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Greetings to all and thanks  for stopping by our site. Fun week in progress including our Podcast with Pete Gas who talks us through the Attitude Era from his eyes with the Mean Street Posse.  Fun listen that you will enjoy at iTunes, www.podcastone.com and here on the homepage.


Takeaways from Smackdown Live:

Enjoyed the less crowed announce table as it reminded me just how good a two man, broadcast team in WWE can sound. Kudos to Tom Phillips and JBL for  job well done over the course of the two hours.

Enjoyed the AJ Styles content on SD Live and am not one to take issue with AJ's booking at Wrestlemania versus Shame McMahon. AJ's greatness will shine through in Orlando on April 2 and Shane's alpha male personality will push him to be better than he likely actually is. This will end up being a better booking than many perceive plus it was, as the creative worked its way out, the best available option for, arguably, the best in ring talent in the world, AJ Styles, which is a whole other story. I look forward to watching these two do all that's humanly possible to steal the show in Orlando.  

Nonetheless, I find that it could well be ill advised to try to hard to make AJ the old school villain in this matter. That's not happening with today's fans especially at Wrestlemania. The good news is that it isn't necessary to have AJ the 'heel' as the personal issue is enough.

BTW...in hindsight I would have nixed the camera inside the car Shane was driving as that sort of took me out of the moment. 

The conclusion of the Ziggler vs Mojo match, a count out victory for Rawley, was perplexing. Didn't feel that either man 'advanced' via this particular creative. Mojo is still seeking who he is in the ring but I like his attitude and athleticism. 

Becky Lynch vs Natalya was solid and they seemed to maximize their minutes. Both women can still raise their game and I have high expectations for each. 

SDLive needs to continue to cultivate personal issues and regularly promote the value of their titles. Their two hour format gives them an edge, IMO, over the flagship, Monday Night RAW and their three hour format in the TV ratings competition.   

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Excited to be a small part of this year's WrestleCon in Orlando especially my Thursday afternoon appearance with Ric Flair and Sting not to mention Friday morning with The King. Check out www.wrestlecon.com for the complete schedule of activities featuring over 100 talents. 

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Mentioned on our Podcast that the ROH PPV last Friday from Vegas set records on the FITE App. Congrats to both ROH and FITE for the success of the PPV that I enjoyed, by and large, from start to finish.

When the main event like Daniels vs Cole delivered as they did to close the show, one can better understand just how great was that main event. The show closer had to follow EVERYTHING that preceded them which was no small feat if you saw the PPV.

Had a mild rant regarding Impact Wrestling's announcing on this week's podcast but I made it clear that this was not a personal attack toward the Gents who are doing the work but instead the direction that they were apparently given. Having a villain, lead broadcaster on a wrestling show has never worked nor will it ever work. People want to  'buy things' from folks that they like and not from people that they can't stand. I do think that Jeremy Borash is a terrific addition to the broadcast team and that Josh Mathews is a natural antagonist.  

Hoping to hear more good news regarding the potential of an enhanced relationship between AXSTV and NJPW soon.  More exciting days between these two organizations could be on their way.

This Friday night on AXSTV it's another double header starting at 7 pm ET/6 CT featuring Shibata vs Honma, Nagata vs Naito, and Yoshi Hashi vs Kenny Omega in the first hour. The second hour features Hiroshi Tanahashi vs Naomichi Marufuji and Kazuchika Okada vs Tomohiro Ishii. Google AXSTV to see how to watch it in your area within North America.  

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