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Enjoyed watching the ROH PPV Friday night from Vegas and conducting the live chat while watching the broadcast. Strong show by ROH and many outstanding performances that I will talk about in depth on this week's Ross Report Podcast.

Proud for Christopher Daniels for his achievement of becoming the ROH Champion after so many years of loyal and unselfish service to the company. Chris and Adam Cole had a classic match that was reminiscent of territory wrestling main events on major cards. All the talents worked diligently and physically Friday night but, arguably, could have been taken a few less unnecessary chances especially as it relates to all the out of ring content that was presented during the total show. Bravo to the booking of  the show and the roster of talents who gave their fans all that they had. 

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On Sunday afternoon I will be joined by the dynamic duo of Bruce Prichard and Jim Cornette to talk all things Wrestlemania both past and present plus any topic our audience chooses. My man Tyrus will be our MC both days. 

Doors in Orlando open at noon for the VIP ticketholders and the show starts both days at 2:30 ending at a approximately 4 pm. 

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Another week of NJPW voiceovers on tap for AXSTV covering more of the 2016 G1 Tournament. It appears to be eminent that the delay time from the NJPW events happening until they air on AXSTV will be greatly reduced much sooner than later. Fingers are still crossed regarding AXSTV being involved in NJPW's July 1-2 events in Long Beach, California.

Saw where someone estimated that the length of the WM 33 event will be approximately 6 hours including the pre game show. For folks in my demographic, my game plan upon arrival to the stadium would be to locate the nearest men's room for my 'future endeavors.'

What would you think about Brock Lesnar defending the Universal Title against Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania in NOLA in 2018? That seems to be the direction. I like it as it would give Lesnar a one year run as champ which also would necessitate Lesnar working a few more dates on his last year of his current contract. Seems logical to me. Lesnar could defend the title monthly, if required, quite easily on an enhanced albeit manageable schedule.

Expect a ton of conjecture regarding the conclusion/finish of the Reigns vs Taker bout at WM Orlando. I still see a heel turn and Reigns wins via 'cheating' to at least to gain an unfair advantage OR Taker wins and Roman then destroys The Deadman afterwards and leaves Taker selling.

Bottom line is that Reigns has to come out of Wrestlemania with momentum as this match is more about Roman evolving than anything else.   ​

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WWE announced that it has released fellow Oklahoman Jack Swagger from his WWE contract.  The former Oklahoma Sooner All American Wrestler won't have any issues getting booked. Seems like it would be strategic for Impact Wrestling would jump on the former WWE Champion when he's legally able to appear on their TV.  Swagger would also be a great addition to the NJPW roster or perhaps even ROH. I wish the former Sooner nothing but the best.

Last WWE event tonight in the famous, Joe Louis Arena in Detroit which saddens me to a degree. Special venue for many reasons wrestling wise including it was the venue that I returned to when @WWE called me back to broadcast a NBC Saturday Night's Main Event.

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