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Pete Gasparino who was a member of Shane McMahon's Mean Street Posse during the Attitude Era in WWE is my guest on this week's Ross Report podcast. "Pete Gas" is a terrific guest who had one of the most amazing three, year careers ever in WWE when you stop and consider that he was notified on a Friday that he would be appearing on RAW the ensuing Monday...with NO training.

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Also on this week's show I will give you my thoughts on the ROH PPV, the passing of Tom Jones and Dennis Stamp, how I'd consider booking the Universal Title from WM33 to WM34 in NOLA and much more. 

Got some great audio Monday night from both Shawn Daivari and Ken Anderson for our show in a couple of weeks. Checkout their Wrestling Academy in Minneapolis at

Next week on TRR I will be joined by WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash plus a surprise guest to talk Wrestlemania.

Takeaways from RAW Detroit: 

Enjoyed @HeymanHustle promo in segment one but certainly would not have kept Lesnar's appearance on Raw a secret to the mass audience. Lesnar did not need to be a 'surprise' and if he was promoted I missed it.

The Shawn Michaels surprise was timely and it worked and HBK had interaction with Roman Reigns who gained proved that for whatever the reason that many @WWE fans simply refuse to cheer for the polarizing and talented athlete.

The close of the show was memorable and well done by all involved. The villains, HHH and Stephanie, were spot on and Foley showed everyone how a babyface sells with their facial expressions especially the eyes and body English. Brilliantly done piece of business.

It felt like the fans accepted Seth Rollins as the protagonist that he is being positioned to be in WWE as Rollins' courage and SELLING appealed to the fans in Detroit. No, the suicidal, career threatening dives didn't do it but, instead, it was crowd psychology and the fundamental application of the genre's most viable dramatic weapon, selling and convincing one's audiece come along for the journey.

For those wondering, I fully expect Rollins vs HHH at WM Orlando where Rollins needs a career defining victory vs a future HOFER on the biggest stage of them all.

Logically, why would WWE put Rollins on the show closing segment on RAW if they did not have plans on him wrestling at 'Mania?

The ROH PPV on FITE broke ROH's previous best PPV buy record on the FITE App. Congrats ROH on promoting and producing a terrific PPV event.

I've seen lists of apparent, WM33 matches that numbers in excess of a dozen bouts for this year's event that will likely last over 5 hours. Great night for the announce teams to wear darks.  

I like Dana Brooke creating an issue with Charlotte. It's something new and hopefully Charlotte can help "make" another opponent. That;s what stars do. I'm optimistic for Ms Brooke's future. 

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Samoa Joe/KO vs Y2J/Zayn was an excellent tag match. Perhaps a bit short but a solid outing nonetheless that I enjoyed.

Excited to get back at ringside to broadcast more KO Boxing Night on CBS Sport Network Saturday night March 25 at 8 pm CT. Much anticipated card emanating from the Kansas Star Casino in Mulvane, Kansas, near Wichita.

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Why would @WWE bring back Finn Balor before Wrestlemania? Beats me..

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