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Important Reminder.....our Thursday August 10 RINGSIDE with Jim Ross Show at the DC Improv go on sale THIS TUESDAY morning at www.dcimprov.com. Get your tickets early and join DC radio star Chad Dukes and me for what we hope will be another sellout. 

Details on both our May 21 Rosemont Zanies and the DC Improv Ringside Shows elsewhere here on the site.  

Excited to support @CACReunion this week in Las Vegas as it is always good to not only see many old friends and longtime fans from around the Globe but also supporting a great cause that helps many wrestlers and their families in need. 


Payback Afterthoughts:

Watched the show via the WWE Network on my Apple TV fed into my big screen. No technical issues whatsoever. Big fan of the WWE Network and have subscribed since day one. 

Predicted that Jericho would beat Kevin Owens for the US Title and then have the rematch this week on SD Live. Many more people will see Jericho vs Owens on SD Live than they ever would on the network.  Jericho is a WWE treasure and a bona fide HOFer. 

Physical tag title bout and a match that I likely watched more closely with the Hardy Boys involved than I might have without them. Matt and Jeff back in WWE is a great 'get' for all involved.

Somewhat controversial ending in the RAW Women's Title bout featuring San Jose, hometown sensation Bayley  losing her title to Alexa Bliss. I am a fan of both ladies and feel that Bliss is potentially, a big time villain. Beating Bayley in San Jose has concerned some fans based on the feedback that I have seen.  

The controversial House of Horrors match has seemingly been received mixed reviews. I did not 'hate' the match at all but could see where it might not have been an ideal fit for some fans especially those that were in the arena. These type bouts are often times calculated risks when it comes to presentation. It had some of the Hollywood Backlot Brawl qualities/feel that featured Goldust vs Roddy Piper back in the day.  This was apparently a challenging presentation for some fans to embrace but could it actually be much to do about nothing? I was actually surprised that Wyatt won and thought the inclusion of Jinder Mahal and his crew  was timely. 

Thought Samoa Joe and Seth Rollins was a strong story with ample physicality and spot on selling along with a close finish that could have gone either way. These are two, top level talents who rose to the occasion Sunday night in San Jose. Stout, old school oriented bout.

Another strong outing on a major event for Braun Strowman who is being creatively managed quite well by @WWE. Strowman is a major part of the future of WWE or so it seems to me. Curious to see how WWE deals with Strowman's popularity considering that he is being booked as a nasty, badass villain. Defiant, young males love to live vicariously through stars that they often times see on TV and if that logic is somewhat accurate, what's there to dislike about Strowman? Braun is a monster with no apparent reverse gear.

WWE has one of their most potentially, viable young talents that they have featured in years with this massive athlete.  

Does any one else thing that today's fan base needs to be reconditioned to better understand and more positively react to disqualifications and/or count outs? 

Based on the momentum that I was feeling regarding this show going into it, and understand I've been hugely, distracted the past several weeks but I thought this show exceeded my personal expectations. I'm happy that I watched and even did some live Tweeting on @JRsBBQ.

Tickets for our Sunday May 21-2pm show at Zanies in Rosemont Illinois, only three miles from the All state Arena, the site of WWE Backlash later that same day, are available at www.ticketfly.com. VIP tickets sold out the first day but we do have Gen Adm tickets remaining.  

Good time to stock up on JR's delicious products online from www.wweshop.com and in the U.K., Ireland and Europe from www.americansoda.co.uk. Fast, home delivery awaits.

I expect word from AXSTV this week regarding the NJPW July 1-2 Long Beach weekend and what will be televised or not.

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Enjoy your day and gear up for another new, Ross Report Podcast Tuesday night at 9 PM ET with Jason Powell and I reviewing WWE Payback and Monday's RAW along with other 'rasslin' news plus I will welcome old friend and fellow WWE Hall of Famer Ted DiBiase to the show.

Enjoy your day and do something nice for some unsuspecting soul.

Boomer Sooner!

J.R.   @JRsBBQ    


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Hi JR! Thoroughly enjoyed the show. I thought everyone brought their A-game. For the first time in recent memory I enjoyed every single matchup. Going in I was concerned that a severely incapacitated Roman Reigns would go over on Strowman but was pleasantly surprised. Strowman continues to dominate but Reigns looked strong in defeat. I thought it was a smart presentation. Lots of time for Roman to even the score down the road. I actually liked the ending of the Bliss-Bayley matchup as it caught me off guard. I like surprise endings when it makes sense. I find too many matches have predictable endings. I don't care for a competitor going for a cover after a suplex or something only minutes into a bout as we all know the opponent will kick out. These surprise endings add a touch of realism. The House of Horrors match. Hmmm. As a wrestling purist I much prefer pro wrestling to sports entertainment but I understand why WWE embraces the latter. I also understand that I'm in the minority. That being said, from an entertainment perspective I found the Wyatt-Horton match interesting and entertaining. It had a Hollywood horror movie feel to it. Kudos to WWE for trying something new. I'm a big fan of both men. If we embrace the Hardy's broken universe why not this? Speaking of "broken", I thought the tag title match was fantastic. Great physicality. Happy the Hardys retained while Sheamus & Cesaro looked like strong heels in the aftermath. Could this signal the anticipated return of the broken universe? Anyway, like I said I enjoyed the entire show from bell to bell. Hope you are well JR. Sending positive vibes and love your way.
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