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27 year, Pro Wresting Torch veteran journalist @Mitchellpwtorch aka Bruce Mitchell joins me this week on The Ross Report podcast that you can subscribe for free and download for free at @ApplePodcasts and at www.podcastone.com. Bruce and I chat about @WWE Battleground, RAW, and so much more including New Japan Pro Wresting plus we field many of yur Instragram and Facebook questions.

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Interesting sound bytes from Brock Lesnar and Jon Jones regarding the potential of a @UFC fight between the two perhaps some day in the future. Both men were accomplished amateur grapplers from their college days and both are badass alpha males but make no mistake about it that this surprising, and not so timely dialog, Jones fights Daniel Cromier this Saturday on PPV,  is all about selling a big money fight for UFC who is in need of as many new, marketable fights as they can create while their rising stars continue to ascend. 

With the investment in purchasing UFC so lofty, the new, UFC needs to produce some revenue 'hits' and there is no doubt that a Lesnar-Jones fight would generate north of 1M PPV buys quite easily, I'm thinking.

Yes, I do think that Brock Lesnar will again fight in the UFC because he can generate a giant, payday(s) for his family and, I assume, would still maintain a positive relationship with @WWE. Seems like this matter of  Lesnar return to UFC is inevitable and should be a win/win for all involved as it relates to the cash (and it's all about the cash).

Winning or losing a UFC fight won't hamper Lesnar's value to WWE in the least to my way of thinking. Based on what I know, I see no reason that a Lesnar return to UFC would cease Brock's WWE paydays over the long haul. 

I still think that a Lesnar return to UFC with a fight against my @AXSTV broadcast partner and the youngest UFC Heavyweight Champion ever, Josh Barnett, is also a 'money fight' because both former heavyweight champs can't realistically, and for promotion purposes, afford another loss if they want to truly regain main event relevance in the future. 

High stakes sells big fights.

Did you check out my blog from earlier this week? Must have struck a chord as it's getting used for click bait somewhat prominently. 

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Love the booking of the Summer Slam main event featuring a fourway with Lesnar, Reigns, Strowman, and Joe.  As a fan, I'm curious as to how it would play out if the fourway featured elimination rules?  Nonetheless, is there a way for this match to be so well executed that every man in the match enhances their TV personas to some degree no matter the outcome? 


Excited about @OklahomaFootball season with our new HBC, @LincolnRiley, and I plan on attending every game this season, home and away. That's my goal but definitely going to be in Columbus for the Oklahoma at Ohio State prime time affair with huge implications.

In my personal opinion, any American citizen who wants to serve our county in the military should be allowed to do so. Gender has nothing to do with being a patriot. Soap box stored for another day., 

Getting set to invest several days reading our autobiography for the audio version of the book. Skyhorse Publishing will handle the ways our book is rolled out and on what platforms but we expect 'SlobberKnocker: My Life in Wrestling' to be available on every major platform come October. You can order your advance copy and save a few bucks now at amazon.com.

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Looking forward to doing more work on the upcoming @MaeYoungClassic (begins airing on @WWENetwork on August 28) and hope that you will make plans on checking out this emotional and passionate presentation from 32 women who look to live their life long dreams.

Enjoy your day and maximize life's minutes.  Thanks for the visit and catch The Ross Report Podcast this week and enjoy our audio with Bruce Mitchell. . 

Boomer Sooner!

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