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Greetings one and all...thanks for paying us a visit. Big week on tap for yours truly but one that I am excited on which to embark. One might say that it's going to be a SlobberKnocker!

Excited to be returning to Atlanta this week for our next SlobberKnocker book signing at the Barnes and Noble in Buckhead, 2900 Peachtree Road NE at 7 pm. Love to see you there for this homecoming of sorts for me. 

Plus, I will be a studio guest of Tony Schiavone on his Wednesday night radio show at 9 pm ET. I loved living in ATL back in the WCW/Falcons days and am anxious to connect with old friends and fans while in town.

Next week, Friday November 17,  we will be in Houston to sign SlobberKnocker at the Barnes and Noble at 7 pm at 5303 FM 1960 West, Houston, Texas 77069.

Our New Orleans area signing will be at Barnes and Noble on Thursday Nov 29 at 7 pm at 3721 Veterans Blvd in Metairie, Louisiana at 7 pm. I'd love to reconnect with many of our great, Mid South Wrestling fans in the Crescent City area. 

All our signings and RINGSIDE Show info can be accessed under 'events' here on our site. Appreciate your support.

Big week for wrestling themed  documentaries as Tuesday Nov 7 the Ted DiBiase film, The Price of Fame, will debut nationwide in theaters for one day only at 7 pm in all time zones.  Plus the Ric Flair 30 for 30 from the brilliant Rory Karpf premiers at 10 pm ET on ESPN.

I've seen the Flair docudrama three times and it  is a gripping, raw, honest story from the man himself on his professional life that damn near destroyed his personal life. Rory did an amazing job over two years to get this body of work to our TV's. 

I can't encourage you enough to watch both these amazing bodies of work that will likely stay with you for a long, long time and I say that in the truest sense of the word. 

Watched the BFG PPV on the FITE App Sunday night. FITE's presentation of the event was technically flawless and, for the most part, I enjoyed the presentation from Impact Wrestling.  

Respected the work ethic of the talents but at times too many"gimmicks and gimmick matches" became over kill, IMO. Overuse of gimmick matches and gimmicks in general dilutes the process and desensitizes the audience which was seemingly the case in Ottawa.

Thought JeremyBorash and Josh Matthews had a good night at the busy announce desk. They did not over talk their show and the two man team made the show easier to watch and listen to for me. Too many TV Wrestling announcers apparently believe that they must fill every second of the broadcasts in which they are working with words...and words. It is TV...there is video that tells the story and if we announcers are only saying what the audience can see, more often than not, the broadcast then begins to feel over talked and predictable.

Loved the Gail Kim presentation. She's a timeless treasure for the biz and one of the best performers of any gender that I can recall seeing in my 40+ year career. If she had not won, I was prepared to do some thing really stupid but I'm grateful that the right call was made without overthinking it and making it 'unpredictable' because that's the primary thing that most fans want. 

To that I say, B.S.

Most fans want great execution and logical booking and some things are much better being 'predictable' than not. That's simply my two cents.

BFG was a solid show that had its share of booking issues but the look of the show and the looks of the small arena was good.  

However, like many fans often proclaim, I would have made some tweaks to the card. The goals of any rasslin creative entity should always be to attempt to put the talents in a position that they can best excel based on their skill sets and the overall makeup of the card.

The overuse of duplicate or like spots with extensive gimmick use does no one any favors on anyone's card.

Q&A's elsewhere here on the site are updated. Check them out. 

The demand for 'SlobberKnocker' has destroyed our supply as no one, including our publisher, Skyhorse, ever dreamed that it would catch on fire as it did and as quickly as it has.  We are doing all that we can to get more books to all our bookstore partners and that includes Amazon UK which has been out of books since the first week that they received them.

I personally apologize to all who've yet to be able to score our book and know that I'm doing all that I personally can to motivate our partners to ship more books.

No one wants to sell you  a book more than me, I can assure you. Nonetheless, on behalf of my late wife Jan, who is a huge part of SlobberKnocker, we thank all who have purchased our story and to those who will in the future.

Pumped to be returning to Boston on Saturday December 16 for our holiday 'Ringside with Jim Ross Show' that will be at Laugh Boston with the VIP meet/greet at 1 pm and the show starting at 3 pm with my pal Jeremy Borash.  Tickets are available at Go VIP and join us if you can on this big, WWE weekend in Boston. 

Just my take but how any of us can complain about Jericho vs Omega at Wrestle Kingdom 12 in January of 2018 is a head scratcher. It was excellent booking and creative and the two Winnipeg natives will rock the Tokyo Dome and sell tickets. This is the best way for them to monetize this window of opportunity without question. It's been a long time since the Dome went clean on January 4 and this match should certainly help regarding that matter. I read where the NJPW goals  was to sell 30,000 for WK12 which is a tremendous number but  the Dome's capacity for baseball is 55,000 and obviously a bit more for wrestling.

I'm looking forward to calling this match on AXSTV a few days after it originally airs. 

GSP returned triumphantly to the octagon this past weekend which has breathed some fresh air back into the UFC and in MMA in general. All combat sports, including pro wrestling, have many things in common, whether the main steam and often times insecure sports folks like to admit it or not, and that is that each entity is best monetized when they have a 'star' that the public can't wait to see and a star that's not overexposed that is not overexposed. All in ring/octagon, etc promotions are each 'Attraction Driven" and George St Pierre is a huge, returning attraction that arrived seemingly in the nick of time.

Remember that you can enjoy JR's delicious products including two BBQ Sauces, Chipotle Ketchup (sweet/smoky), Main Event Mustard (jalapeno honey mustard), the best seasoning/dry rub ever, and our award winning Beef Jerky at and at all the Ingles Markets throughout the southeast. 

Still recovering the Bedlam shootout between my Oklahoma Sooners and Jerry Brisco's Oklahoma State Cowboys Saturday in Stillwater. Wow...if one loves offense then you got a double dose of it in that one. Got home and had to take a nap.

This I know, the jury is still our for my Sooners but they do control their own destiny which is wonderful to be able to proclaim in November. Saturday night's Big 12 showdown with an excellent TCU squad will be a dandy on Fox at 7 pm CT.       

Please subscribe to The Ross Report at Apple Podcasts for FREE and leave us a five star rating and a comment of which we appreciate. 

Maximize life's minutes folks and keep in mind that our tomorrow's are not guaranteed.   

Beat TCU!!

Boomer Sooner....

J.R.    @JRsBBQ               


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The blog post is great. It says that New JR's Blog, Thursday in ATL, SlobberKnocker Book Update, BFG/FITE Feedback, Sooners/Bedlam. The article illustrates that the majority of fans want great execution and logical booking and some things are much better being 'predictable' than not. Thanks,
The blog post is great. It says that New JR's Blog, Thursday in ATL, SlobberKnocker Book Update, BFG/FITE Feedback, Sooners/Bedlam. The article illustrates that the majority of fans want great execution and logical booking and some things are much better being 'predictable' than not. Thanks, Essays Author
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