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Today is the day that our first PPV drops on the FITE App at 5 pm ET and will be airing for the next 30 days. This PPV is the best of our three, Dallas House of Blues RINGSIDE Shows from Wrestlemania Texas. Please check out the show and see for the first time what our RINGSIDE Shows are about for only $5.99. Love to hear your thoughts on it here at our Q&A section or via Twitter at @JRsBBQ.

Heading to Wichita, Kansas on Saturday March 25 for another night of KO Boxing from the Kansas Star Arena that will air in prime time on CBS Sports Network at 8 pm CT. It's the much anticipated debut of USA Olympian and Wichita native, @NicoMHernandez.   

RIP to Outlaw Ron Bass who had a solid run in the pro wrestling biz generally as a old school, territory villain and he was damn good at it. A solid and underrated hand without question. Ron passed this week at age 68. The Outlaw was a talent who seemingly embraced being a villain and was never intimidated by the 'heat' that his TV persona generated as this 'heat' was what made him a living. A good guy, a credit to the biz and a successful man away from the ring has left us too soon. Our condolences to Ron's family, friends and fans.

I will be conducting a live chat for @FITE during the ROH PPV this Friday night and I'd love for you to join us. It will be fun taking your questions and exchanging our mutual thoughts on the ROH 15th Anniversary PPV.

SD Live Feedback:  

The broadcast was solid until the AJ-RKO match which was excellent and pushed this show up another level.  Both men came to work ready to excel and they did. Orton was as good as he's been in a while and when Randy is 'good' he's damn good. AJ Styles once again proved Tuesday night why I perceive him to be the best bell to bell performer in the pro wrestling biz.

Isn't it unique how seemingly every opppnent of AJ Styles has their best, WWE bouts against the Georgia Peach. 

Word on the street has it that John Cena will propose to Nikki Bella at Wrestlemania on April 2. That's the speculation and if it comes off it will be tremendously newsworthy perhaps even more than if Cena was in a higher profile bout other than the mixed tag in which he's booked.

I'm trying to connect with Baron Corbin who I do feel has a marketable upside. I need to see more of Corbin in the ring and if he can evolve to the level that WWE has developed Braun Strowman, then Corbin will solidly be on the main event path sooner than later. Corbin vignettes would help his cause. 

Challenging night for the women of SDLIVE. WWE could easily turn the talented, Alexa Bliss fan favorite by stacking the deck against her at Wrestlemania. Nonetheless, Ms Bliss is a talent with significant potential. No better female heel in WWE, IMO.

Big difference in watching SDLIVE for two hours, or less on DVR, than watching the three hour version of the WWE flagship, Monday Night RAW. Before you ask, no I don't see WWE going back to two hours on Monday nights any time soon because of the monies they are paid for the third hour, and that money is significant, that they would be losing. If there is ever a drastic downturn in rights fees with the USA network then perhaps a change could come about. It's not something that I predict will occur any time soon.

Three hour soap operas for guys is one reason that DVR's were invented, right?

@AXSTV will begin their coverage of NJPW's G1 Climax Tournament this Friday night at 8/7 CT with two, back to back, new episodes. Four straight Friday nights of G1 action with @JoshLBarnett is can't miss pro wrestling TV action.

Hopeful that you will join my Friends and me in Orlando at Plaza Live on Saturday and Sunday at noon for the VIP ticketholders and doors open at 2 pm for the other ticketholders with the show starting at 2:30 and ending at approximately 4 pm. GA's start at only $25 and are available at www.ticketfly.com.

Doing the Saturday RINGSIDE with Jim Ross & Friends Show with Paul O'Brien and Tony Schiavone while Jim Cornette and Bruce Prichard will join me on stage for Sunday's show. VIP tickets going fast at www.ticketfly.com.

These Saturday and Sunday Q&A's should be memorable to say the least.

Nice to hear that @WWE is going to book Jerry Lawler to call a Wrestlemania bout this year. It's good to see that WWE is still booking The King for on air work. I'm admittedly envious that The King's going to work at WM33 in Orlando.

BTW Jerry and I have an appearance together at WrestleCon on Friday morning of Wrestlemania week. 

I haven't been on stage with Ric Flair since our infamous Summer Slam debacle of 2013. I will join Naitch and Sting for a huge, Q&A at WrestleCon for their opening ceremony on Thursday of 'Mania week from 4-6 pm. Checkout www.wrestlecon.com for all the info that you'll need. This Q&A will be hosted by Matt Striker and should produce some dandy questions. Info is at www.wrestlecon.com.  

Been asked frequently what I'd do for the finish of the Wrestlemania, Reigns vs Undertaker match and there are multiple ways to do this effectively. The bottom line is that coming out of the match that Roman Reigns has to be the priority so either Reigns shockingly wins via cheating after a seemingly, rugged babyface match goes awry would work for me as would Reigns losing a close one and then leaving the Undertaker laying in his yard. This match is not really about Taker but about how the Undertaker persona can advance Reigns.

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I hate that Smackdown still has "Live" in the title. We get it, lets move on. Secondly, SD does not need four announcers. Get Phillips and Otunga out of there. Of course nobody can replace Good ol' JR, but four men is unnecessary. Third, and most importantly. WWE needs to stop being so proud and bring back Broken Matt Hardy and Brother Nero. Just because they refused to give them creative control they missed out on an opportunity to bring the hottest talent in professional wrestling back home to Meekmahon's show.
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