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Greetings one and all and thanks for stopping by our site. I hope that everyone is having a productive week. There's certainly never a dull moment around the Ross hacienda! Let's roll...

We are getting some amazing feedback from those that have listened to our Ross Report this week with the great, @ReyMysterio. It's arguably the most candid convo ever with pro wrestling's most famous luchador. Check out this show for free at  @applepodcasts, www.podcastone.com and right here on the homepage of this site. Really enjoyed listening to Rey share his thoughts on a  wide range of topics including training his teenage son Dominick to turn pro, what he learned from Eddie Guerrero and Scott Hall, Rey's run in @WWE, his Mexico legacy, today's product, and a few things that concern Rey with some of today's younger talents. 

This is a 90 minute show that includes my 'What's On My Mind' thoughts and I invite you to please leave comments and a five star rating for the Ross Report at @ApplePodcasts formerly iTunes. Thanks. 

Next week, The Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase and Pro Wrestling Dot Net's Jason Powell join me for a new show that will drop, as usual, on Tuesday at 9 PM ET.

RINGSIDE with Jim Ross Show updates:

Sunday May 21-2 PM at Zanies in Rosemont (3 miles from the All State Arena, the site of Backlash) has sold out of our VIP tickets but a limited number of General Admission are still available at www.ticketfly.com

Tickets for our Thursday August 10-8 PM show at the D.C. Improv go on sale THIS TUESDAY morning at 10 am at www.dcimprov.com.

No confirmation on how AXSTV will cover the NJPW July 1-2 weekend in Long Beach, California but from what I'm hearing the plan is almost in place and close to being announced. It's going to either be:  no coverage, both days live (My Choice) or one live show and one taped show, seem to be the most viable options.

The Jinder Mahal ascension on the SDLive roster including him being the #1 contender for the WWE Title seems to be being overthought to some degree by a handful of pundits. The rapid advancement up the card of Jinder has some concerned, and I get that point, but I see it as worth the chance and, fast track or not, Mahal is somewhat of a calculated risk which is essentially the same thing that most promotions deal with when advancing new talents who suddenly appear on the main event radar.

I like this booking  because it involves a deserving, hard working talent who has unique skills, is fundamentally sound and has a unique, TV persona plus he provides Randy Orton with a new opponent.

Question...what if Jinder Mahal becomes the next, WWE Champion? Stranger things have happened and it's not the worse idea that I've heard lately. This shocker might be worth a bit of consideration. 

I would merely suggest that Jinder doesn't have to yell wall to wall on his promos to make his points because most of us organically/automatically tune people out who scream at us especially if they are an antagonist. 

Curious to see how @WWE Payback plays out this Sunday in San Jose that I will be watching closely on the WWE Network here at home.

SD Live Afterthoughts:

Anxious to see the pending evolution of Shinsuke Nakamura on SD Live especially when the gets into a serious, title oriented storyline. The only missing piece to the game of the King of Strong Style is his ability to communicate effectively to his English speaking audience which is addressable. Love Shin's upside and charisma.

Kevin Owens on commentary was one of the bright spots while watching various pro wrestling TV shows this week. @FightOwensFight is a star and I'd love to call a match with him some day if it made sense. 

Seems to me that AJ Styles is on the cusp on becoming one of WWE's brightest fan favorites in quite some time and much sooner than later. AJ's amazing skill set and size influenced, underdog image is challenging to dislike.

Still thinking that Sami Zayn is one of the bright, somewhat underutilized athletes on SD Live. Sami needs a bit more mic time IMO but there is no doubt that he can perform bell to bell with anyone one in the business.

Hard to figure out where the tag team scene on SD Live is headed and that's arguably a good thing.

The @VinceMcMahon feature film is intriguing to me especially considering my two decade plus relationship with VKM both professionally and personally and that we cover in a most unique way in 'SlobberKnocker: My Life in Wrestling' autobiography that will be released in October of this year. 

The casting of this big time, film is also provocative. "Who plays J.R.?"  has been asked of me many times and I don't have a clue. Perhaps, just get some chubby, average, at best, looking Caucasian dude with a Okie accent and have at it would be my take on that. 

Just for the hell of it I'd suggest my pal @WEarlBrown of 'Something About Mary' and 'Deadwood' fame would be great in a variety of roles including 'J.R." 

Charlotte is making amazing strides to up her game and that's what one often gets when you combine a world class athlete with Flair DNA and seemingly an obsession to be the best ever in the game.

@MsCharlotteWWE is quickly developing into the 'Hulk Hogan' of her gender in WWE. It's not far fetched whatsoever to think that Charlotte will headline a major PPV some day in the future if things continue to progress.  

Excited to join many of my friends and a house full of fans in Las Vegas next week for the 52nd annual, CAC Reunion. I plan on being at the Gold Coast hotel for the CAC Tuesday and Wednesday and you can get all the info that you need by visiting www.caulifloweralleyclub.org.

Cleaning up my diet with packaged meals from Jimmy Seafood in Baltimore which is my universal, "Go To" as far as eateries are concerned. @JimmysSeafood is a culinary treasure and I plan on getting healthier and losing some pounds with their amazing meal service. Things like brown rice, grilled salmon, grilled chicken and turkey burgers plus their asparagus & green beans make me happy. www.jimmysfamousseafood.com awaits.

Will be watching the @NFL Draft this weekend as it is one of my favorite TV sports presentations of the year. Not sure it it will be @ESPN of @NFLNetwork for me but I will be invested in the Draft without question. Curious to see where OU's Joe Mixon goes plus where the hideously underrated Samaje Perrine lands. Two outstanding RB's that I saw play every game of their careers in person. 

Remember that you can order JR's delicious condiments, sauces, etc with fast, home delivery and easy online shopping from www.wweshop.com and for delivery in the UK, Ireland and Europe from www.americansoda.co.uk

We are on Facebook at JimRossBBQ. 

Enjoy your day and always count your blessings and, this just in, our tomorrow's are never guaranteed. 

Boomer Sooner!

J.R.    @JRsBBQ                        


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