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Greetings after an exciting weekend in Houston attending the Super Bowl with my wife Jan. Great game but we were pulling for my old NFL team the Atlanta Falcons especially considering that the Pats eliminated our Steelers from the NFL playoffs and knocked Pittsburgh out of the Super Bowl game. When a team can't make first downs, can't run the ball effecively and fatigue keeps them from efficiently rushing the passer, all in the second half, then it generally ends up bad and that's what happened to ATl Sunday night in Houston. Poor play calling in the second half killed the Falcons.  

Doing Ross Report Podcast production tonight and talking to my former broadcast partner Todd Grisham who has left ESPN for the UFC after starting his national broadcasting career with WWE. Should be a great convo that will air on our show in a few weeks.

When I first heard several days ago that the Rock 'n Roll Express were going to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame I was both surprised and happy. Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson are as good as any baby face tag team that I ever worked with in my 40+ year career. Their bouts in MId South Wrestling vs The Midnight Express helped 'pop' a big man's territory with record setting business.

I'd love to see Jim Cornette induct Ricky and Robert in Orlando on Friday night March 31 on the ceremony hosted by Jerry Lawler. JC knows more bout the RnR than anyone that I know plus Corny is a magnificent talker who I'm sure would captivate the WWE HOF audience on a live mic.

This might be a crazy idea but it damn sure would be entertaining.

If you are new to the genre, then I suggest that you watch any of the many Midnight Express vs Rock 'n Roll Express bouts that you can find. They are classic tag team bouts that implement tried and true strategies and techniques that are timeless and would still work today if there were teams currently in the business that were on the Express' level. The crowd psychology of these matches are largely exquisite.

Shawn Michaels rode with the RnR when HBK first got in the business in Mid South and Shawn credits both Morton and Gibson for helping the Heartbreak Kid in his formative years.    

Excited to be traveling to England soon to broadcast this Sunday's ppv event for What Culture Pro Wrestling on the FITE App, among other outlets. I embrace every opportunity to work with WCPW and this Sunday they pair me with my WK9 broadcast partner Matt Striker. WCPW has assembled a damn strong, pro wrestling card that features, among others, Drew Galloway vs Joe Hendry for the WCPW Title, Kurt Angle's last UK booking and it's against Alberto El Patron, Ricochet vs Will Ospreay in a much anticipated rematch and much more on this terrific card. 

I'm grateful for WCPW for providing me an opportunity to do live, pro wrestling play by play so that I can prove to myself that I can still get the job done that I've loved doing for longer than I'd like to remember. I hope that you will join us via the FITE App of whatever provider that you chose to use. The "Eddie Haskell of pro wrestling broadcasters" and I will not disappoint you.  

Tickets for our next RINGSIDE with Jim Ross shows, which will be in Orlando Wrestlemania weekend at Plaza Live, are available now at  Tickets are limited and I suggest that you get yours before they are gone. We are talking with several "Friends" to appear with me at our two, weekend matinees. We are planning our biggest productions to date and I invite you to go 'Slobber Knocker VIP' and you will be happy that you did.

Bruce Prichard joins me this week on a new, Ross Report Podcast that drops, as usual, on Tuesday night at 9 PM ET on and iTunes. Bruce and I had a great time catching up and telling some stories about our journey together that started in Houston Wrestling with Paul Boesch, Bill Watts in Mid South and for Vince McMahon in WWE. Bruce and Conrad Thompson are doing a really fine job on their Podcast that drops every Friday. 

Hearing that Big Show vs Shaq is on the drawing board for Wrestlemania this year and I feel that the gigantic duo would be able to produce a much better attraction/presentation if they were tag partners and were pitted against a team that could enhance the skill sets of the two big men.

Enjoyed the ESPN 30 for 30 on the XFL and it brought back memories of how I got 'gutted and quartered' by the 'legit' sports media when I was promoted to the NBC primary game on week two with Governor Ventura. How dare a 'wrestling guy' even think that he could broadcast football? I have many stories about my season in the XFL and would have loved to have shared some of them but I was never contacted by ESPN to be a part of the presentation. Nonetheless, I have no XFL regrets even though I pushed myself physically to the limits  that was ill advised especially after the fact that year for a whopping $1500 per game.  

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