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Tuesdays always marks the dropping of a new, Ross Report Podcast at iTunes, www.podcastone.com and right here on the homepage of our site. This week I will be joined for the first time by Shawn Daivari and Mr Ken Anderson who have plenty to say about their careers and their new, pro wrestling academy in Minneapolis. Plus, I've got a new, 'What's On My Mind' covering a ton of topics including my newest assignment from WWE which is being structured as we speak.

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Next week on the show I will be joined by the great, Rey Mysterio and the following week WWE Hall of Famer Ted DiBiase joins us.

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So sad ot hear bout the sudden and untimely death of Matt Anoa'i the son of WWE HOFer Sika of the Wild Samoans and the brother of current WWE star Roman Reigns. "Rosey" was a gentle, kind man who was always great to be around and who leaves three, young children without their Dad. RIP big fella...My condolences to the entire Anoa'i Family for their loss.   

RAW Thoughts: Thought  @BookerT5X was a pleasant addition to the RAW announce team but I would have also been fine with listening to Michael Cole and Corey Graves if that had been the arrangement.

Kurt Angle adds so much star power, freshness and charisma to the RAW GM role. It's an old role that feels fresh IMO.

It was a stellar night for the on going talent development of Braun Strowman and his show ending presentation with The Big Show was memorable. I was impressed by how hard the two, super heavyweights worked and the live audience seemed to enjoy the imploding, ring stunt.

Strowman is being positioned so strongly that it could be challenging for some defiant, younger males to get behind Strowman as a villain. What's not to like about a big, bad man who kicks everyone's ass and who has showed little if any 'fear.' I think WWE is on the trail of building a significant star with their positioning of Strowman.

The key for the continued ascension of the pairing of Miz and Maryse seems to be on how well Maryse acquires the skill set to be a main event level 'manager,' 'advocate,' etc. Her look is impeccable and she is rapidly gaining more experience and refining her unique, job description. I can see this tandem having a great 2017.

Might just be me but I sensed that the women's #1 contenders match might have gone a bit long as these multiple person bouts can be challenging to navigate at times.

Good to see Finn Balor back at it after suffering what was thought to be a concussion last week on RAW. I'm hopeful that the Irish Lad can stay healthy and begin to live his main roster, WWE dream. Finn a talented young man.

Enjoying seeing Matt and Jeff Hardy back on RAW after re-signing with WWE and Jeff vs Cesaro was a fun match to watch. Jeff still posses his often times unexplained charisma (remember when I called him the charismatic enigma?) Well, he still is.

For the record, Cesaro is a freak of nature who seems to be a natural to advance to main events on a consistent basis sooner than later. From bell to bell, I've seen no weaknesses in Cesaro's game.

If we only remember one, predominate item from this week's RAW and it is the Strowman content then WWE accomplished what they set out to do.

Congrats to @WWETheBigShow for his professional approach to his Monday night assignment.

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