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Thoughts from near and far...

Congrats to the @OU_Softball for winning another national title Tuesday night in OKC at the College Softball World Series beating Florida to win the Sooners third title in five years! 

When will creative types in the biz realize that today's audience rarely 'buys' tepid, disqualifications and count outs which can leave the results of most presentations somewhat impotent. Times are changing.

Shinsuke Nakamura is beginning to find his wheelhouse in @WWE and his recent, TV bouts are more indicative of his former NJPW in ring, aggressive style than at any time in his WWE, main roster tenure. Nakamura's strikes are extraordinary and are a result of his extensive MMA training.

Thought Owens vs Shinsuke match on SDLIve was solid to say the least. I enjoyed it.

Usos mic work is rapidly improving. Their best days are still to come.

Are the women on SDLIve more hungry than the ladies on RAW? Some pundits think so. In any event, I like the competition between the brands more often than not. 

I'm a fan of the decision to make Jinder Mahal the WWE Chmp but I feel that his random utilization of his Singh sidekicks might be overdone. Nonetheless, the former Bollywood Boys take a helluva, ass whipping.

Enjoying the villains getting success which generally adds to the build of most storylines within the genre. If I were to err in booking, and I have plenty of times,  I'd suggest airing on the side of antagonist angst more often than not. "Heat" is good. 

Lana 'earning' a Women's Tile match? Hmm....the pressure is on for her to deliver in front of a somewhat unforgiving and discerning fan base. 

Hearing great things about the wide ranging talent base that will apparently comprise the roster for he WWE Women's Tournament that's fondly named the Mae Young Classic. All this kicks off sometime in July I'm being told. 

For those asking about my RINGSIDE Show schedule for 2017, I explain some of that process this week on the Ross Report Podcast and I include the fact that I have friends who are now doing the same thing that I;ve been doing the past few years. I don't care to compete with them especially when they are more aggressive and are first with the dates and even some of the venues that I normally utilize. The occasional payday will not come between friends especially in the wrestling biz when one considers that  list is small to begin with for most. 

My timeline on Twitter @JRsBBQ is on fire with folks anticipating the upcoming Joe-Brock Title Bout at Great Balls of Fire in Dallas in a few weeks. By  the time we arrive in DFW, this big fight feeling bout will be on fire. Yes, I made is clear that I'd love to help broadcast this bout but what self respecting broadcaster wouldn't want ot be a part of this history making event?

Arguably, today I'm more excited to see the women's TLC bout than the men's in a few weeks essentially because of the unique nature of this match being the first ever Women's MITB match ever. I see these athletic women perceiving this booking as very personal and one can only hope that they are discerning about whey they want to do in this match and remember that their safety should never be compromised which is largely up to the talents in the match.

The Gents in the their TLC bout better lace them up tight or they could be out performed by the women here.  

Anxious to begin prep for the July 1-2 weekend in Long Beach for the AXSTV presentation of NJPW on back to back nights including live on the AXSTV Saturday night July 1. Once a card is in place, my work can begin in earnest.

Next Thursday morning I will represent @WWE in #Tulsa at the annual Event & Arena Marketing Conference breakfast with a presentation for the attendees at the Tulsa Hyatt Hotel.

Bravo to old schooler Kevin Owens for working through a fractured thumb when many in his profession and age group would likely want time off. @FightOwensFight is a skilled throw back who's one of my favorite in right talents in the biz today.

@WWEHOFERSunny aka Tammy Stych will be my guest next week on the Ross Report for the first time and I will be Tweeting a request for your questions soon. I'm thinking that this will be a fun show.

Both VIP and General Admission tickets (GA only $25) are available for our Thursday night August 10 RINGSIDE Show in Washington, D.C. at the @DCImprov. @ChadDukes will be our MC, and more, and tickets are on sale at

The Q&A's here on the site are updated.

Don't think that I can remember a more athletic, naturally gifted female in the wrestling biz than we are currently seeing from Charlotte, @MsCharlotteWWE. Her in ring work continues to evolve, she's intelligently not going to reside in anyone's comfort zone and her work helps encourage her peers to not to be 'left behind.'

Charlotte has the opportunity to be the biggest female star in @WWE history if she can continue to steer her course and to elevate the female division. Ms. Flair a the chance to become the @HulkHogan of her gender within @WWE over the long haul.

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Happy to say that our autobiography, SLOBBERKNOCKER: My Life in Wrestling is #1, we are told, on the @Amazon charts for preorders. Thanks to all! Our book will be out in October. 

Have a great day and stay out of your own, self imposed comfort zones as they will do you no favors. 

Boomer Sooner!

J.R.     @JRsBBQ  





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