in @UFC as their 'voice' and not get so much as a good bye on air plus not having a talk, according to Goldberg, with UFC, top brass before Mike's exit. Why Goldberg wasn't allowed to say goodbye on the air is a head scratcher. It actually means a lot to many broadcasters to be able to bid adios (Of which I can attest.)  Nice to see that CBS Sports allowed that to happen during football season for veteran Verne Lunquist.

www.ticketfly.com is where to go if you are interested in attending one of my two, weekend matinees in Olando during Wrestlemania weekend in Orlando. VIP meet/greet tickets are still available for both shows but are going fast and there are also $25 general admission tickets to nab.

Talking to the wrestler formerly known as Ryback now The Big Guy for a future Ross Report podcast. Should be a nice piece of audio if I can get it done. 

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