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Loved the surprise booking that ROH and the Hardy's utilized over the weekend with Matt and Jeff winning the ROH Tag Team Titles.

I'd speculate that the Hardy's will still eventually wind up in WWE after WM in Orlando. That 'marriage'  just makes too much sense, IMO, at this stage of the careers of Matt and Jeff plus WWE could utilize the Hardy's to help add some much needed sizzle to their tag team scene. 

If the Hardy's don't go to WWE, they will not be missing many paydays as this duo is in demand and their new, TV personas are a hit globally. In any event you can bet that the eventual destination for Matt and Jeff will continue to get heavy social media coverage. 

For those coming to Orlando for Wrestlemania activities, we have 34 VIP tickets available for our Saturday RINGSIDE Show in Orlando and 49 VIP tickets available for our Sunday show. General Admission tickets are selling fast too for only $25 at www.ticketfly.com.

Talking to Kevin Nash tonight for a Ross Report Podcast and I'm looking forward to catching up with my long time friend. I facilitated introducing fans to Kevin's ability to talk back in the day when I would book him on my WSB AM750 radio show in Atlanta . 'Wrestling with Jim Ross.'

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Paul O'Brien and I have completed a large portion of our autobiography and we are still on target for an October release worldwide, 'Slobber Knocker..My Life in Wrestling.' 

WWE Fastlane Feedback:

A solid, show that had its moments but at the end of the day it felt somewhat like a better than average Monday Night RAW presentation which isn't an indictment by the say. Some of the finishes were a bit perplexing but they can all be better judged as these storylines move forward.

The Cruiserweight tag was fun to watch but these men and their peers need character development to help me make the needed emotional investment in them. 

Strong win by Samoa Joe over Sami Zayn which needed to happen. The object of this match was to portray Joe as strong and mission accomplished. Sami Zayn fans who feel that this loss "killed" their favorite apparently don't have ample confidence in Sami. I do and he'll be fine.

Gallows and Anderson got a needed, heel win but they still have a ways to go to be utilized as effectively as they were in NJPW. They need more antagonist angst i.e. 'heat' going forward. 

Surprised that Nia Jax lost to Sasha Banks. Not sure why that decision was made but we will likely understand it better as times goes on.

The Rusev and Jinder Mahal business felt like filler. The crowd seem to concur.

I am impressed at the physical changes that The Big Show has made to his physique.  Veterans attempting to re-invent themselves is admirable.

Neville is a legit star in the making for @WWE and his match with Jack Gallagher was excellent and arguably the match of the night at Fastlane in the eyes of many fans. 

Enjoyed Reigns vs Strowman match a great deal and was especially impressed with "I'm the not as green as I was not that long ago, Braun Strowman."  Somewhat stumped as to why Strowman lost more so than why Reigns won but, again, we will hopefully understand why soon. Good match. Nonetheless, Iws impressed by both men and their in ring efforts can't be questioned. 

Obviously, WWE has Roman Reigns still is highly positioned but Strowman is also a potential, Wrestlemania main event talent.  

I mentioned on Twitter Sunday night @JRsBBQ that Charlotte has more natural instincts than many of the men on either roster. Charlotte does small, subtle things that are refreshing to see. I would have been reluctant to beat Charlotte Sunday night and perhaps WWE was. 

Goldberg winning the Universal Title over Kevin Owens to set up Lesnar vs Goldberg at Wrestlemania with the title at stake wasn't a shocker, obviously, but it seems to make sense as it relates to adding more sizzle to this attraction for WM/Orlando.

Kevin Owens getting reattached to Jericho is a blessing for the talented, Owens who could have the match of the night at 'Mania which will greatly help the Montreal native. Jericho is as good, if not better, as anyone on the WWE roster right now.

Appreciated WWE introducing the challengers for the various title bouts first made me happy. Should be that way all the time.

Asked this on Twitter @JRsBBQ Sunday night, can a wrestling match have too many false finishes? Normally, I would say "not likely" but I felt that way Sunday night in the Strowman vs Reigns bout.

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