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Enjoyed attending Bellator Friday night in the WinStar Resort in Thackerville, Oklahoma thanks to Bellator head honcho Scott Coker and my pal Sean Grande who handles the play by play for the brand. Fun night and some entertaining fights too. Thanks @BellatorMMA for your hospitality.

Doing  MMA play by play is something that  would certainly interest me if it were a timely, win-win opportunity. Really proud of the work that @SeanGrandePBP is doing. Sean's travel schedule when factoring in the work that he does as the radio voice of the @Celtics and MMA is reminiscent of my WWE/XFL days.

Speaking of non pro wrestling gigs, I will be on @CBSSportsNet on Saturday night March 25 from Wichita, Kansas for more boxing. Some of boxing's best, young prospects will be in action.  

Not in the loop regarding the issues that apparently exist between Okie Jack Swagger and WWE but I'd guess it was likely one or both of the two, C's, cash and creative. I am not in contact with either entity involved in this issue. There is ample pro wrestling work for Swagger to immerse himself in if he gets his WWE release but I'd likely recommend that the former OU Wrestling All American refrain from getting into MMA this stage of his life. Swagger can help any pro wrestling promotion that features him and perhaps Swagger heading to Impact Wrestling might not be a bad idea. 

Never was keen on a potential Big Show vs Shaq Wrestlemania, one on one match as I never had the gut feeling that Shaq would commit to being in 'show shape' or putting in the in ring time to develop a passable, skill set for the one off bout at WWE's biggest event of the year. I am still of the mindset that Show and Shaq would hve been a marketable, 'attraction' duo against a skilled heel, team but it looks like that is history too, so I expect Big Show to be in the Andre the Giant Battle Royal at Wrestlemania.  

As I author this blog, we have 39 VIP tickets remaining for our Saturday RINGSIDE show in Orlando and only 51 remaining VIP tickets for our Sunday show. All tickets including the $25 general admission tickets are available while they last at www.ticketfly.com.

@ShawnMichaels and PWInsider's Mike Johnson both join me this coming week on a new, Ross Report Podcast available at www.podcastone.com, iTunes and here on the homepage of this site. 

The current Ross Report features 2017 WWE Hall of Famer Teddy Long in one of our most enlightening and entertaining shows that we have done.

WWE Fastlane predictions or "guesses" if you will....

Kevin Owens vs Goldberg...going with Goldberg to win the Universal Title to add another log to the Lesnar vs Goldberg fire for Wrestlemania. ( I could see Jericho and/or Lesnar getting involved here to further the storyline.) 

Charlotte vs Bayley.....Can't see Charlotte losing her 16 PPV event winning streak at a non, 'major' WWE PPV. Wouldn't be something that I would consider doing.

Reigns vs Strowman...Could Undertaker be in this mix as it relates to an "out" for Reigns who should logically lose to Strowman Sunday nigh? Why would Strowman lose to Reigns in the middle of the Strowman build that has been so well done? Makes no sense.

Neville vs Gallagher for the Cruiserweight title..these men need time to tell a story. While I enjoy Gallagher I can't see Neville losing to anyone at this point in time as Neville is the best thing going in the Cruiserweight world by far. So, beat him for what reason?

Gallows and Anderson vs Enzo and Cass for the tag titles feels like an 'angle ready' bout as the tag team scene in WWE needs an infusion of something  IMO which speaks to how big a 'get' Matt and Jeff Hardy would be if they sign with WWE as many expect.

Samoa Joe vs Sami Zayn...could well be the match of the night..love this booking and look forward to seeing these two do their thing. Joe must win convincingly at the end of the day but if these two get the time needed, this bout will be hard to top Sunday night.

Nia Jax vs Sasha Banks...love Sasha but it seems like NIa needs to continue to progress on her monster heel build so I'm leaning on the bigger villain winning at Fastlane. That outcome will not adversely affect Sasha who could win a quick one. 

Swan/Tozawa vs Dar & Kendrick..likely will be a high spot oriented bout that will hopefully not be over in the wink of an eye. Don't care who wins but it seems likely that Tozawa will take the fall... All four of these talents need character development.

One can assume that WWE will throw some 'wrinkles' as us Sunday night as they continue  build toward Wrestlemania in Orlando. A surprise appearance or two on this show wouldn't shock me.  

I'm talking to Kevin Nash Monday night for a future, Ross Report Podcast. if you have questions for Nash, hit me on Twitter @JRsBBQ and use #AskJimRoss

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Check out the NJPW G1 bouts that we are currently featuring on AXSTV Friday nights at 8/7 CT. Some great, fundamentally sound matches that @JoshLBarnett and I love being a part.

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Boomer Sooner!

J.R.      @JRsBBQ    

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