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What a beautiful day here in Norman, Oklahoma where @BakerMayfield is still our QB at the University of Oklahoma in case some were curious. Great weekend to have the free, FITE App downloaded into a smart device for sure. Let's roll...

Our one hour, PPV broadcast special is up and running now at the FITE App. You can enjoy an entertaining look at our RINGSIDE with Jim Ross Shows from the Dallas House of Blues on PPV for only $5.99. The feedback we have received has been positive and I hope that you will sample our PPV as well. It features appearances by RVD, Jim Cornette and the Jarrett's and much more. Our PPV will be available for about three weeks on the FITE App and all you need to watch is a smart device i.e. IPhone and WiFi.

Friday night is the ROH 15th Anniversary PPV from Las Vegas also on the FITE App starting at 9 pm ET. No reason that this should not be a helluva wrestling show and I will be hosting a LIVE CHAT during the show on the FITE App for those who are also watching the PPV. I look forward to interacting with the fans and taking questions.

AXSTV's extensive coverage of NJPW's GI Climax Tournament begins tonight (Friday) highlighted by a tremendous bout between Okada vs Marufuji in one of the best wrestling bouts any where in the world in 2016. @AXSTV can be found on selected cable systems with more coming soon plus I watch it on DirecTV on their channel 340 and NJPW airs on channel 167 on Dish Network.  Tonight we feature a pair of new shows beginning at 6 CT/7 ET. 

The feedback that we have received from many of you regarding our Ross Report podcast this week with @ShawnMichaels and @MikePWInsider has been tremendous. We are proud of this show and I certainly hope that you will download it for free at iTunes and please leave comments and a five star rating. Ths will take you mere moments and as simplistic as it sounds it is a valuable marketing tool for us. Thanks for considering this request. Mike Johnson is a an information guru while HBK was very candid about the wrestling product today and his relationship and future with WWE. 

Impact Wrestling essentially relaunched their brand under new ownership and management plus an influx of new talents Thursday night on POP TV to more interest than the maligned brand has experienced in recent memory. Not surprisingly, there is ample work to do regarding rebuilding this band but it seems that Impact is off to a optimistic start. No one can intelligently declare a big win or a big fail for Impact off one show as one can expect significant tweaks to be made in the future.

I'm in favor of Impact enacting any positive changes that they feel is necessary and applaud them for attempting new things with new people. I hope that their three man announce team will work for them but it was too busy for my taste on Thursday night. I have reason for optimism for Josh Mathews new, antagonist role but the 'heel' doesn't need to be doing play by play.  Too much bickering is distracting at times and talking about matters not directly connected to the video that the viewers are seeing can easily be a disconnect.

I also hope that Impact will move on from bashing the previous regime and use their valuable TV time to better build the talents and Impact titles plus the personal issues that develop. I'd also expect that moving forward Impact mentions of WWE will subside as that matter has no up side. Going forward I would suggest making the in ring talk more succinct an therefore memorable plus there are enough talents on the roster to provide some outstanding in ring product of which there wasn't enough of Thursday night. 

Nonetheless I am pulling for Impact Wrestling to became profitable and popular but these developments won't come overnight and not without a crazy workload for all involved....and a little luck.

From what I understand, there is significant news coming soon out of the ITV camp regarding the relaunch of the legendary, World of Sport brand.

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I hope that you will checkout our RINGSIDE PPV on the FITE App. It's a fun peek at what we do at our shows. Also, join me tonight (Friday) for a live chat on the FITE App during the ROH Wrestling PPV.

Have a great day and, remember, that's largely up to you.

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