TKTS for RINGSIDE Rosemont Go On Sale Saturday,OU Football, Super Star Shakeup, Daniel Cromier, Tony Romo, Meltzer-Ross Report

Greetings everyone and thanks for the visit. Big day for us Saturday because in Chicago tickets go on sale for our next RINGSIDE with Jim  Ross Show which will be Sunday afternoon May 21 at 2 pm at Zanies in Rosemont which is only three miles from the All State Arena where WWE Backlash will be held later that same, Sunday evening. Visit for tickets and information. We'd love to see you there ...thanks!

Nice running into Hall of Fame Coach Barry Switzer and one of the all time great NFL tight ends, Keith Jackson on Friday at Juan del Fuego in Norman having a late breakfast or perhaps an early lunch. I'm a sucker for the eateries' green chili breakfasts.

Its a football weekend in Norman, my favorite weekends to live here are 'football weekends,' as the annual, Oklahoma Sooners Spring game is Saturday and I can't wait to attend.

Had a custom made urn, black and gold ala the @Steelers, done for Jan. I think she would have loved it as she was a major fan of her hometown Pittsburgh Steelers. I sure do miss that woman. 

Getting lots of questions as to what my next assignment will be in WWE. Those assignments are still being determined but I'd assume that the game plan will be rolled out sooner than later. WWE has been very kind to welcome me back so warmly and for also giving me some time to handle personal affairs in light of my wife Jan's passing.

I have no preference on what I do for WWE as I was pleased to simply be presented a 'game jersey' and to get back on the 'team.'  In my younger days when P&V (piss and vinegar) ran wild in my veins along with a healthy ego, I likely would not be so kind and gentle in this assessment. I'm comfortable with my body of work and any assignment I get broadcasting for WWE will be one that I will be try and be better at than I was the last time fans heard my work.

That's how I try to operate, be better this time than I was the last time.

Next week, I will join  my pal Josh Barnett and friend at AXSTV to voiceover seven, NJPW broadcasts. I will honor my existing contract with AXSTV which runs for several more months. Seems like this matter was a minor, news item but since when did keeping one's commitments and honoring a contact become 'news?'

I find there there is absolutely no conflict of interest in broadcasting both AXSTV/NJPW and for WWE. The more I work the better I should become.  I will never go on the air and half ass any assignment no matter who it is for..that's simply not how I'm wired.

(...And my feets covers the grounds that I walks on...Ernie Ladd voice)

While watching Impact Wrestling on POP TV Thursday night I thought to myself, "Who in the hell in the wrestling biz works harder than Jeremy Borash?"  JB was the best MC for our RINGSIDE Shows ever. Talented dude. He'll join me in Chicagoland in May. week on the Ross Report my guest will be Debra Miceli aka Madusa who is also getting her own podcast career started hosting Madusa Full Throttle at iTunes. Folks, this lady is a hand full and I mean that in a good way. Love 'Deuce. She's very up front and open. 

Paul O'Brien and I will regroup this weekend on 'SlobberKnocker,' my autobiography, that is still on target to be in stores this October.

I'm only trying to stay busy in days ending in 'Y.'

The WWE Superstar Shakeup will be next Monday/Tuesday on WWE RAW and SDLIVE which will see some talents be provided the opportunity to better themselves professionally via moving brands in a timely manner. The goal is always to create new, compelling rivalries and matchups and to further allow talent to evolve and to seize their opportunities and  own those new chances.

I'd like to see Luke Harper move to RAW and get a chance to contribute in a more significant way. He's skilled, motivated/hungry and can have an effective wrestling match with anyone on the roster. Just believe that there is something there with Harper. 

Curious to see how the tag teams shake out as well as WWE has done a nice job of restocking their tag team shelves and the reshuffling of the deck might present some compelling matchups that many of us haven't thought of at this time.

Will Miz/Maryse move to RAW as if they seem to be 'this close' to moving up yet another level on any show that they appear. The Miz has worked hard to get better in the ring and he's succeeded plus adding his lovely wife Maryse to the equation has worked well in my view.

Every WWE talent should consider looking at this 'Shakeup' as the opportunity to hit the reset button in virtually  all phases of their professional life. The smarter talents will do something to improve their game daily. Something. Daily.   

Exchanged text messages today with Daniel Cromier who will headline UFC 205 this Saturday night on PPV. I'm a big DC guy and even through many feel that he's in too a deep water versus Rumble Johnson, I'm sticking with my friend who is a former Oklahoma State Cowboy wrestling star and who is a native Louisiana athlete who enjoyed Mid South Wrestling back in the day. DC came to our RINGSIDE Show in San Jose a few years ago at the Santa Clara Wrestlemania.  

OU offensive line coach Bill Bedenbaugh has invited me to his place to watch UFC 205 so Saturday night should be a fun one. I get to double dip..Sooner Football intel and the UFC. All we need is DeMarco Murray with us to complete the combo.

Former Dallas Cowboy QB Tony Romo is going from the outhouse to the penthouse as it relates to his new, broadcasting career when he replaces CBS top analyst Phil Simms this fall to join JIm Nantz. Simms gets dumped unceremoniously by CBS for a raw rookie with no broadcasting experience. CBS must really have wanted Simms out and/or were enamored with Romo's 'look' and resident sizzle being the former QB of 'America's Team.' My friend Lance Barrow is the producer of CBS' NFL "A" game so Romo is in good hands there plus both Lance and his new analyst live in the Dallas area which should help with their communication and that's key...the communication and chemistry between the on air talent and his/her producer.   

This makes me recall the time that acclaimed actor Jim Carrey told Jerry Lawler and I on the set of "Man on the Moon' that in Hollywood, "Looks and youth are valued more than experience and talent."  It's not just Hollywood but TV, in general, it seems. 

Even though Romo had a distinguished NFL career, if he had not had a TV friendly look, Jessica Simpson's former boy friend, you know, Romo likely wouldn't have been afforded this amazing opportunity.

Romo may surprise us all but he's got stiff competition from his fellow network A listers, Troy Aikman and Chris Collinsworth, on rival networks.  In today's crazed world, the skills required to be considered at least 'good' in a high profile on air gig while broadcasting America's game, the NFL, cannot be acquired in a matter of months. 

Really appreciate the positive feedback that we are receiving for this week's The Ross Report podcast with special guest Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer as we talk everything "Orlando" and much more at iTunes and and here on our home page. See what you think of Dave's idea to have Wrestlemania a take place over two days instead of just the Sunday event.

 Please take a minute and hit iTunes and please leave a comment and a five star rating for our show. Thanks!

Final reminder that tickets for our Sunday May 21 2 PM RINGSIDE SHOW in Rosemont at Zanies go on sale this Saturday morning at 10 am central at Only 50 VIP tickets are available so grab yours early.

Boomer Sooner!

J.R.    @JRsBBQ 




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